THQ Nordic: A New Saints Row Is Being Worked On, Plus Updates On Dead Island 2 And TimeSplitters

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THQ Nordic's new interim report has casually dropped a few big announcements on us about some major game series we have not seen in a while.

The first quarter report, focused on April-June 2019, explains that THQ Nordic - along with Deep Silver and Coffee Stain - achieved a 33% year-on-year sales growth, with a total net sales figure of SEK 641 million (about $67 million). It's a strong figure, and the company followed it up with several announcements.

The first is that Volition is working on the first new Saints Row game since 2013's Saints Row IV (not counting spin-off Agents of Mayhem). The team is "deep in development" on the next title, which they have called a "full entry". Basically, it'll be Saints Row V, whether in name or not. No further details were given, but it's the most concrete confirmation we've had that a new game is coming.

Xbox Scarlett: Everything We Know About Its Price, Release Date, And Specs So Far

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Microsoft revealed the new Xbox Scarlett during its E3 2019 Xbox press conference earlier this year. Seemingly a codename, Xbox Scarlett releases in Holiday 2020 alongside Halo Infinite, which is going to be massive. The Xbox One has been around since 2013, and will turn six years old near the end of 2019. Console cycles typically last between five and seven years, meaning we should be due a new Xbox pretty soon. There's the complicating factor that this generation included mid-cycle upgrades, the PS4 Pro and the Xbox One X, but we're still expecting Scarlett in 2020.

There's still a lot to find out Xbox Scarlett, but Microsoft boasted about the specs being far beyond that of the Xbox One X. Regardless, we know Microsoft is working on the next Xbox console, and there've been a lot of details revealed about what to expect. Without further ado, let's dig into everything we know about the next Xbox.

While Microsoft discussed its new Xbox during E3 last year, it reiterated at E3 2019 that it's definitely working on the new console. In fact, it could even be multiple consoles on the way. Xbox boss Phil Spencer said in June 2018 that Microsoft is "deep into architecting the next Xbox consoles where we will once again deliver on our commitment to set the benchmark for console gaming."

Apex Legends Now Lets You Track Patches, Updates And Fixes Through A Public Trello Board

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Apex Legends, Respawn Entertainment's beloved battle royale, has found a way to be extremely transparent about its development processes and upcoming patches. Every issue investigation, community concern, server patch and common player request is now being tracked on a publicly available Trello board called the Apex Tracker. Anyone is free to follow this link and keep on top of the changes that are coming to Apex Legends.

"Our goal with the dev tracker is provide players with more visibility into some of the bigger community issues that we've seen reported and working on," an introductory post reads. "Note that this board doesn't account for ALL the things we're tracking." Right now, the board tracks a variety of issues that the team is investigating or dealing with this week, and hints at fixes coming in future patches.

The board divides information between a few headings: quality of life features, bugs that are being addressed, UI updates, networking issues, and all recent and upcoming updates. The team has promised to update the cards on the board at least once a week. There are also cards explaining how to report bugs and hackers, as well as links to the team's social media and Reddit pages.

Top New Games Coming To Switch, PS4, Xbox One, And PC This Week -- August 11-17, 2019

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Top New Games Coming To Switch, PS4, Xbox One, And PC This Week -- August 11-17, 2019

Every week, New Releases breaks down the upcoming week in games. As we near the halfway point of August, Nintendo Switch continues to stack its library with the Grandia HD Collection and its own port of Friday the 13th: The Game. Sci-fi fans can take flight with Rebel Galaxy: Outlaw or platform through a virtual computer with Exception. On the fantasy side, Dicey Dungeons also rolls out this week.

Available on: Switch

Apparently August is the month for horror games, at least on Switch. The Ultimate Slasher Edition includes all of the previously released DLC, giving you plenty of movie costume options for Jason. One player will take control of Jason himself, while the others play as Camp Crystal Lake counselors, trying to survive the night.

Wolfenstein: Youngblood's Next Patch Will Let You Pause In Offline Mode

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Wolfenstein fans who want to be able to get up and use the bathroom in the middle of the latest release in the series are in luck.

VG247 has the patch notes for Wolfenstein Youngblood's upcoming 1.0.4 update, which include the "added ability to pause the game in OFFLINE mode only." Online co-op players will still need to do without, however.

This is perhaps the most significant change made in the patch - and certainly one of the most requested - but there are plenty of other alterations coming as well.

An FCC Filing Points Towards A Wireless SNES Controller For Nintendo Switch

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An FCC Filing Points Towards A Wireless SNES Controller For Nintendo Switch

A new FCC filing has revealed an upcoming wireless SNES controller for Nintendo Switch, possibly hinting at plans to release Super Nintendo games for the system.

Resetera user Link83 discovered the new filing (which is required for the controller's release in the US) after setting up an alert for any Nintendo FCC ID filings. Much of the documentation is confidential, but the accompanying image matches the SNES controller's iconic shape, while the appearance of the "HAC" model number notates its potential as a Switch peripheral, since all other Switch hardware and accessories use the same model number.

Nintendo released a similar NES controller for the Switch 12 months ago when NES games started appearing for subscribers to Nintendo Online. This new controller might signal the arrival of SNES games to the Switch's virtual library, with an accompanying controller letting you relive the days of playing Super Mario World, A Link to the Past, and Super Metroid with a familiar peripheral in-hand.

The Little Mermaid: Harry Styles Has Turned Down Prince Eric Role In Live-Action Remake

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Harry Styles was reportedly offered the role of Prince Eric in the upcoming live-action version of The Little Mermaid, but ultimately passed on the project.

We learned in July that Styles was in talks to play the prince, but that the English singer wasn't sure if he would be available, or suitable, for the role. Now, according to both The Wrap and Variety, Styles has officially passed on the project. The role of Prince Eric was reportedly his to take if he so wanted, but Styles ultimately declined.

Although Prince Eric does not sing in the original 1989 animated film, this new version of the story will contain new songs from composer Alan Menken and Lin-Manuel Miranda, so it's likely that Disney will be seeking an actor with a strong voice for the role. As a singer and former member of One Direction, Styles would have fit the bill.

New Xbox Studio The Initiative Adds Alumni From Respawn, BioWare And Naughty Dog

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The Initiative, Microsoft's internal development studio that opened last year, continues to build up its talented roster of employees.

The studio's latest staff acquisitions, according to Video Game Chronicle, include veterans from some major studios. These include Ryan Duffin, a former lead animator at BioWare; Ryan Trowbridge, and artist for Uncharted 4; Sean Slayback, a designer on Apex Legends; and Justin Walters, an environmental artist who worked on 2016's Doom.

They join employees such as Brian Westergaard (2018's God of War), Drew Murray (Sunset Overdrive), and Daniel Neuburger (Rise of the Tomb Raider). The Initiative's full employee list now consists of 32 people.

Fortnite Season 10: The Overpowered B.R.U.T.E. Mech Is Starting To Be Addressed

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Season 10 of Fortnite kicked off a couple of weeks ago, and since then one of its major new additions has been giving the player base plenty of frustration and anger. The new B.R.U.T.E. mech--a two-player vehicle that lets one person take control as a driver and puts the other in charge of its astonishingly effective firepower--has been causing plenty of grief due to its overpowered nature. Now, Epic is finally doing something about the frequent complaints, although the changes won't apply to all of Battle Royale, at least at this point.

Armed with rockets, a shotgun, and 1,000 health--roughly five times the maximum health and shield of other players--this new mech has an innate ability to reduce a regular player's health from 200 hit points to zero in a matter of seconds, with little to no opposition. Walls offer minuscule defence against the mech's powerful rockets, and its ability to rapidly close the distance on players makes it particularly deadly considering season 10 removed a lot of Fortnite's mobility options. It's damning that the winner of Fortnite's recent solo World Cup can be instantly killed with almost no effort.

Fortunately, Epic has begun toning down the frequency of mechs in the competitive Arena and Tournament playlists.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Monastery Guide - Faculty Training List For Byleth

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In Fire Emblem: Three Houses, you're the one teaching students. But what about your own self-development? Ensuring that Byleth has their pick of potential classes late in the game means paying attention to the other teachers around the monastery. Weapons skills are easy to practice in battle, but you can't level up things like reason, faith, riding, or flying skills unless you're already certified for the associated classes--and you need Faculty Training in order to do that.

Early on, it's a better use of your activity points to invest in those skills so you can, say, become certified as a Pegasus Knight and continue practicing your flying from there. Here's who can teach you the aforementioned skills:

And here's a list of what all the teachers at Garreg Mach Monastery can teach you: