Project Shore Promises Low-Poly Low-Fantasy Tactical Battles

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With its rustic low-poly aesthetic, systemic world design, and partially hands-off approach to combat, Project Shore looks to be an interesting entry among indie turn-based strategy games.

As a mercenary company commander, you are merely one party among a larger world in Project Shore. Reminiscent of the tactical RPG Battle Brothers, the fate of your mercenary brethren are in your hands, both in combat through smart orders and equipment and off the field through upgrades and picking your battles and navigating the domino effect of your choice of who to fight and how that influences the landscape.

Combat is the core of Project Shore. With up to 18 warriors or more in your unit during a battle, it would be tedious to issue orders to each one as conflicts grow more complex. Instead Project Shore revolves around indirect command. Groups of warriors are divided into "union" to which you order to support, attack, move, hold position, and so on. On a more granular level, "preparation points" lets you fine-tune union behavior and prioritize certain actions, to unleash specific tactics.

'Ok/Normal' Offers Cloud Friends, Healthy Diets, Disconcerting Events

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Ok/Normal has the player taking a friendly journey with their cloud buddy, looking out for healthy meals, water to stay hydrated, and the medication they need to stay healthy. It's great to take such a journey with friends who are so concerned about your well-being! Except for, well, when things kind of start to go wrong and reality doesn't seem as sturdy as it once was.

OK/Normal has you guiding your digital companion and their friend through a world shaped by early low-poly titles, using this PSX look to shift mood and perceptions of reality, evoking a sense of being in a dream whose tone continually shifts. It's a thoughtful journey that can seem almost primally uncomfortable in places, with the visual style evoking a kind of dread that seems to soak into the skin. Still, it's nothing a good meal can't fix, right?

OK/Normal takes half an hour to an hour to complete, with lots of to pick up on for those who listen carefully, and even more to take in through 98Demake's excellent use of PlayStation-era visuals (which stick very close to the system's actual capabilities).

Build Your Defenses Block-By-Block In Tactical TD Protolife

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An expanded version of a Ludum Dare 38 entry, Protolife takes the tower defense and gives it a more deliberate hands-on approach, as you construct towers one-block-at-a-time to withstand the incoming insectoid tide.

Reminiscent of Infested Planet's hordes, Protolife threatens to overwhelm with massive flowing groups of alien bugs. To destroy and hold back the infestion, you must manage thinly-stretched resources and build walls and various types of towers and other defenses. But crucially, rather than playing towers directly, you control a builder bot that makes towers block-by-block, with different designs resulting in different kinds of towers and different functions.

This more deliberate design means every choice counts since dissembling and repositioning your barriers and defenses takes precious times. It also means you have great flexibility in how your defenses are constructed, especially with how block structures can be connected and built to maximize space. Space management is even more crucial as you mine upgrade crystals and decide where to best utilize them.

Otter Of My Life Has 5 Otters To Befriend

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Otter Of My Life Has 5 Otters To Befriend

It is my firm belief that there will be a dating simulation game for everything imaginable one day. Today, Otters have been added to that list with the creation of Otter Of My Life. Taking place in a high school setting, you'll be able to attend certain classes that suit your interests while forging friendships with lovable otters with intricate lives.

You're late for school and you've got a big choice ahead. What program do you want to enter? In Hikori High School, you'll have the option of art, music, theatre, media, or dance. Try not to get overwhelmed and choose which interests you the most, at least for your first playthrough. More interestingly, there are five otter teens to meet, each with their own quirks, hobbies, and love interests.

With 6 endings to discover based on the level of friendship with the otters, you'll have to go through more than once to get your fill and learn all about this charming cast of cute animals.

Multiplayer Pinball Game 'Kabounce' Lets Players Guide The Silver Ball

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Kabounce will have you pinging all over a map of bumpers and flippers, bouncing off of every surface as fast as you can in order to shift the objects in the field to your color by smashing into them, and keeping your opponents from doing the same by smashing into them.

Up to four players can locally hammer into one another, or eight players online, all joining in on some high speed rolling at once. You can whip around the field, guiding your ball as they build up speed and try to strike various targets all over the course. Hitting something changes it to your team's color, and this also works on something your opponent has already hit, so you'll want to get in the last blow on every one of the bumpers and other objects on the course. With some handy powers and other useful abilities, you can hopefully knock your opponents out of the way while you're at it, taking over these futuristic pinball tables by force.

Not all ball will look the same, as you can unlock many, many customization options for your spherical character, giving them shades, floaties, and other silly decorations. You can then have these creations battle your friends and online foes, or tackle the game's time attack mode, working through complicated courses. Feel free to join friends on other platforms, too, as Kabounce offers cross-play between PS4 and PC.

Incredible Mandy Shows Off Thrilling Boss Battles & Enchanting Worlds

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Calling all adventurers in seek of their next big challenge, Incredible Mandy wants you to brave its puzzle and boss gauntlets! With eight levels to prove both brain and brawn, players will be tested with all manner of challenges across varied, colorful worlds. After all, when it comes to saving someone, it's usually not easy, and Incredible Mandy is full of hurdles to overcome to save the one you care for.

In this brightly-colored sci-fi world, you play a young man who wants to save his sister. The only problem? He must overcome some really bad dreams to do it, each with their own set of puzzles and foes. Luckily, the dream worlds have given him a fair fight and you'll be able to defend yourself with a bright sword of light. You're going to need it against some of the large bosses that appear at the end of each dream, too, facing all manner of monstrous plants, laser-shooting machines, and other irate wildlife.

Can you best the 8 dreams and save your sister, or will you just be (oddly) daydreaming about your own clumsy demise?

One Hand Clapping Uses Your Voice For A Musical Journey

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Ever catch yourself humming along to the background music of your favorite game? One Hand Clapping would love to put your voice to use! Using your microphone and headphones, sing away to the world of One Hand Clapping and watch as it changes to reflect your song.

One Hand Clapping is all about sound and how a simple hum could brighten up your day, having you sing along with characters in the game to overcome danger, make friends, or reshape the world around you. In the hostile city, you'll have to prove yourself with your melody by hitting cues and not getting too microphone shy. If you're not too inclined to sing your heart out, you're welcome to hum or whistle, too. Any little musical note will change the world around you for the better.

If you want to enjoy a soft-hearted musical journey, or if you just want to relive your RockBand glory days, try One Hand Clapping.

'Adrian' Explores The Stories Found In The Trenches Of World War One

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'Adrian' Explores The Stories Found In The Trenches Of World War One

Adrian takes players into the trenches of World War One, tasking them with delivering a message to Colonel Coreau after communication has been cut off due to German shelling. While doing so, players can talk to the soldiers who've been trapped in this cruel stalemate for years, learning about the experiences they've had as they sit in perpetual fear, anger, and sorrow.

Adrian lets players deliver their message through the gloomy, foggy trenches, stopping to talk to the faceless soldiers about their experiences as they make their journey. In doing so, they can learn about their personalities and feelings surrounding their lives, getting to know the people who might never make it home as they wait, constantly on edge, for an enemy push into the tiny hole in the dirt that has been their home for years.

Showcasing the people affected by the horrors of this particular war, Adrian looks to capture the humanity in war time, and the incredible mental cost paid by those who have to live in constant fear that their lives are about to end.

Overwhelm Gives The Action-Platformer A Horror Twist

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Overwhelm's goal is right there in the title. At a glance, it has all the trappings of a pixel-art action-platformer, but playing Overwhelm is a different story. From the game design to the sound, its sole purposes is to overwhelm the player through tense gameplay, limited resources, limited lives, atmospheric audio, and aggressive foes. It's a action platformer about making you feel like you're fighting against increasingly challenging odds, with only your skill and agility to succeed.

That design tenet is most evident in its blunt description of "enemies get power-ups and you don't". As you guide your gun-wielding knight deeper into Overwhelm's blood-red hive, each boss defeated imbues the creatures around you with new abilities. What was once an easily-killed bat is now an aggressively-charging flying beast requiring precise movement to evade, and that pattern applies to every enemy in the game.

But it's not just the inverted power fantasy that gives Overwhelm its unnerving tense pacing. It's how you only have three lives and only hit kills you. How every death reduces your field of view, swallowing the screen in inky blackness that allows enemies to ambush you more effectively. How the harsh alien tones that fill the air making it more challenging to pinpoint enemy locations as you descend deeper into the darker corridors.

Hand-Drawn RPG 'Nepenthe' Offers Moral Choice With Each Battle

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Nepenthe, on top of having a charming look reminiscent of all of the made-up video games I'd scribble in the margins of my homework at school when I was a kid, offers moral choice with its combat, letting players work toward saving the monsters and troublemakers that mean to thump them on the head. You know, if you want to.

Humans and monsters mostly get along in the kingdom of Carithia, but folks have been whispering warnings of something called 'Nepenthe' lately, and that's enough to get you starting fights with pig men and roaming ninja clans. As you explore this sometimes fun, sometimes creepy, but almost always funny, world, you may find yourself getting into battles with the irritable creatures. It's up to you if you want to kill them, though, as some monsters can be appeased with items or other means. Not everyone, though, although you can avoid these fights in some ways. You can be as pacifistic or violent as you like, although there may be consequences in your ending.