'Mind Over Mushroom' Offers Free-Roaming Tactical Battles Against Fungal Foes

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Goodbye grid, hello freedom! Mind Over Mushroom takes tactical battles and ditches the grid structure for a more challenging fight, letting you wander as you battle spore-controlled foes. Players will have to mind their distance, as you're free of grid restraints and able to wander freely (barring terrain obstacles, of course). Be mindful of your positioning and make use of the range of your characters to eliminate some devious fungi.

The world has been consumed by fungus (Gross). People have been infected and controlled by spores, and the only hope for salvation is to defeat the shrooms at their source. You'll need a few good heroes, and a strong tactical strategy to overcome the journey there, though. Luckily, Mind Over Mushroom is chock full of characters with unique skills and strengths to use in battle. Need a big explosion to wipe out a cluster of foes? Maybe break out the walking bombs. Call up a necromancer to make use of the dead. Send out a carnivorous plant to eat your troubles. There's even a giant snail, because why not?

Build Ridiculous Machines And Fight For Air Superiority In 'Airships: Conquer The Skies'

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There is something incredibly satisfying about Airships: Conquer the Skies' basic concept. Build giant floating Steampunk fortresses and then watch them take flight and shoot the hell out of each other. This mainly works because of the game's core tenet: simplicity.

Assembling an airship is easy. You choose from a generously long list of different modules and snap them together however you see fit. Certain rules have to be observed, but the game is actually helpful enough to notify you of missing parts. You won't have to endure the embarrassment of noticing that, uh, your ship doesn't actually fly when you face your foe on the aerial battlefield.

It really is as easy as putting a bunch of Lego bricks together - and just as satisfying. Positioning is important, as you don't want your munitions depot to be the first thing that incoming shots hit and destroy. Additionally, there might be budget restrictions, depending on your chosen game mode. Other than that you can let your creativity run wild and even decorate your creation with garish colors and ornaments. (Yes, I built that thing up there. Yes, it looks like it has a plunger on its head. I'm no professional airship designer, okay?)

Become Death's Servant In This Ruthless, Challenging Action RPG

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Those who enjoy the Souls series are currently in need of a fresh set of bosses to test their patience and skills against, but action RPG Death's Gambit aims to fill that void. With fast-paced but precise combat, gigantic bosses with unique tactics, stunning pixel art, a mysterious story, and a killer soundtrack, the game aims to offer players a similar experience - just more sidescroll-y and pixel-y.

In this action RPG, you play as Death's right hand in a world where immortality makes a few powerful beings quite troublesome. Death doesn't seem to be taking the undying graciously, so it falls to you fell these colossal, dangerous immortals and purge their souls. Not exactly an easy task, but you'll be able to choose from 7 different classes, each with its own skill tree to develop, to choose your own path to ending these endless lives.

The path is not a lonely one, though, as you may encounter some curious folk with tales to tell along your journey through the gloomy countryside. With a little persistence, you may uncover some secrets places and pieces of information as well. If neither of those interest you, you can continue on to the next monster to decimate (or more likely be decimated by, as the game's foes are extremely intelligent, demanding skill and tactics to outfight).

Monsters Make For Good Friends (But Mostly Foes) In 'Koikoi'

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Shin's dad went out to go to work, but hasn't come back yet, forcing the boy to head out into the world of Koikoi. In it, humans have died out from a strange disease and been replaced by the monstrous, surreal, and sometimes friendly Newmans, so who knows what kind of trouble the boy's dad has found himself in. Luckily, you'll help this young, psychic-powered kid find his father. Right?

Koikoi gives the player a grand world to explore, filled with the many, many varied creatures that have taken over the old human places. They've begun to infuse it with their differing needs and personalities, not all of which are entirely welcoming for the curious boy. Still with so many different monsters to meet, and some secret places to find, it creates an endless draw to go deeper and see who and what you might meet in the next location.

With this many monsters, combat also involves a lot of variety as you scrap with dozens of different irate beasts. Shin has some control over the elements, though, and can cast some goofy spells to convince these creatures that fighting the poor boy isn't worth their time.

Graveyard Keeper Adds a Darkly Humorous Twist To The Village Simulator Genre

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At a glance, you might confuse Graveyard Keeper with similar games like Stardew Valley and others. That's part of the game's charm though; in many ways, Graveyard Keeper relies on the familiarity with the elements of those games to makes its morbid twist of said elements work. Because in this simulator/RPG, you aren't lovingly tending to a farm, but managing a graveyard and figuring out how to profit from those corpses rotting under the ground.

Of course, you could just leave the bodies to rest and build up your cemetery and its value through legal means. But for more money, you're going to get bloody, hacking at bodies to harvest this flesh, eventually improving your tools to harvest organs and bones. More damaged corpses reduce your cemetery's worth but you can always cremate the bodies or just dump them in the river, although that may have dire consequences later.

Townsfolk love meat as a delicacy so selling those organs and meat to the local butcher can be worth decent money if you're not discovered. You'll need that money to keep your corpse-cart-pulling donkeys fed and to purchase better equipment and keep your farm running smoothly. Or you can descend into the surrounding dungeons to gather loot yourself, engaging in hack-n-slash action to complement your graveyard management above.

Help Hurt Hopp Delivers Hectic Three-Way Platforming

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Help Hurt Hopp Delivers Hectic Three-Way Platforming

Daniel Linssen's library is one packed with quirky games and concepts, often ones that play with the form and functionn of familiar genres. In the vein of the border-manipulating vampire-hunting puzzler Windowframe to the multi-game platformer HopSlide, his latest is Help Hurt Hopp, a three-player precision platformer where one player tries to leap through a challenging gauntlet while the other two players try to help and hinder the first.

Played locally, with three gamepads or two gamepads and a keyboard, Help Hurt Hopp pits one player Hopp against a randomized labyrinth of spikes and hazards in classic wall-jumping precision platforming fashion. The other two players see the stage through a level editior; Help's goal is to place level tiles that assist Hopp in completing the level, while Hurt's goal is the opposite, trying to kill Hopp by adding hazards to the level.

Earning five points (whether by causing death or survival) results in a win, turning Help Hurt Hopp into a hectic push-pull of shifting map and frantic platforming, as roles shuffle across rounds. Help Hurt Hopp isn't the first game to tackle a concept like this - 2016's Ultimate Chicken Horse also turned platforming into a player-guided multiplayer challenge - but Help Hurt Hopp's tight maps, quick pace, and simultaneous gameplay make it stand out among similar works.

'Helping Hand' Is About Eloquently Expressing Yourself With A Finger

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Helping Hand is about suing your fingers to communicate, and while you can say a whole lot with a single finger, this title asks you to say a whole lot more than that, bringing all your digits in to help. After all, how well do certain one-finger gestures translate to alien beings? Best learn to embrace the full spectrum of what you can say with your fingers in these silly situations.

You find yourself in a rough situation, one where you can only move the fingers of your left hand. Each of these have been assigned a button, and depending on which fingers you choose to move, you'll act out an array of gestures that will hopefully get your message across. Depending on what that message is, though, you may find yourself moving from your hospital bed to outer space, underground lairs, or the seat of global power. Which ain't bad for only seven gestures.

Naturally, restraint will be key in finding all of the various places and situations you can find yourself in, as the urge to flip everyone off may be great, and making everyone mad isn't the best idea when you're bedridden with only control over your left hand. Still, there's plenty of fun to be had with just five fingers, finding all manner of routes and secrets depending on what you choose to do with those digits.

Regular Human Basketball Is A Quirky Robot-Controlling Version Of A Certain Sport

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Regular Human Basketball is a sports game recreating a popular American sport, involving players throwing or dunking a ball into a hoop to score points. Also, the players are giant mechs controlled by drivers inside their robotic innards. Just your typical sports game.

Reminiscent of Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime or the recent Far: Lone Sails, Regular Human Basketball fits into that niche style of game where you control hulking unwieldy machines by platforming around their interior controls. Online or in split-screen, in one-v-one duels or with up to ten players, Regular Human Basketball turns the titular sport into a humorous tangle of rusty metal limbs and magnet-assisted dunks. Various buttons let you walk, rotate, jump, and control your magnet, resulting in a tricky control scheme (so also placing the game in the "hilariously frustrating and awkward control scheme subgenre).

Besides the hectic switch-flipping action on the court, you can also leave your mech to invade your opponent's robot and disable various controls, turning off thrusters and forcing them to improvise with their lopsided controls. Regardless of whether you're scoring points through mechanical acrobatics or subterfuge, Regular Human Basketball is always a charmingly colorful sports game, using its different controls to deliver uniquely funny gameplay.

Wadjet Eye Games' 'Unavowed' Spins A Near-Perfect Urban Fantasy Yarn

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Dave Gilbert's Blackwell games have been some of my favorite point & click adventures for years. Good stories, likeable protagonists, a distinct sense of place, and that trademark Wadjet Eye style had me anticipating each new episode like Christmas. I was certain that Gilbert's games couldn't get any better, that he had "found his voice" as a game developer, so to speak.

Well. I was wrong.

Unavowed switches the old amnesiac protagonist trope around. You know who you are - problem is that you've been possessed by a demon for the past year. And thanks to your "guest's" murderous rampage across New York City, you're now a wanted criminal. It's a good thing, then, that your saviors, a group that calls itself the Unavowed, not only banish that demon, but also recruit you into their ranks to find out exactly what the demon wanted and why there have been so many supernatural occurrences lately.

Shattered's Bird Hero Dispels Evil With A Magical Bell

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In the platforming, puzzling adventure of Shattered, an adorable blue bird seeks answers about nightmare creatures and missing siblings. You'll be tasked with searching for the bird's brother across some beautiful landscapes and vanquishing some terrifying creatures using your magical bell.

While venturing out to look for his brother, a little blue bird finds himself in the middle of a terrifying situation. Creatures are terrorizing a village of helpless birds, but, luckily, he has just the weapon - a magic bell. With the help of his trusty bell, the creatures can be felled, but what sort of terrible evil bothers cute birds, anyway? That's the mystery you'll be working to uncover.

It's not all shadow creatures and danger, though, as Shattered takes you to a beautiful painted land, letting you explore gorgeous, colorful places as you strive to find answers and meet new avian allies. It's a journey well worth taking just from how pretty it all looks, and besides, who wouldn't help out a cute little bird?