Dark Souls Remastered Has Launched a Day Early on Steam

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Dark Souls: Remastered has appeared on Steam a whole day early, so PC players can get stuck in right now.

Bandai Namco hasn't made an official announcement of the game's PC release, but Dark Souls Remastered is available to buy now on Steam. The title replaces the original, which was removed from the platform earlier this month.

Owners of the Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition on Steam can upgrade to the remastered version for a discounted price, getting 50% off.

Complete Guide to Battlefield 5 Preorder Bonuses

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Complete Guide to Battlefield 5 Preorder Bonuses

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Battlefield is returning to its World War II roots, with all new stories, weapons, classes, and customization options from your character to your company. It's also getting rid of Premium Pass and map packs, so everyone gets every map. Release date is October 19, and right now there are two editions available to preorder: standard and deluxe,

At the moment, the main available preorder bonus is beta access, but it's extraordinarily likely more will be added as more editions are revealed. Keep checking back to make sure you get the best possible preorder experience.

Nintendo Files Trademark for N64, Adding More Fuel to the Mini Console Hype

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Nintendo has filed another trademark in Japan fueling further speculation that an N64 mini console might be on its way.

Spotted by Japanese Nintendo, the trademark application is listed to cover purposes including video game program, controller, joystick, and download-capable electronic game program.

There are also several mentions regarding downloadable software and more specifically software for phones, so it also could be hinting at more Nintendo mobile games to be released in the future.

Battlefield V Trailer Featured 'In-Engine Footage'

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EA has confirmed some extra details about Battlefield V, including microtransactions and lootboxes, as well as more information about its reveal trailer.

An EA representative confirmed to IGN following the reveal of Battlefield V that the action seen in the trailer was "all in-engine footage and representative of things you can do in the game."

EA also confirmed to IGN that the game will not feature lootboxes. and that the items available for purchase in-game are cosmetic only.

Battlefield V: Reveal, Release Date, Single-Player, Battle Royale, News, and Rumors

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Battlefield 5 (officially titled Battlefield V) is an upcoming first-person shooter for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. It’s developed by EA DICE and published by Electronic Arts.

In the lead-up to launch, we’ve compiled all the news, trailers, rumors, and gameplay details about Battlefield 5, from initial rumors to its official announcement and beyond.

Battlefield 5 Release Date, Platforms, Engine

Battlefield 5 Release Date and First Detailed Revealed

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Battlefield 5 will be released for all players on October 19 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

If you opt for the Deluxe Edition, you'll be able to start playing on October 16, and if you subscribe to EA Access, you'll be able to hop over a week earlier on October 11.

Players that pre-order any edition of the game with the Battlefield V Enlister Offer gain early access to the Open Beta and other in-game benefits including soldier customization options, access to Special Assignments starting at launch week and immediate access to five weapons to use in Battlefield 5.

Best Side Quests in Games

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Side quests have a bit of a mixed reputation, and its pretty well deserved. A lot of them feel like filler: fetch this thing, escort that guy, stab this monster. But among the canon of side quests are a number of missions which rank as truly remarkable, either for the excellence of their storytelling, the power of their gameplay experience, or the sheer weirdness of their existence.

Sea of Thieves: The Hungering Deep Expansion Detailed

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Sea of Thieves' first major, free content expansion has been detailed by Rare.

The Hungering Deep will introduce a number of permanent new features to Sea of Thieves framed around a "special time-limited campaign."

The campaign will introduce players to an adventuring group known as the Bilge Rats and more specifically Merrick, a bard who brushed with the unseen horror and lived to tell the tale.

Fortnite Players Want 50v50 to Stay as a Permanent Mode

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50v50 is one of Fortnite's most popular limited-time modes and fans are asking to have it to stay as a permanent mode.

Limited-time modes in Fortnite last about one to two weeks, leaving players worried that the recent return of the 50v50 mode will be leaving in the next few days. Community posts on Reddit and the official Fortnite Forums include fans clamoring for the mode to stay and are consistently some of the most popular posts over the last few days.

According to fans, 50v50 allows for both casual and active playstyles, as opposed to the more calculated and intense nature of the solo, duo, and squad modes. Forts and giant structures pop up easily with the huge amount of teammates that can help build. Fans note that being able to practice your aiming on a large amount of targets is a huge plus and gathering double the materials gives players a chance to perfect their building.