Borderlands 3: All of Our Exclusive New Gameplay and Info

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Borderlands 3: All of Our Exclusive New Gameplay and Info

Our IGN First game for August is Borderlands 3. Think of it like a magazine cover story – except on the Internet! That means we've editorially chosen to spotlight Gearbox's long-awaited sequel all month long. Bookmark this page, and check back regularly for 2-3 new features each week!

Here's everything we've done so far:

The First 14 Minutes of Borderlands 3

Multiple Sexual Misconduct Allegations Rock the Fighting Game Community Following Evo 2019

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The fighting game community is reeling today after several accusations of sexual misconduct were made against different prominent members of the community.

Several Allegations Regarding Sexual Misconduct Have Come to Light

The allegations began last night when Super Smash Bros. Ultimate player Davon “Promaelia” Crawley published a confession on Twitter. Crawley admitted to two separate occasions of violating “the personal boundaries of two adults through uninvited sexual contact” while intoxicated under the effects of alcohol.

Destiny 2 Devs on Positive Impact of Microtransactions

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Bungie detailed the impact their in-game microtransactions have on Destiny 2 itself, sharing that certain modes would not have been funded without support from the Eververse store.

As explained by the "Destiny Dev Team" in a Bungie blog post, discussions around changing the strategy for microtransactions came up often last year.

"As some folks have smartly pointed out, MTX is a big part of our business being a live game," the post reads. "I'm not going to say 'MTX funds the studio' or 'pays for projects like Shadowkeep' -- it doesn't wholly fund either of those things. But it does help fund ongoing development of Destiny 2, and allows us to fund creative efforts we otherwise couldn't afford."

Comings and Goings in the World of Xbox

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Lots of industry news to cover on this week's Xbox show! The former head of DOOM developer id Software has landed in an unexpected new location. Plus: Hello Games mastermind Sean Murray has started thinking about what's next after No Man's Sky, Call of Duty won't be changing its business model anytime soon, a former PlayStation-exclusive developer will now be making games for Xbox, and more!

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