Doodle Date Is A Game Of Seducing Your Drawings

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If you've ever found yourself attracted to something you just drew, Doodle Date, a game of romancing your own drawings no matter what they are, may be for you.

Doodle Date will have players drawing the people they wish to date, the movies they go to see, the food they eat, and more, creating their own activities and romance options as they work their way through their budding romance. Flirting, seduction, and eventually marriage will eventually come from your connections to your own drawings, so expect to build a loving, touching relationship with that picture of a merman or piece of toast that you drew a few minutes before. If only all artists could be so in love with the things they created.

While creating your romance options and activities, players will also be able to take their lives down two different routes, offering multiple ends for you and your piece of art. There may even be a secret ending to unlock through the game's short, hour long playthroughs, so it will be worth digging deep into the life you're now sharing with that spandex-clad fish you created.

The Tragic Tale Of Bark Scruffalo Turns Tower Defense Into Dog Defense

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The Tragic Tale Of Bark Scruffalo Turns Tower Defense Into Dog Defense

With just a bat (and the occasional explosive) and a good dog, can you channel your protective instinct long enough to keep your faithful friend safe? In The Tragic Tale Of Bark Scruffalo, a tower defense-style game, you'll have to do just that! Luckily, he's a good boy and worth braving this storm of monsters.

The name of the game is protecting a precious pup. The things that stand in the way of that mission will come at you from all directions. Use your trusty bat to smack them back to wherever they came from - or just straight up smack where they came from by beating down the Enemy Spawn Monoliths. Do enough damage and you'll stop production of the nasty fiends momentarily. Defeating these enemies will yield core crystals, which you can turn into mines and plant them as traps to stop waves of monsters from overrunning you and your trusty dog pal.

Keep that good boy safe and smack some baddies!

For The King Prioritizes Strategy In A Multi-Genre Mashup

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JRPG-like turn-based combat, roguelike relentlessness, and tabletop maps to traverse. If you're looking to prove yourself as a tactician, For The King is your challenge. With procedurally-generated maps full of ruthless monsters and rewards, you'll have to make every move count.

The kingdom of Fahrul is in complete distress. The King has been assassinated and the assailant is at large. The Queen, desperate to quell the growing chaos, requests a call-to-arms for all adventurers to fight off the horrors that lurk in the dark corners of the kingdom. That means you'll have to gather a group of party members of all different classes and put your thinking cap on to make best use of them.

Strategy is the key in For The King. You'll have to make choices, such as whether you'd like to keep your party group tightly-knit to tackle tremendous foes and obstacles, or split up and sever the smaller underlings. You may even simply want to gather herbs or set up camp for the night. Feel confident? Tackle dungeons filled with traps and bosses to bask in the light of a treasure chest for your efforts! If you're not feeling up to par, grab a buddy and try out the local or online co-op.

Clear A Vampire's Castle With Your Canine Pal In Castle Agony

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Clear A Vampire's Castle With Your Canine Pal In Castle Agony

The people of your village have graciously volunteered you and your dog to make your way through a vampire's castle and defeat it in Castle Agony, a mixture of adventure game and RPG that will have players combing the halls for useful tools they can use to overcome the bats, spiders, and ghosts within.

Supernatural pest control isn't a glamorous job, but at least your dog gets to come along!

In Castle Agony, players will guide their character through the halls by clicking around, moving through haunted corridors filled with challenging puzzle mechanisms and irate hauntings. As they explore, players can find an array of odd parts and tools, which they can then combine into stuff that might be useful like molotovs and healing potions. Although the fact that you've come to the castle to steal anything that isn't nailed down might be part of why the vampire doesn't much care for your village and its inhabitants. Food for thought.

Tactically Battle Across A Dark Fantasy Landscape In Urtuk:The Desolation

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Barbarians and lanky warriors wage battle on a hand-drawn hex map, over a dying world where the once great Giants have gone extinct and a mutating pestilence sweeps the land. This is the world of Urtuk:The Desolation, an upcoming turn-based strategy RPG.

You play as the titular Urtuk, an escapee from the infamous Sanatorium on a quest to find a cure for an affliction that's slowly killing him. As you travel across the world map, other characters can be recruited into your party, from the crossbow-wielding Hunter to the hooded Warmonk, among others. Along their journey, Urtuk and his companions will also collide with various events and encounters, and your interventions and outcome of battle can influence them, such as defeating a bandit camp that terrorizing an area.

Combat looks reminiscent of Battle Brothers, with a large focus on positioning and different stacking effects due to where your units are in relation to foes. Height advantages, flanking, and manipulating enemy position with shield bashes and other attacks can be just as crucial as damage dealt, while environmental objects like rocks, spikes, muds all cause different status effects that can be used against enemies to overcome overwhelming odds.

Healer's Quest Shows That Being A Healer Ain't Easy

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... in fact, it's the most thankless job in any RPG party. We all know you're the one doing the heavy lifting, keeping your buddies from dying, and yet, nobody takes you serious. It certainly doesn't help that said buddies are the worst.

But then, you've got to make do with the hand you've been dealt, and you're stuck with the idiots for good, so better keep them healthy. The game is structured like your typical RPG - with one crucial difference: you only have direct control over the healer.

While your buddies are happily hacking away at the enemy without regard for their own well-being, you need to focus your healing spells and buffs on them. In the beginning, this can prove pretty tricky, but once you leveled up a bunch and put some points into that skill tree of yours, things are actually getting manageable without half the party dying every time. Just make sure that your wand doesn't overheat. Yes, that's a thing.

Still Mighty Delightful: Shelter Generations Releases On Switch

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Might & Delight's Shelter series has been out for a while, but a recent port to the Nintendo Switch warrants another look, thanks to some very subtle new features and the chance to quite literally carry these lovely games close to your heart - which is where they belong.

Shelter Generations collects Shelter 2 and its spin-off Paws and their soundtracks, as well as the "living books" Fables From the Den and The Lonesome Fog in one nice package. Alas, the first Shelter's badger family gets left out but still, this is a very good collection.

Shelter 2 puts the fate of a lynx family in your hands. Playing as the mother, you have to nurture and raise your cubs to adulthood. However, the world outside can be a scary place and lots of dangers await. The game feels fairly open, with a variety of terrain to explore. It basically lets you play however you want and tugs on your heartstrings whenever one of your cubs is in danger.

Itta Combines Bullet Hell Action With Otherworldly Fantasy Adventure

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Waking up besides a dead family, armed with your father's revolver and a strange cat, Itta sets you out on a journey of revenge across the island of Jigoku, in a far-future fantasy bullet-hell adventure inspired by the first Zelda and Titan Souls.

The former inspiration means Jigoku is a sprawling environment filled with mysterious characters, different areas to explore, secrets to uncover, and weapons to unlock. From the remnants of cities filled with odd monoliths to overgrown temple ruins where strangers lurk, Itta promises a colorful and unique world to discover on your journey.

The latter also means that your journey is one fraught with danger, from myriad challenging bosses. The trailer shows a few - a relentless stranger blocking your shots with a huge blade, a transforming blob of a beast with a wide-fanged grin, a cloaked warrior orbited by twin pillars - but all will test your skills and evasion with bullet-hell chaos. Dodging bullet patterns and using the right weapons in your arsenal will be key to surviving Itta's battles.

The Heartbeat Symposium - Exploring Love, Sex, & Intimacy In Games

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"I've always been interested in telling stories about connection - to land, to a person, to a thing, even to a point in time. Exploring connection is the focus of so many areas of creativity - especially film, art, and music - but much less so video games. Why is that, I ask myself." says Katie Gall of The Blushbox Collective, a group promoting the exploration of intimacy, love, and sex in games.

Games possess a unique power to place the player into a different headspace, having them become the role of another for a time. There is a special power to empathize in this, tasking the player with feeling what that other person is going through as they go through their actions and live out their lives. Like a form of acting, the player becomes this other avatar and exists as them for a time, and in this action they are brought into intimate connection with the thoughts and feelings that come from living these lives.

This unique ability to live and empathize with, moreso than books or movies or other forms of passive media, can make the player truly feel what the characters are going through. Gall's work with The Blushbox Collective, as well as their annual Heartbeat Symposium - a three-day event where they seek to bring developers together for days of game jams and speakers from various disciplines working in love and intimacy - looks to capture and explore that connection.

Omen Exitio: Plague Offers Lovecraftian Terrors And Gamebook Choices

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Lovecraftian horror and interactive fiction have a long history, from the 1998 text adventure Anchorhead to the charming creepiness of Fallen London. Tiny Bull Studios' Omen Exitio: Plague continues that legacy, both of the horror of the dreadful unknown and of the gamebook, presenting players with myriad choices to make, stats to manage, and nightmares to confront.

Dr. Jake Huntington is following in the wake of unknown disease across Zanzibar in the 1890s, a journey that soon descends into places beyond sanity and reality. Prose and illustrations, presented with the aesthetic of aged journal, describe the dangerous adventure, offering you choices along the way. Your version of Jack has a number of skills that define success or failure in various situations - Fighting, Observation, Medicine, Agility, Speechcraft - which, combined with the weapons and equipment in your inventory, can take you down different narrative branches.

But your decisions affect more than just the direct path of the story. Your sanity is an ever-present concern looming over the story (as expected in any Lovecraftian tale) and this can influence how your companions react to you and how you can react to choices. Your stats play a role as well; being very observant might make you notice more details...but of course knowing more eldritch knowledge is usually not healthy for one's well-being.