Halo: The Master Chief Collection May Begin Its Release On PC This Month

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Barring any last-minute changes, Halo: The Master Chief Collection may finally begin its release for PC in April. Community director Brian Jarrard said on Twitter that the current plan, which could change, is for the first beta tests--or "flights" in the Halo parlance--should begin for Halo: The Master Chief Collection and Halo: Reach sometime in April.

Jarrard made this announcement on April Fool's Day, but it is no joke, he confirmed in a tweet.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection is coming to PC in stages, beginning with Halo: Reach (which is also releasing for Xbox One) and continuing chronologically from there--Halo: CE, Halo 2, Halo 3, and then Halo 4. The titles will be released first as "flights," with the aim of testing each title with a limited group of people first before rolling out publicly for everyone. You can sign up for the free Halo Insider program here for a chance to try out the games early.

New Game Of Thrones Season 8 Promo Videos Tease The Epic Conclusion

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It's now April, which means the beginning of the end for Game of Thrones is near. As part of its onslaught of promotional activity for the final season, HBO has released a pair of promotional videos for Game of Thrones Season 8.

The first is titled "Together," and it features brief motivational speeches from both Tyrion and Jon, as we see preparations for a battle at Winterfell. The second is called "Survival," and it also features dragons flying over Winterfell and really hammers home that this is the end.

The promos contain some footage we've seen before, but also some new shots that tease the epic conclusion to the fantasy drama. Watch them both below.

Rage 2 Adds NBA Jam Announcer As Pre-Order Bonus

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Bethesda has announced that Rage 2 comes with a special cheat code when you pre-order the game. You can watch the effects of the code, called He's On Fire, in the trailer above.

First things first, this doesn't seem to be an April Fool's Day joke. For the He's On Fire trailer's YouTube video, Bethesda comments, "And yes… it's real." According to Polygon, a Bethesda representative assured "this is 100% real, it is not a prank." If you're looking for April Fool's Day jokes, though, we've collected a bunch of this year's pranks.

Inputting the code for He's On Fire allows you to play through the entirety of Rage 2 with Tim Kitzrow--who's probably best known in the gaming community for voicing the announcer in the NBA Jam franchise--providing play-by-play commentary on your actions. The trailer for He's On Fire suggests the commentary is pretty responsive for whatever you're doing in the game. You'll be able to expect classic lines from NBA Jam, such as "from downtown" and "boomshakalaka," but there are new Rage 2-themed ones as well, like "you just sliced her head right off" and "tang, tang boomerang."

All The E3 2019 Press Conference Dates And Times So Far

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One of the year's biggest gaming shows, E3 2019, returns to Los Angeles in June. While Sony and Electronic Arts are breaking from tradition and eschewing their own press conferences, the show is still expected to be packed with news and reveals. The show is still a few months off, but companies are already announcing, or beginning to announce, the first details on their events.

In this post we're rounding up all the important times and dates for E3 2019 leading up to the show in June.

While E3 2019 officially runs June 11-13, events related to it begin earlier. EA's EA Play event begins Friday, June 7. The first major press conference, from Bethesda, will be held on Sunday, June 9, with briefings from Microsoft and Nintendo expected to follow thereafter. You can see the full schedule so far below; we'll keep updating this post as more information comes to light.