Find Your Place Among The Living Trees Of Trader Of Stories

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Find Your Place Among The Living Trees Of Trader Of Stories

Trader of Stories takes players to a soothing place within the woods, one where the trees are alive with purpose and personality. It's up to you to help these living trees with their troubles, solving simple point & click puzzles as you take a small glance into their quiet, charming lives.

Trader of Stories takes the player to a beautiful land where the trees are living people, carrying on lives and airing their hopes and dreams as they care for the seeds of the next generation. These young tree people, not yet rooted, need the player's help, but not because they have problems. It's more a neighborly kind of help, one where you work together with these people out of friendship and care. You may be solving point & click problems, but it feels more like taking part in a loving community.

As a human in their world, you'll take part in their rituals, assist in their child care, help soothe the elders, and converse with the people about their friends and loved ones. It does tell a story, but Trader of Stories' power lies in how it bonds you with the other trees, fostering a sense of family. Featuring wonderful artwork and many delightful chats to be had with the smiling, cheerful populace, it will effortlessly carry you into a world of family, magic, and friendship.

Many Deaths Await You Within Little Nightmares' Grimy Maw

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While Tarsier Studios' upcoming game is no longer called Hunger, the thematic undertones of that name is still very present in Little Nightmares. Within the underwater confines of the Maw, grotesque chefs hack at slabs of meat to prepare feasts. Emaciated limbs reach out through the corridors like fingered tendrils blindly seeking their next meal. It's from this grimy industrial abattoir that young heroine Six must escape.

Clad in a distinctive yellow raincoat, Six is a splash of color within the bleak looming spaces of the Maw. It's visually clear that she doesn't belong among these horrors, as she creeps and climbs through busy kitchens, narrow vents, over-sized bedrooms, and other more sinister areas. Little Nightmares promises to be equal parts whimsical and unsettling, childhood horrors made manifest. Sneaking is not empowering stealth, but hide and seek with ruthless inhabitants. Puzzles and platforming is playful tactile interactions with the world, dragging and pushing items, using the machinery and tools found on the Maw's different levels.

She Remembered Caterpillars - Cute Creatures And Crushing Puzzles

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She Remembered Caterpillars will take you to a soothing world of tiny, colorful creatures, one where you'll guide them across woodland paths and caterpillar's backs, slowly taking them home. Very slowly, as despite its striking, cute appearance, this puzzler will also leave you stumped and clueless, sitting still and aimless alongside the gentle creatures you're supposed to be leading around.

But at least you'll be staring at a very pretty place while you're stuck!

You have to guide these adorable creatures to their platforms by telling them where to go with your mouse clicks. Trouble is, the caterpillars and other critters that live in these places will only let certain colored creatures pass by. Some only accept similar colors, others different colors, and all variants in between. It's up to you to figure out which ones can pass which obstacles, and you'll need to do it quick. It looks cute, but it doesn't take long before the developers create some devious setups with these colored paths.

Get Radical With Power Hover's Robots On Hoverboards

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The future may be a decayed wasteland, devoid of all life as the world steadily crumbles into ruin, but you're a robot with a sweet hoverboard with no one to get in your way in Power Hover, so I don't see what's not to like about this timeline.

Even in a future of robots, someone still felt the need to be a jerk and steal all of the energy from your robot village. Hot on the trail, you'll hop on your hoverboard, coasting over brilliant yellow sands, cities of dying lights, and cerulean waves as you seek to get that power back. Your hoverboard can defy gravity, so you'll be floating sideways and upside down through these colorful areas, grabbing all of the energy that you can along the way. Gnarly, right?

Yes, there are hazards and junk to get in the way to harsh your ride, but you're a robot using a hoverboard. What's not to enjoy about this kind of adventure? Also, you can bring a friend along for the ride, competing with them for the best times and who can remember the most ridiculous surfing slang. Still, would robots have different surfing slang? What would that even entail?

Screenshot Saturday Highlights - January 14th, 2017

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Screenshot Saturday Highlights - January 14th, 2017

From the deadly skies above to the shifting desert sands below, the games this Screenshot Saturday cover a varied spectrum of worlds and genres.

Celestial Breach
Dark Nebulae | PC | $9.99 (Early Access)
Fierce futuristic dogfights take place over sprawling landscapes in Celestial Breach. Armed with an arsenal of upgradable weapons and abilities, you can take on enemy squadrons solo or with a friend.

Wizard Fu Games | PC, Mac, Linux | 2017
Wielding the titular sword, your hero must navigate the procedurally-generated sci-fi worlds of Songbringer. Powerful skills, interesting secrets, high-tech dungeons, and fierce bosses await

Rise & Shine - More Like "Die & Rage"

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At first glance, nothing about Super Mega Team's Rise & Shine feels quite right. You've got a child as protagonist, but gratuitous amounts of gore turn this into something decidedly kid-unfriendly. There are a lot of tongue-in-cheek references to other games and visual gags to be found, yet the story feels overtly dramatic. You've got all the elements of great run & gun gameplay in place, but the game stops you every few steps to solve an easy puzzle or take cover from enemy fire. And yet, when all these elements come together, the game kind of works - if you're up to the challenge.

Playing as young Rise, you experience the invasion of your home planet Gamearth firsthand, when nasty aliens land and start killing everyone. Thankfully, you happen upon the talking gun Shine. This doesn't just give you a means of defending yourself, it also makes you the mythical savior of Gamearth. No pressure there. Together, you set out to kill every last invader and try not to die too often.

Sylvio Brings Ghostly Voices To Consoles To Scary Up your Friday The 13th

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Friday the 13th might not seem super spooky in January, but developer Stroboskop is looking to give you a bit of a fright with the console release of Sylvio, the horror game where you go around recording ghost voices, hearing the eerie last words of the phantoms that haunt an abandoned family park.

Sylvio follows Juliette Waters as she records ghost voices around the park, following the sound of their words across the large open area. As she collects recordings of the phantom words, you'll have to help her unscramble what they say by shifting how the recording tape plays, speeding it up, slowing it down, or playing it backwards to find the hidden, creepy messages within.

There is some combat in the game involving a gun you can load with just about anything, firing oranges and nails across the landscape to clobber errant specters, but it's in listening to the eerie voices that Sylvio shows its power to frighten. The whispered words that only appear in snippets throughout tapes of noise will leave you unsettled and shaken, listening for the voices in the static of your own life afterwards.

Blazing a Saudi Arabian Game Development Path with Shout of Survival

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Blazing a Saudi Arabian Game Development Path with Shout of Survival

Hako Games is a Saudi Arabian development studio founded by graphic designer Ahmad Alhaddad and programmer Abdullah Konash. They have a third member now, Maan Ashgar, and together they are working on finishing Shout of Survival, a 2v2 multiplayer game about monsters trying to find their human prey before the humans find each other. It's currently in early access for Windows and Mac after being the first Saudi Arabian game to successfully crowdfund development.

As a Saudi Arabian studio, Hako Games doesn't have the option of using Kickstarter for crowdfunding game development. Instead, they turned to Indiegogo to fund the development of Shout of Survival, raising over $13,000 USD.

Haddad cites two main reasons for wanting to crowdfund development of Shout of Survival. "The first is a marketing stunt, because we wanted to be the first successfully crowdfunded Saudi game, and we did [that]," he says. The second is a financial goal, since we're a team of three, two of which have left their jobs to dedicate their time to work on the game. We've saved enough money to pay ourselves, but financing the game from our pockets is going to burn our savings. So we relied on our core fans to help us finance the game, and they did not disappoint."

Milkmaid Of The Milky Way - A Point & Clicker Entirely Written In Rhyme

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Milkmaid of the Milky Way evokes a nursery rhyme feel with its writing, telling a story (entirely in rhyme) of a milk maid from the 1920's who aspires to a little bit more. Luckily, an alien ship is just about to shake up her life in exciting new ways.

All of the writing in Milkmaid of the Milky Way is written in rhyme, creating a charming, lighthearted feel all throughout it as you follow Ruth, our heroine, through the strange events that occur. Through her meetings with aliens or her life with the cows, all of it rhymes, creating a story that would be fun to read aloud on its own. Pointing & clicking through it makes it even better.

Designed to be light and fun, Milkmaid of the Milky Way won't push you too hard with its puzzles, instead aspiring to have you comfortably follow along Ruth's story of finding what she truly wants from her life. And also silly meetings with aliens.

Enact Cold Vengeance On Ninjas, Robots, And... Evil Canadians?

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A tribute to late-90s low-poly games, Cold Vengeance pits you against the evil Ninja Empire and the ghastly National Hell Party. Playing as Sgt. Jon Dagger, a lone soldier with a the consciousness of a deceased soviet engineer living inside his brain, you blast your way through the ruins of America all the way to the frozen north, because Canadians are evil now, apparently.

Developer Alec Stamos grew up with the Nintendo 64, so he wanted to make a game that hearkens back to that era of 3D games. And Cold Vengeance delivers: inspired by games like Sin and Punishment and Jet Force Gemini, it plays like a fast-paced rail shooter with free movement. Faced with an onslaught of enemies, you shoot and dodge through the game's intentionally plain-looking low-res levels, some of which are deceivingly intricate, containing branching paths and hidden areas.

The lack of details and the basic run and gun gameplay probably make this an acquired taste, even for shooter fans, but I reckon there will be a fair number of people who will be hit right in the nostalgia bone. Furthermore, the game's B-movie charms feel like a shopping list of wacky ideas: robots, mind-controlled gorillas, barbarian queens, ninjas, and, well, evil Canadians. I mean come on, we're certainly jumping the shark with evil Canadians, no? Cold Vengeance is simple, stupid fun, and it's out later today.