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It's a three-day weekend here in the States (for Presidents' Day), so let's hang out, play some games and chill. If you've got questions, hop into the Twitch live chat and we'll try to answer them.

We're going to kick off the night with a return to Sea of Thieves, while Rare is busy stressing its servers and seeing if it's ready for launch with a proper Scale Test. We'll see if we see any issues or disconnects, but that's the name of the game with this experience. Still, we can't deny ourselves another look at this beautiful sea and sunset.

Dragon Ball FighterZ: First DLC Characters Revealed

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The first two characters to join the Dragon Ball FighterZ roster as DLC are Broly and Bardock.

The announcement was spotted by Ryokutya2089 in the latest issue of V-Jump (via Gematsu). While a release date and price for the fighters have yet to be revealed, information about their Super Special Attacks was provided.

Bardock's Super Special Attack is called "Revenger Assault" and sees him transform into a Super Saiyan before charging forward into his opponent. Meanwhile, Broly's Super Special Attack, which consumes three bars of the energy gauge, is called "Gigantic Meteor" and fires a ball of energy.

Code Vein Multiplayer Support Confirmed

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Bandai Namco's upcoming action RPG Code Vein will indeed feature multiplayer support.

"You've been asking for it and we listened! Code Vein will have multiplayer!" the studio announced on Twitter. "You can explore the world of Vein with other players and you can send a request in an area that you need help in!"

Accompanying the post are a few new screenshots of the game, which you can check out in the gallery below:

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Review - Getting Medieval

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Within my first hour of playing Kingdom Come: Deliverance, I was beaten up by the town drunk. By the end of the almost 70 hours I spent with it, I was sizing up a trio of bandits with a smirk on my real-life face, knowing even together they were no match for my steel and the extensive training I’d received under some of the toughest knights in this beautifully recreated medieval land. This wasn’t merely a change in stats and equipment. Without a single spell or magic sword, Kingdom Come gave me the abundantly satisfying feeling of transforming from doe-eyed scrub to stone-cold killer.