'Forgotton Anne' Takes You To The Place All Lost Things End Up

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Every lost sock, mislaid key, or forgotten toy ends up in the Forgotten Lands, a place where these objects can take on their own lives and personalities. Here, you'll talk with these creatures, helping them with their problems as you try to quash a rebellion that means to keep you and your master from ever getting home again in Forgotton Anne, a strikingly-animated adventure.

You're Anne, and you're looking to get out of this world of Forgotlings along with your master, Bonku. To do that, it seems like you'll need to quell a rebellion that's starting to pick up steam (but are you SURE you're in the right in doing this?).Part of that involves using Anima, the energy that brings these lands to life, to solve puzzles and change the course of lives by helping these living objects throughout the game's stunning lands.

You're not just following the requests of whoever you stumble across in Forgotton Anne, though. You have choices in dialogue and actions that will change the course of the story, so who knows what side of the rebellion you may find yourself on by the end? It's up to you whether you make life better for sentient socks and other castoffs in this adventure.

Solve Sci-Fi Programming Puzzles In Prime Mover

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Post-SpaceChem, puzzler fans have had a bevy of programming and pseudo-programming games to test their solution-crafting prowess and the new game Prime Mover looks to scratch that itch as well, with its blend of circuit board construction and input manipulation.

Reminiscent of a cross between Human Resource Machine and SpaceChem, Prime Mover has you transporting input values to waiting output ports, creating circuity paths and using a number of tools to alter routes and change inputs. A premium of space means you'll need to carefully design paths so timing is perfect without resulting in interceptions or wrong turns.

In programming game fashion, your tools let you flip between paths, create gates and if-then loops by sorting incoming values by zero, positive, or negative, among other manipulations. Some can only by activated by switches, forcing you to rethink your path construction; whether your solution is function or elegang, histograms allow you to compare your solution with other players in the quest of optimization.

Fox N Forests' Season-Changing Powers Unveil Secrets And Help Clobber Bosses

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A giant wasp isn't so tough in the winter in Fox N Forests, a game where a fox with a crossbow can change the seasons, affecting the stages and enemies around them in all kinds of helpful ways.

Rick the Fox aims to bring justice to the forest denizens and uncover the mystery of the fifth season in Fox N Forests no matter how many...forest denizens he kills with his crossbow to do it. We're just not going to question it. Some of these woodland creatures are jerks, so just roll with it. Those bats hit the Door Close button on elevators when they totally see you coming, so they deserve to be shot with magical arrows that carry different properties the fox gains from beating bosses. Really. For justice.

Fox N Forests, when not having you kill unsavory critters, also allows you to swap between two seasons in each stage, which can have dramatic effects. A shift to winter can freeze water to create platforms or make wasp bosses a little less rambunctious, or a change to fall can wither trees and open up new routes. These changes drain Rick's magic so they can't be done forever, but all unveil some neat new aspects hidden in each route an enemy, creating some great moments of exploration.

Seek Etyliv Is A New Puzzle-Roguelike With Minimalistic Design And Challenging Simplicity

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The roguelike is often touted for the sprawling complexity of games like Nethack and Caves of Qud, but minimalism often breeds some of the most interesting entries in the subgenre, such as Hoplite or Michael Brough's Imbroglio and 868-Hack. The new roguelike Seek Etyliv fits right in that category, with even tighter and more minimalistic style compared to others yet also possessing engaging elegant design in its simplicity.

Guided by poetic flavor text accompanying your actions and journey, you descend into the dungeon depths of Etyliv nine tiles at a time. Every level and room is seen through the extremely tight lens of 3 x 3 grids, from rooms filled with spike traps to encounters with skeletons and other foes. Your brave warrior is represented on the left side of the screen, armor and held weapons visually displayed and letting you plan your approach to the various challenges encountered within Seek Etyliv.

As seen in the gameplay and outlined through its TIGSource development log, Seek Etyliv rests on a foundation of rules to learn and master, from how you need to approach skeletons to take advantage of cliff edges to how to properly kill a zombie foe. Confined to those nine tiles of level space, Seek Etyliv wrings elegant and varied design from its simple structure, whether you're playing through the random room placement of story mode or permadeath puzzles of dungeon mode.

FAR: Lone Sails Lets You Venture Into The Unknown, Full Of Hope

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FAR: Lone Sails is a solitary adventure, but you never feel lonely or lost. There's always the one road, with only a few obstacles in the way of your giant machine. And then of course there is said machine, a giant, steam-powered contraption that is keeping you busy in its innards as you stoke the furnace or set the sails to keep your momentum going.

Whatever happened to the game's vaguely post-apocalyptic world is never explained and it doesn't really matter. It does, however, make for some rather spectacular vistas of a land long deserted. Sometimes there are lights in the distance, and you wonder if other people exist out there, if other machines are making their way towards one undefined goal. It doesn't really matter, though. What matters is that you press on through fields, mountains, plains, and frightening thunderstorms. There is only ever one way to go.

Dangerous Monsters Make Decent Pets In Pixel Stories Of Dungeon

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Want to be the top hero in all the land? Well, rather than overcome evil, you kind of need to beat up the current top hero. Which makes kind of sense? A bit? I guess it would make you the strongest, although doesn't beating up the hero make you a villain? Anyway, roguelike RPG Pixel Stories of Dungeon doesn't prescribe to such basic concepts of good and evil, instead showcasing your rise to power.

Also, you can have pet tornadoes, which is pretty nifty.

In Pixel Stories of Dungeon, players will comb through dungeon depths to defeat the bosses within and prove yourself worthy to beat up the ultimate hero too (which is perfectly normal). This means picking the right equipment and weapons for the job, then keeping yourself alive as you battle through floor after floor of enemies that just want to nibble your head a bit. A couple of different classes allow you to use different fighting methods to keep your head from being chewed on, allowing for some freedom in how you wish to scrap with monsters.

Floating Is A Pinball Game Full Of Heart

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Floating Is A Pinball Game Full Of Heart

After slamming the left and right paddles as hard as physically possible, watching your ball drift seamlessly down the middle - you may want to ditch flashy, score-centric pinball games, instead exploring the softer side of pinball with Floating. Here, you'll have some cute objectives about gently helping people, and all while enjoying the soothing level design.

Rather than grinding for the next million points, why not help a frog catch some pretty flowers by using your paddles to bounce it around? With some wholesome objectives in the game bursting with aesthetically pleasing levels, players who want to take a breath from the regular intensity of pinball may find themselves at home in Floating. With simple controls and objectives, you'll be able to enjoy the game right from the start and appreciate the design of a low-intensity pinball game.

And when was the last time you used pinball to soothe someone who was about to fly away? Or put a tape in the VCR? Floating is definitely pinball for the more relaxed.

House Flipper Repairs & Revitalizes Homes With Virtual Elbow Grease

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Ever been curious about the manual labor that goes into restoring old, beat up properties, but you don't want to get down and dirty with black mold? House Flipper will show you how to get it done. You'll be able to go into the houses that the world has given up on and give them a total facelift, carrying out repairs or making changes to the layout. Maybe it'll give you inspiration for your own place!

There's a lot to do when you want to revamp a neglected home. Mold, cracks, infestations, and more await you, if you're up to the challenge. Each repair comes with its own set action, letting players really get a taste for how fixing up a home is done. You'll have control of interior design and even electrical installations as well, allowing you to do more than just fix things as they create their own homes from the shell of the previous place.

You will want to keep an eye on your budget, though! You need to make sure you turn a profit with your project so you can continue on to the next with your earnings and get access to better tools (which make actions easier). Whether through practice or profit, hopefully, you'll learn some new tricks of the trade on your way up to the top!

Shrug Island - The Meeting's Striking Lands Are Shaped By Song

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Shri and Li are looking to help The Watcher, keeper of balance in the beautiful lands of Shrug Island - The Meeting. To do so, they'll have to use their powers to change the world with song, using music to help the people of the island and transform the world into a better place with sound.

Players will control the two lead characters as they wander the pretty landscapes, using their songs to see what sorts of things can be changed all around them, encouraging a curiosity in the player through music. In doing so, they can help out several beings who could use their assistance, or they can just focus on assisting the Watcher and pushing to get to the game's end as quickly as possible.

Designed to invoke a sense of wonder in the player, Shrug Island - The Meeting draws the player into its colorful world, then lets them free to see what music can do in this enchanted place. While it can be finished quickly, it's well worth your while to lose yourself in the sounds and sights of this place.

Delta V: Rings Of Saturn Promises Realistic Saturn Ring-Mining Fun

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The term "hard sci-fi" doesn't indicate difficulty of the material to understand, but rather how closely a work attempts to consider and abide by realism and laws of physics in the science fiction. Besides Kerbal Space Programs and the realistic space warfare simulator Children of a Dead Earth, space games that attempt hard sci-fi mechanics are incredibly rare. But the in-development Delta V: Rings Of Saturn looks to be the next game in that category, placing you at the thruster controls of a mining vessel within the titular rings.

Don't expect Rings of Saturn to be a galaxy-spanning space sim; in fact, interplanetary flight, docking, repairs, and so on are handled off-screen; the scope of the game is focused on its namesake: navigating with LIDAR and mining within the rings of Saturn, with a Newtonian flight model modulating your movement and the fuel rods of your nuclear reactor engine needing to be managed to maintain energy. Complementing the real-time mining is the management of your ring excavation company, hiring crew and buying or renting ships.