The Last Of Us 2 Collectibles Guides - Where To Find Everything In The Game

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There's a whole lot to find in The Last of Us Part 2--and if you want that coveted Platinum Trophy, you'll have to scavenge every last scrap. Finding every trading card, coin, note artifact, and workbench can be a massive chore, but we're here to help.

Below you'll find a roundup of our guides to The Last of Us 2 that will help you find every collectible in the game. It starts with our complete spoiler-free walkthrough, which walks through the location of every collectible as you play, without discussing story beats or most encounters. But we've also got specific guides for just about everything, to help you lock down whatever you're missing as you work through the game. And if you're looking for more help, we've got it-- check out our full The Last of Us Part 2 guide roundup.

The Last of Us 2 News

Devs Creator Alex Garland On Why Video Game Movies Don't Work (And His Favorite Animal Crossing Villager)

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Alex Garland has garnered himself quite the reputation for sci-fi and horror fans with his dense and philosophical projects like Ex Machina, Annihilation, and this year's Devs, his first foray into the world of serialized storytelling with FX on Hulu. Themes in Garland's work tend to deal with things that provoke a certain sense of existential dread, like the nature of mortality and the ethics of artificial intelligence, so it's really no surprise that the writer/director's favorite video games tend towards the similarly weighty.

Speaking with GameSpot during the Play for All event, Garland spoke at length about his love for games like The Last Of Us and Dark Souls, the latter of which he managed to sneak in an Easter Egg for during an early episode of Devs. But he also came through with a surprise revelation--he's a devout Animal Crossing fan and has sunk countless hours into perfecting his island, a hobby he's picked up alongside his daughter who also plays.

How Pro Wrestling's #SpeakingOut Movement Is Reshaping The Industry For The Better

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The past week has been an eye-opening and heartbreaking one for the world of professional wrestling as sexual abuse, assault, and harassment accusations have been made against a wide range of talents from around the world. A long list of independent wrestlers, as well as members of the Impact, AEW, and WWE rosters, have been implicated thus far in the #SpeakingOut movement.

The hashtag has been used as a space on social media for those that allege they were victimized by those within the professional wrestling industry, in order to share their experiences and call out those that abused and harassed them. As the movement continues to gain traction, it shows more and more that this is exactly what professional wrestling needs: accountability against the type of behavior that should simply have no place in this or any industry.

Regardless of their place in the wrestling industry, no performer has the right to harass, abuse, or otherwise victimize anybody else--no human has that right. And already, the fallout is being seen across this particular landscape. And every single allegation should be taken seriously and investigated.

New To Amazon Prime Video In July 2020: More Movies, TV Shows, And Originals

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Coming to the streaming service Amazon Prime Video for the month of July are plenty of movies, TV shows, and even some original programming to keep you entertained. Check out everything new arriving in July 2020 on the service below, along with a few recommendations.

The majority of Amazon's content drops on July 1. That day you can watch the horror movie The Eye, which is an American remake of the Chinese cult classic. Jessica Alba stars as a blind woman who gets an eye transplant and begins to see ghosts. While the American version wasn't a huge hit, you can watch that before checking out The Eye 2. The followup film is directed by the Pang Brothers and is a story about a pregnant woman who gains the ability to see ghosts.

If you're into a movie starring Ice Cube and Jennifer Lopez that features Jon Voight taking them hostage while trying to hunt and kill a ridiculously large snake, then you'll probably want to check out Anaconda on July 1. While that is a very specific "want," who doesn't want to see Anaconda for the 100th time?

Insomniac Games Responds To Allegations Of Workplace Sexual Harassment

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Insomniac Games has responded to allegations that it protected multiple "sexual predators" in response to a claim from a former employee. The Marvel's Spider-Man developer tweeted that it had taken "numerous steps to address" the allegations.

We were aware of the allegations made in a former employee's tweets today and had taken numerous steps to address them. For legal and privacy reasons we will not respond to individual allegations about specific former employees. (1/2)

We are a workplace family that has actively promoted diversity, inclusion, representation and equality for our entire existence. We will continue to do so every single day. (2/2)

Shiren The Wanderer 5 Coming To Nintendo Switch and PC With New Dungeons

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The fifth entry in the Shiren the Wanderer retro RPG series, the Tower of Fortune and the Dice of Fate, is coming to Nintendo Switch and PC in 2020. The game was originally released exclusively on the PS Vita in North America in 2016.

Developer Spike Chunsoft announced that the port is enhanced with exclusive new dungeons. The game features retro-style graphics and roguelike gameplay. The original Shiren the Wanderer game was the sequel to the first Mystery Dungeon game, which has spawned a number of licensed spinoffs, including the Pokemon: Mystery Dungeon series.

The announcement came during the New Game+ Expo, where Western release dates for Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV and Ys IX: Monstrum Nox were also announced.

Big Hades Update Out Now--The Final One Before The Game's 1.0 Launch

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Supergiant Games has released a new update for Hades and it's one of the game's largest to date. In both the full patch notes and trailer for the update, Supergiant reveals that this will be Hades' final update in early access--there will be one more follow-up patch "to address any lingering issues" but the next full update will be the official launch of the game.

This latest update adds a boss fight, hidden forms for certain weapons, enemies, mini-bosses, boons, and new types of upgrades to Hades. It also implements new art and visual effects, such as updated character models and animations, as well as more story events to play through. You can see a lot of these additions in the update's new trailer, which is embedded below.


Trails Of Cold Steel 4 Pre-Order Guide: Release Date, Limited Edition, And Where To Buy

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The next game in the Trails of Cold Steel saga is set to release in just a few months, and it will bring the popular JRPG sub-series to a close. The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV will launch worldwide for PlayStation 4 on October 27, 2020, with Nintendo Switch and PC ports planned for 2021. The Cold Steel arc, which is part of the Trails series and The Legend of Heroes franchise, kicked off in 2015 (in the US) with the release of Trails of Cold Steel on PS3 and PS Vita, so Trails of Cold Steel IV will give fans a finale that's been five years in the making. If you can't wait to get your hands on the game, pre-orders for Trails of Cold Steel IV are live now, and there are a couple of editions with various pricing to consider.

First No More Heroes 3 Gameplay (Kind Of, Sort Of) Revealed During New Game Plus Expo

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During the New Game+ Expo livestream, game director Goichi "Suda51" Suda showed off some brand-new gameplay footage of the Nintendo Switch exclusive No More Heroes 3. Unfortunately, getting a good look at the never-before-seen gameplay was a challenge, as Suda obscured the entire sequence.

While discussing the power of video games as an entertainment medium before getting to the NGPX announcements, the screen behind Suda began playing some No More Heroes 3 gameplay. It's difficult to parse what was on screen, with Suda sitting directly in front of the player's field of vision. We do see protagonist Travis Touchdown battling a boss, some sort of luminescent robot capable of controlling dimensions. Never once during the approximate two minutes of footage does Suda mention the No More Heroes 3 gameplay going on behind him.

You can check it out below, where Suda also admits that Super Mario Odyssey is still on his backlog.

Call Of The Sea Is Subtle In How It Uses Next-Gen Power

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Revealed during the May Xbox 20/20 showcase of upcoming Xbox Series X games, Call of the Sea is the debut title from Out of the Blue Games. When developing Call of the Sea, Out of the Blue Games co-founder Tatiana Delgado said that the team wanted to specifically "target the next gen" and designed the game to take advantage of the tech afforded by consoles like the Xbox Series X.

"We wanted to target the next gen," Delgado told USgamer. "As soon as we saw what was possible, we wanted to do it because although we have a stylized, visual style, so it's not realistic but we wanted to get as much as possible from the graphics side. And I think we can benefit a lot from the next-gen and, we're kind of different for what you would expect from a next-gen game."

Delgado added that Call of the Sea takes advantage of next-gen tech in subtle ways that players may not immediately notice--the sheer amount of assets the game manages to fit on-screen at a time, for instance, or the many layers to the lighting. These aren't features that many players are typically looking at when watching trailers for next-gen games, but they do represent an aspect of the technological jump between console generations.