First Far Cry 5 post-release content drop arrives on June 5

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The first DLC drop for Far Cry 5 will release in June, and it’s the Vietnam-based Hours of Darkness.

Far Cry 5: Hours of Darkness players will take on the role of Hope County’s Wendell “Red” Redler from the main campaign of Far Cry 5.

Redler is tasked with finding and rescuing his squad members from hostile forces during the Vietnam War. Along the way, players will go up against the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese Army.

Detroit: Become Human reviews round-up, all the scores

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Detroit: Become Human releases tomorrow, May 25, and reviews for Quantic Dream’s latest have started to drop.

PlayStation 4 exclusive Detroit: Become Human was announced in 2015 and it’s based on the Kara demo which was first shown back in 2012.

The game is set in near-future Detroit where androids and humans co-exist. In it, an android named Kara discovers she can feel emotions. There are others such as Connor, a “cold, analytical, and advanced” android who hunts down others of his kind that no longer adhere to their programming.

Mothergunship’s ridiculous gun crafting tool gets a demo on PC, PS4, Xbox One

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Crafting outlandish guns is one of Mothergunship’s main selling points, and you can try that part out for free today.

Mothergunship’s gun crafting range, a weapon creator that allows you to use various pieces that typically make up guns and assemble them into your own outrageous creation, is now accessible for all.

The idea to is to build rifles with many barrels, rocket launchers with weird spiky balls and other such creations. The game’s modular gun customisation system goes beyond what you find in more reserved shooters.

H1Z1 PS4 open beta had 1.5 million players in the first day

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The open beta for H1Z1, the battle royale shooter from Daybreak Games, is already a success.

Daybreak has revealed that in just 24 hours, H1Z1 has been downloaded by over 1.5 million players on PS4. The open beta is free, of course, available to everyone.

The launch hasn’t been without its issues, though. Reports of failed log in attempts, server stability, and even purchase issues for the game’s cosmetic items have been popping up over the past two days.

Detroit: Become Human review – a pretty but hollow interactive movie

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Going into a David Cage game in 2018 without some expectations is impossible. Love them or loathe them, Cage’s games have a distinct style and that means we come to expect certain things, things that are all part of Detroit: Become Human.

Detroit and developer Quantic Dream may have had bad press already, focused on the game’s content and alleged working conditions at the studio, but none of that means Detroit has to be a bad game. Anything is possible and I always welcome surprises. But the greatest surprise isn’t that Detroit fails to deliver a good story, it’s that it’s one hell of a boring game.

Like the studio’s previous titles this is a cinematic adventure built around context sensitive action and dialogue choices. Detroit is about a future where androids are used as a slave workforce and their slow revolt against humanity. The game seems way more interested in the first part with entire sections involving nothing but doing mundane actions as prompted on screen. There’s even an entire level where you just clean a house.

Battlefield 5: DICE looking at how Battlefield can do battle royale

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Battlefield 5: DICE looking at how Battlefield can do battle royale

You may have noticed that DICE did not mention battle royale at all during the Battlefield 5 reveal stream last night, not even as a joke.

This isn’t particularly surprising, but with how successful battle royale games have become over the last year or so, there’s an expectation that every big shooter is going to have its own take on the mode.

DICE was understandably busy going over Battlefield 5’s many innovations, like fortifications, the new attrition mechanics, the upgraded Grand Operations mode and a wide variety of other topics.

Sunset Overdrive PC version outed by Korean rating board

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Sunset Overdrive could be on its way to PC, if this new rating is any indication.

The Korean games rating board, GRAC, your first source for unannounced ports of games, has awarded Sunset Overdrive on PC a rating.

Sunset Overdrive has only ever been an Xbox One exclusive, and was never officially announced for PC, but this rating could be an indication that we’re getting closer to an announcement. The rating was made this week, which is another sign.

Yep, PUBG’s recent patch changed positional sounds without the developer saying anything

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The most recent PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds patch made a significant change to the way sound works.

The PUBG patch, released a little over a week ago, does not appear to be massive at first glance. The patch notes documented a few minor fixes and the arrival of new cosmetic items.

However, sometime after the patch’s release, players started reported what they described as audio issues. Most just assumed it’s a bug – PUBG has many – but others insisted the developer had messed with the game’s positional audio, requiring players to re-learn how to locate opponents based on their shots – a crucial element of gameplay in PUBG.