No Response Is A Quiet Story-Driven Trek To Safety

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No Response Is A Quiet Story-Driven Trek To Safety

Alone a highway, after a car crash, a cabin down the road is the closest place to reach for safety and medical attention in No Response, while text messages from concerned family light up your phone.

In this low-poly first person narrative game, you wake up in your car following a crash, alone on the road and a long walk ahead of you, traveling from asphalt to forest to tunnels. Your phone is damaged, unable to make calls or text but able to retrieve. As you progress towards your goal, you receive messages from friends and family, the tone of their texts growing increasingly worried and concerned, providing a gradual story told one text and step at a time.

No Response is a freeware game available to download from

Build Your Own Guns And Take Down An Armada In 'Mothergunship'

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Mothergunship is all about escalation. You like shooting enemies? Here's a dozen angry robots for you. You like dodging bullets? Sure, have hundreds of bullets coming your way. You like guns? Ho ho ho, have I got news for you...

If you have played Terrible Posture Games' debut title, Tower of Guns, all of this sounds vaguely familiar. However, Mothergunship is an evolution of the previous game's concept, taking the parts that made it work and cranking them up to 11.

This time, your goal is to bring down the almighty Mothergunship that has dared to enter Earth's orbit, threatening destruction of the human race and whatnot. To do that, you first have to take out its armada of smaller ships, all of which have a convenient self destruct button that's just waiting to be pushed. Small problem, though: those buttons are guarded by rooms full of robots and turrets.

First Person Platformer 'The Free Ones' Lets You Soar Through The Skies

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As a forced laborer escaping from an island, first-person platformer The Free Ones has you swinging all over the place with your trusty hookshot.

While the game attempts to create an interesting narrative out of your predicament, the main draw of The Free Ones is its wide open spaces and physics-defying movement. Your hookshot attaches to all wooden surfaces, allowing you to quickly traverse large distances.

Maneuvering around these areas might not be scientifically accurate, but it feels good. The game doesn't restrict your movement too much by tying your running to a stamina bar or the need to watch out for fall damage or somesuch. It is all about motion and momentum, moving ever forward and clearing obstacles that might seem insurmountable at first glance.

'Castle Must Be Mine' Pairs Tower Defense & Virtual Reality

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 'Castle Must Be Mine' Pairs Tower Defense & Virtual Reality

Remember the days of stacking blocks and commanding your army of toys to fend off opposing forces? In Castle Must Be Mine, you can relive your glory days as overseer and all-powerful. You'll be defending your towers with your trusty hero, traps, and your own god-like powers (like fireball tossing). Keeping your area safe can get hectic, but the toy-like play still offers tons of entertainment.

As your enemies swarm you on various terrains, you'll have to think of a strategy quickly. Do you want to use your boulders or cannon? A spike trap? Have your hero deal the finishing hit? Castle Must Be Mine offers many options in combat, all placed by hand in VR like laying out one's favorite playthings. With enough victories under your belt, you'll be able to level up your hero and gain special skills. You'll also be rewarded with money, so you can reinforce your towers and purchase new ones, improving your toys as you go.

You can find Castle Must Be Mine on Steam here!

'Only When Howling' Encourages Contemplation By Speaking In Visuals

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Only When Howling is a game of reflection, having you explore the stories of three characters through striking visual interpretations of their feelings of love, passion, gratitude, and sacrifice.

Only When Howling seeks to tell its story through an array of sumptuous visuals that cascade into a seemingly-bleak world, carrying the characters' thoughts and passions into something almost emotionally-tangible through their detail and beauty. You can also interact with many of these scenes in varied ways, gently guiding what you see of the story as you wander through the thoughts of the characters on your own.

Only When Howling leaves itself open to many interpretations, only asking that you open yourself up to feel through these visuals, asking yourself what they mean to you, and why, as you take this journey alongside the characters.

The Spiral Scouts Is A Crass, Dopey, Puzzling Adventure

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Are you a lover of puzzles and riddles? Do you also enjoy a brightly colored art style with a Paper Mario feel? Do you also enjoy profanity and butts? The Spiral Scouts checks all of these boxes and more if you dare venture in the dark crevices of this puzzling, perplexing, and grotesque adventure.

Play as Remae, fresh meat in the Spiral Scouts, who has a tall task ahead of her. She must venture to different realms to help retrieve the founders of the Spiral Scouts so that they may reunite and perform an ancient ceremony. To break the seals that keep the founders jailed, Remae must collect Scout Badges from across the land. You'll have to keep your thinking cap on while you solve over 50 unique puzzles to obtain these badges. Or maybe not, given that the these activities are coming from "dozens of idiots" you can interact with.

If you're worried you'll burn yourself out on a puzzle, don't worry. You don't have to take challenges on in a linear order. Along with tricky puzzles and some great music to play to, you'll be able to enjoy some hilarious (and depraved) comedy in the form of the characters that populate the world. You'll meet dozens of these goofs and giggle along with low-brow to witty humor (but mostly low-brow).

Underwater-Shmup 'Earth Atlantis' Releases The Kraken On Consoles

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Undoubtedly inspired by shmup classics such as Darius and Xenon 2: Megablast, sepia-tinted underwater shooter Earth Atlantis has you hunting down giant sea monsters in a postapocalyptic future.

Earth Atlanis' monster hunting takes places in one huge level. It is technically not an open world since progress is somewhat gated by the game's many bosses, but it sure does feel like one.

However, this doesn't mean that there's a straight line between these important fights. You have to find your way through an underwater maze and fight off thousands of smaller sea creatures in fast-paced firefights. These lesser enemies also drop power-ups, which prepare your tiny vessel for the things to come.

Kitten'd Has Players Putting Out Fires & Caring For Felines

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Most cat owners have had to deal with their fair share of chaos when taking care of their trouble-seeking furball. VR game Kitten'd wants experienced cat owners to take the ultimate test: keep a ton of cute kittens out of danger, be it from starting fires to activating lasers to just making a mess of things.

Happy kitties means a happy, clean, and ultimately disaster-free life. You'll be tasked with cleaning up after the kittens, playing with them, and making sure they have lots of love, gaining points as you do so. Keeping dozens of cats all happy and cared for isn't easy, but you can redeem the points you get for upgrades in your arsenal, like a PoopScoop 3000, and you'll have an easier time taking care of your numerous, yet adorable, responsibilities.

Your points aren't permanent though; if you aren't careful in watching your kittens and they start on a path of destruction, you'll lose points for each thing destroyed. These cats can get pretty creative in their destruction across the game's environments, too, activating laser turrets or just setting the stove on fire. The longer you can keep your home from going down in flames, the better your chances of gaining the tools to take care of your kitten horde.

Your Voice Brings Clarity, But Also Danger, In Microphone-Based Horror Game 'Stifled'

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Stifled requires you use a microphone to see in the darkness, using the sound of your voice out into the world to make it visible. Through this form of echolocation, you'll be able to explore the game's pitch-black areas, but you'll also be getting the attention of things lurking in the shadows, coaxing them ever nearer.

Stifled follows David Ripley, a man who's suffering from heartbreak, and is finding it's turning his perspective a little dark because of it. While it can be hard to see in the shadows, you can use a microphone to make it a bit easier to explore, using the sound of your own voice to help light David's way, outlining nearby objects with white. Other ambient noises will help guide your way periodically, but for the most part, you'll be speaking to may the things around you become clear.

The trouble is, all of that talking and shouting isn't the most helpful thing when a deadly creature is lurking about. This beast can detect sound, following it to its edible source, which will make most players want to stay quiet. As such, Stifled creates a frightening loop, forcing you to make noise in order to move forward while being afraid of the consequences of making a sound. It makes you face a fear very directly (especially in VR), pushing yourself into terrifying territory if you're to have any hope of escaping it.

Hero-U: Rogue To Redemption Offers Pun-Filled Adventures And Thrilling Fights

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Common thief Shawn O'Connor finds himself caught between a rock and a hard place: it's either go to jail for that break-in he just committed or - gasp! - join the Hero University to turn his life around. And this is how Shawn ends up in rogue class to learn how to, uh, steal like a hero, presumably. Lots of pointing and clicking ensues.

Developers Lori and Corey Cole are certainly no strangers to the adventure genre. In fact, these are the very people behind Sierra's Quest for Glory series. A while ago, they took to Kickstarter to fund a new adventure in the vein of their beloved classics. Fast forward a few years, and Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption finally sees the light of day, promising pointing, clicking, and - true to its illustrious predecessors - fighting.

Hidden beneath its point & click interface and its pun-filled dialogues (seriously, don't buy this if you hate puns!), Hero-U offers a wealth of gameplay options and allows you to tackle its challenges pretty much however you want. Eschewing the different classes of the Quest for Glory series, you can fight or talk your way out of conflicts - or resort to other measures.