Nintendo Switch Eshop Releases Feb 28-March 6: Pokemon, Metro, And More

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As February ends and March begins, a whole bunch of new games are hitting the Nintendo Switch Eshop.

A total of 15 games will be released on February 28 alone, including Metro 2033 Redux and Metro: Last Light Redux, marking the end of February 2020 with a bang for the Nintendo Switch releases. March on the other hand is starting off with just a handful of games, 13 more games will follow over the week, making for a whopping total of 28.

In addition to the Metro games, Friday’s releases include the wild west action title Bloodroots; multiplayer arcades LocO-SportS and STAB STAB STAB!; 3D bullet hell Profane; and classic run and gun platformer Bucket Knight.

Crossy Road Castle Is Out Now On Apple Arcade

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Australian developer Hipster Whale created the mobile juggernaut endless-Frogger game Crossy Road, and it was a smash hit with 250 million downloads since its release in 2014.

A sequel of sorts, Crossy Road Castle, is launching this week through the Apple Arcade subscription service. Like the original, Castle is an endless running game, but this time you're making your way through and up towers full of "chaotic arcade fun." The levels are procedurally generated, which means they'll be different each time you play.

The game supports solo and multiplayer, and it also features both touch and console controller inputs. Check out the trailer below to see Crossy Road Castle in action.

Netflix's Altered Carbon Season 2: All The Season 1 Story And Characters To Remember

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Netflix's Altered Carbon Season 2: All The Season 1 Story And Characters To Remember

It's been quite a while since season one of Altered Carbon first streamed on Netflix, so you'd be forgiven for forgetting some or all of what happened--after all, the story included a twisting murder mystery, a whole bunch of sci-fi terms, and a ton of characters switching bodies. At the center of it all is Takeshi Kovacs, a character with a long history, a bunch of cool abilities, and some keen detective skills.

There's also a whole bunch of dense sci-fi material you need to be intimately familiar with to really appreciate Altered Carbon's future world, from artificially intelligent hotels to technology that makes some people effectively immortal. Altered Carbon is full of confusing terminology, which can make it tough to follow the story if you're not up on your concepts.

Lucky for you, we've run down everything you need to remember about Altered Carbon Season 1, from the concept of stacks and sleeves to the vast murder mystery and the lengthy political history of the world--all of which is important to enjoying the newest chapter. Here's everything you need to know about Altered Carbon to get ready for Season 2.

Pokemon Day: All The News You Need To Know

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Every year on February 27th, the Pokemon Company and fans celebrate the release of the original Red and Green Pokemon versions in Japan. Along with the celebration comes news on the various Pokemon franchises for the year ahead.

This year, we got a look at the next Mythical Pokemon, Zarude, who will feature in the next Pokemon movie, Pokemon the Movie: Coco, as well as as appearing in the upcoming DLC for Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield.

Sludge Life Brings Graffiti, Cat Butts, And A Fart Button To Switch And Epic Store

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Devolver Digital has announced Sludge Life for Nintendo Switch and the Epic Games Store. It's an open-world title set on a sludge-coated island that's rife with corporate branding, and it looks as grimy and goofy as you might expect. You play as Ghost, a graffiti tagger, and depending on how you play you can either rise to be a hero to the people of the island or bring the whole thing crashing down.

The trailer, below, shows off the game's unique aesthetic--note, for instance, how the cats have two butts. The game will also carry a dedicated fart button, which is good: in the wake of Untitled Goose Game, dedicated noise buttons are all the rage.

Sludge Life will have a very open structure, as you can wander through the island and complete tasks or explore at your own rate--there's an ending (in fact, there are three potential endings), but it's going for a non-linear structure. You can also get sidetracked by the game-within-a-game, Crypt Creeper, shown in the trailer.

Fortnite’s Deadpool Skin Challenges Arrive On Fridays

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Deadpool is the latest big-name character to hit the Fortnite scene. Joining the ranks of Thanos and John Wick, the Deadpool challenges continue in week 2, season 2.

Each Friday, two Deadpool Fortnite challenges will be unlocked. Originally these challenges were going to drop on Thursdays, but according to a tweet from @FortniteStatus, they have been moved to Fridays.

Deadpool thinks Thursdays are enough of a challenge. Throughout the Season, check for his updates every Friday.

The Dark Pictures--Man Of Medan Follow-Up Little Hope Releases In Summer 2020

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The follow-up to The Dark Pictures - Man of Medan was first glanced after that game's credits, where we got out first teaser trailer for Little Hope. Now, we have a better idea of when this next episode will arrive, and it won't be as long a wait as it was for Man of Medan.

Little Hope will release in Summer 2020, effectively meaning that we can expect it sometime between June and August. Bandai Namco also debuted a new trailer, but don't expect new footage--it's mostly made up of streamer reactions to Man of Medan (and a celebration of actor Will Poulter's casting in Little Hope), with the release window announcement buried in the comments below the video.

Little Hope is set in the titular town, which is isolated and abandoned. Four college students, along with their professor, are trapped by an impenetrable fog, and have to escape the "nightmarish visions" that are pursuing them. It'll be up to the player, alone or with a partner in co-op, to search the town and discover what is happening, how it's connected to them, and--hopefully--how to escape.

It "Made Sense" For Baldur's Gate 3's Combat To Be Turn-Based, Says Dev

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Although combat in previous Baldur's Gate titles has traditionally focused around the use of real-time mechanics, Baldur's Gate III uses a turn-based system. For developer Larian Studios, it's always been a no-brainer to make Baldur's Gate III a turn-based game.

"It was never really a question," Baldur's Gate III design producer David Walgrave said, according to USG. "We've been doing turn-based for a while now. We're pretty good at it. Dungeons & Dragons is turn-based in itself, so it makes a lot of sense.

"Even after we implemented the Dungeons & Dragons ruleset, the result was so different from what we concocted with Divinity: Original Sin that we saw that the combat designers would have to do it completely different, so that was a challenge," Walgrave continued. "And we're doing things that we haven't done before, so, for us, it was the best choice."