The Best Postal Service Is A Witch In Mimi's Delivery Dash

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The Best Postal Service Is A Witch In Mimi's Delivery Dash

Inspired by Studio Ghibli's Kiki's Delivery Service, Mimi's Delivery Dash is all about the life of a witch making timely deliveries. Sail through the city carefully to ensure your packages make it to your clients swiftly and in one piece!

Start your job off by locating a client as they wave and shout 'Hey!' for your attention. Once you collect the item, you're on the clock, and you'll have to follow the item on the side of the screen to get an idea of where the recipient is located. If you're feeling pressed for time, use your boost ability, but keep away from walls and angry crows. A collision with one of those will earn you some pain and lost time. Making a speedy delivery earns you a generous tip and, ultimately, it's all about getting your item delivered quickly!

Mimi's Delivery Dash
is the product of Movie Game Jam 2018 and, if you're a fan of Kiki's Delivery Service, you'll probably get some intense nostalgia kicks! The art style of the game encapsulates the cheerful and charming nature of the movie, and gives insight to the life of a very busy magical delivery service!

You can find Mimi's Delivery Dash on! You can also check out the team's Twitter accounts: Martin Wright, SaKo, and Nathan Scott!

SpookyCellar Revels In The (Goofy) Horrors Of A Scary Basement

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SpookyCellar takes players down into a maze-like creepy basement, arming them only with a flashlight, their wits, and a self-abusing sense of humor as they dodge the less-than-horrifying horrors that lie within.

SpookyCellar aims to gently tease all of the first-person, flashlight wielding horror games out there, putting players in a similar situation while having them face a much sillier cast of monsters that stalk them. That doesn't mean that these floating heads aren't capable of making a player scream, just that they might also crack the player up as they creep through the game's five maze-like levels.

If you're a little tired of horror games taking themselves so seriously while at the same time wanting to play something that will make you jump, SpookyCellar just might meet those particular criteria. Or if you just want to play the Madballs of horror games.

The Islander Features Tropical, Laid-back Farming

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The Islander Features Tropical, Laid-back Farming

Tired of the same old dirt roads and country bumpkin settings for your farm game? Take a vacation from that life and settle into the exotic islands of The Islander. Take control from the very start and design an island for yourself, or let the game generate one for you! You'll have an array of different crops and animals to generate profit from, all while enjoying the tropical atmosphere.

An exotic Polynesian island is your canvas and your mouse is your paintbrush in The Islander. Lay out your crops and tend to them as they grow over time. Your hard work will pay off when harvest time rolls around and you'll gain experience and profits! As you gain experience in farming, you'll unlock new crops and animals which can further your cash influx.

Should The Islander start to feel like a grind after a while, or if you just don't feel like putting in the hard labor yourself, you can lean back and let the Cocobots harvest crops for you. So, whether you want to plan down to the most minute detail of have the harvesting done for you. The Islander has your farming needs at heart.

QA: Suncrash's Tomer Barkan On Judgment And The Challenges Of Early Access

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Last year, I sat down with Suncrash's Tomer Barkan to discuss their early access title Judgment: Apocalypse Survival Simulation, the development scene in Israel, and the challenges of developing an ambitious game in such a small country with a very small team.

What is your background?

I am a computer science major. I worked seven or eight years in network security. I was a programmer, then a team leader, then a product manager. But games are more exciting. I was at a very big conference in San Francisco and I found that nothing there interests me anymore, so when I came back [home], I quit.

Dig, Discover, Dodge, Dive, And Dig In Dig Dog

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Every dog has his day and this dog loves to dig. Mix in a few cliffs, monsters, and treasures and you have a recipe for Dig Dog, a roguelike platformer where you play as a plucky pup with an itch to dig and a nose for bones!

In Dig Dog, your ultimate goal is to collect bones - a dog's prized possession - and they don't come easy. In the Bone Hunt mode for Dig Dog, players will find their digging fun interrupted by monsters, spikes, and cliffs. At least with the monsters, you can fling your strong dog-body at them to deal some damage, though, but even so, the developers warn that you will probably die. A lot. Luckily, you have an adorable protagonist to come back to every time.

For those who get an aneurism after dying more than 10 times in a row to a jump, take a break with the more relaxed mode - Free Dig. This mode allows you to dig to your heart's content without the threat of a game over to interrupt your digging.

Every Battle Is A Date In Roguemance

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Finding out if you're compatible with someone COULD be done over a quiet conversation at dinner. However, what if, instead, you found out how well you mesh with someone over an evening of clobbering monsters instead with Roguemance, a procedurally-generated RPG about finding love through combat and adventuring?

The Heartipelago is in trouble, but monstrous invasions doesn't mean there isn't time to really get to know one another in Roguemance. Before going off to fight, players will seek out a generated partner to join them, each with their own personalities, likes, and motivations. Players will then have to work alongside those wants and desires if they want to keep the relationship going, or find someone who feels the same as them about monster-slaying and loot gathering.

Once players have someone to cherish, they can set out to fight monsters in quick, menu-based combat. They'll need to factor in the position of themselves and their partner, as accidentally stabbing your date in the face while fighting a living, magical boulder tends to sour the evening. Through combat and exploration, players will either grow closer to their partner or more distant, so it's up to the player to decide to move on or compromise to find a happy middle ground with your partner.

Anthropomorphic Animals And Moody Noir Collide In Detective Adventure Backbone

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Anthropomorphic Animals And Moody Noir Collide In Detective Adventure Backbone

Animal adventures have been a staple across fiction, from the recent Tooth & Tail, or Fables, or Redwall. But rather than war or urban fantasy or a medieval setting, Backbone places its trenchcoat-wearing animals on neon-lit pixel-art streets and within atmospheric detective noir.

Inspired by the atmosphere of works like Blade Runner and The Big Sleep, you're a raccoon detective on the streets of a dystopian Vancouver, solving mysteries in a world built from the the remains of a past civilization. In true gumshoe fashion, exploring the dark city, gathering evidence and interrogating witnesses lets you progress through a mature narrative that plans to touch on themes of prejudice and discrimination; you'll also be solving puzzles and even engaging in cautious sneaking around city denizens who can literally sniff you out. (Given the animal-themes lens, smell-based mechanics will play a prominent role.)

Backbone is currently in early development, with a first trailer slated to release next month. You can learn more about the game, its progress, and developer Eggnut through their site, Twitter, and Facebook page.

Crimes For Two: Hacktag Sneaks Out Of Early Access, Steals Your Heart

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If you have a special someone in your life, today would be a good day to engage in some... activities together. And if you don't, you could try finding someone on the internet - or even do it on your own, but that's not quite as satisfying. After all, breaking into highly secure facilites and stealing data to bring down huge corporations is best enjoyed à deux, right? In other words, it's a good day to play some Hacktag, the co-op two player stealth game which has just snuck out of Early Access.

With one player taking over the role of hacker and the other player acting as "stealth agent" in the field, Hacktag's gameplay feels somewhat asynchronous. The stealth agent gets to do all that nifty sneaking around in the field, avoiding guards and directly accessing terminals.

The hacker, on the other hand, is manipulating cyberspace, opening doors, setting off phones to distract guards, or brewing some coffee for the stealth agent. Damn you, internet of things!

Fimbul Lets You Fight Through Norse Mythology's Apocalyptic Winter

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Given a certain movie that released last year, you might be familiar with Ragnarok, the end-times of Norse Mythology, the apocalyptic battle that kills god and monster alike. But before the battle rages, winter comes, the titular fimbulwinter destined to wipe out life on earth. It's during this raging final storm that Fimbul takes place, pitting your Viking warrior against the low poly beasts of Norse myth.

In your quest to save Midgard, you guide an old Viking berserker through the snowswept Norse woods, engaging in dodge-heavy melee fights with other humans, looming trolls, and powerful Jotun. Hacking and slashing with your sword and shield lets you slice through hordes of foes, using powerful combos and abilities to keep from being overwhelmed.

You won't be fighting alone either, sometimes battling alongside fellow Vikings to bring down bosses or letting those charging Jotuns obliterate a group of soldiers for you before moving in to defeat the remaining enemies. Outside of battle, the story of Fimbul will be told through comic book panels, presenting your hero and his world in a different and colorful aesthetic.

Build All The Things: Rise Of Industry Is An Extremely Ambitious Business Tycoon Game

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Tycoon game Rise of Industry has been a sleeper hit on and has recently become available as Early Access title on Steam and GOG. This industrial simulation throws you into a giant sandbox and has you figuring out supply chains for several industrial sectors. You'll control every aspect from gathering, refining, production, and logistics - and it lets you play any way you want.

I've put a few hours into the game now and barely scratched the surface of all the possible things to do. During that time, I restarted quite a bit to try out different approaches. Advanced technologies need to be unlocked with accumulated "experience" and the production lines are very deep.

For instance, you cannot just build a car factory and hope that cars magically appear out of nowhere. Each of their components need to be built in other factories, which in turn need other resources to function. That car factory would need around 30 different kind of buildings before the first car can roll from the production line.