Free PlanetSide Arena: Legendary Edition Codes Giveaway

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We're giving away 100 free PC Steam codes for PlanetSide Arena: Legendary Edition to one hundred (100) lucky fans! (Scroll down to enter below).

PlanetSide: Arena is a new massive-scale multiplayer sci-fi shooter that brings the franchise’s signature epic-scale, all-out FPS action to new massive arena game modes capable of supporting up to 1,000 players per match. PlanetSide Arena initially launches with three major game modes: Massive Clash, an epic 500-player Group vs. Group experience, along with Solo and Team Battle Royale modes. Anyone who pre-orders (or wins a key) will get access to the Closed Beta which is expected to start later this month.

This is not an instant win. No purchase necessary. Competition ends at 12:00 PM PT on January 22, 2019, in which 100 winners will be chosen at random and emailed a code for the full game (MSRP: $40).

Aladdin "Mockbuster" Movie Coming From Sharknado Studio

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Disney's new live-action Aladdin movie isn't the only film based on the classic folk story currently in the works. The Asylum, an independent movie studio that specialises in low-budget, straight-to-DVD, B-tier movies like Sharknado, Transmorphers, Snakes on a Train, and Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies, is making an Aladdin parody movie.

The new Aladdin "mockbuster" was revealed by way of a casting call sheet discovered by SlashFilm that calls for actors to play Aladdin, Genie, and others. Jafar and Jasmine's name are nowhere to be seen, and that might be because his character is owned by Disney. You can probably expect these characters to show up under different names.

The rest of the Aladdin story and characters appear to be available for use in the parody movie because they exist in the public domain.

Star Trek: Discovery Season 1 Recap - What You Need To Know For Season 2

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Star Trek: Discovery Season 1 Recap - What You Need To Know For Season 2

Star Trek: Discovery returns for a second season on CBS All Access on January 17. Before we jump into the new season, let’s recap the most important plot points of Season 1. Here is everything you need to know for Season 2.

Star Trek: Discovery made its series premiere back in September 2017, with a weekly release of 15 episodes in its first season. Season 1 takes place about a decade before Star Trek: The Original Series, and focuses on the crew of the USS Discovery during a war between the Federation and the Klingons.

Season 1 follows Michael Burnham, who we first meet as First Officer of the USS Shenzhou. During an investigation of a damaged satellite, she finds an ancient vessel and is attacked by a Klingon, who she kills by accident. The Klingon soldier’s death motivates his group’s leader, T’Kuvma, to unite the Klingon houses against the Federation. Against her captain’s wishes, Burnham fires on the Klingons first in hopes of preventing a war. She fails--T’Kuvma kills Captain Georgiou, and Burnham then kills T’Kuvma. Burnham is arrested for mutiny and stripped of rank.

The Eternal Castle Remastered Review: Vivid Flashbacks

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The Eternal Castle Remastered Review: Vivid Flashbacks

Memories are notoriously unreliable. We frequently forget things that have happened or embellish our experiences with new details that never actually occurred. The conceit of The Eternal Castle is that it's a remaster of a long-lost classic from the late 1980s. The developers claim, with a nod and a wink, that they wished to preserve the "feel" of the original and keep its memory alive. When I first heard about it there was a moment when I thought, "This looks vaguely familiar. I think maybe I played it on my old 286?"

Glass Review Roundup: Here's What Critics Think Of M. Night Shyamalan's Latest

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M. Night Shyamalan's latest movie, Glass, hits theatres soon, and ahead of its release, reviews have started to appear online. The film is getting a mixed reaction from critics.

GameSpot's Michael Rougeau said in his review that Glass has elements that fans will enjoy, but overall, the movie focuses too much on "all the wrong things."

"Like most of Shyamalan's movies, Glass is well directed and scored, and there are moments of brilliance and tension throughout," Rougeau wrote. "But when the twist is literally that the climax won't actually be as exciting as you've been led to believe, it's impossible not to feel disappointed."

Disgraced Former Disney/Pixar Boss John Lasseter Gets A New Job After Being Ousted

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After he was ousted from Disney/Pixar in the wake of sexual harassment allegations, former animation chief John Lasseter has found a new job. The disgraced filmmaker has been named head of Skydance Animation, which is an offshoot of Skydance Media, the production company responsible for movies like Mission Impossible: Fallout and the upcoming Terminator and Top Gun sequels.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Lasseter will report directly to Skydance Media CEO David Ellison, who defended the choice in a memo to his employees. "John has acknowledged and apologized for his mistakes and, during the past year away from the workplace, has endeavored to address and reform them," it reads.

Those mistakes, which Lasseter referred to as "missteps" when he first took a leave of absence from Disney and Pixar in November 2017, included allegations of "grabbing, kissing, [and] making comments about physical attributes" toward employees, amounting to what was called a "toxic" and "sexist" culture for female employees.

This Year's Oscars Won't Have A Host, Report Says

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As rumoured, it appears this year's 91st Academy Awards will not have a host. Variety reports that the annual awards show will forgo a host this year after comedian and actor Kevin Hart dropped out in the wake of controversial statements he had previously made on Twitter.

According to Variety, the Oscars producers will enlist "A-listers" to introduce the show's segments throughout the evening. The site reports that "one marquee name" will begin the broadcast with a monologue that roasts President Trump.

Having no single host is not totally uncharted territory for the Academy Awards. 30 years ago in 1989, the show had no host, instead opting to open with an 11-minute monologue in which actor Rob Lowe sings "Proud Mary" with Snow White. It is truly a sight to behold.

Sonic Mania Dev Reveals Rejected Darkwing Duck Game

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During the NES era, Capcom was renowned for its video game adaptations of some of Disney's most beloved cartoons, such as DuckTales, TaleSpin, and Darkwing Duck. These would be collected and released for modern consoles as the Disney Afternoon Collection, but beyond that and 2013's DuckTales Remastered, the company hasn't released any follow-ups to its classic Disney games in decades--although we've now gotten a glimpse at a game that could have been.

As Darkwing Duck writer Aaron Sparrow revealed on Twitter (via Game Informer), Sonic Mania developer Headcannon pitched a new Darkwing Duck game to Capcom in 2018. According to Sparrow, the prospective title was envisioned as a spiritual successor to the classic NES game and would have featured Steelbeak, Taurus Bulba, and the Fearsome Five as villains, with voice work by "as many [members] of the original cast as possible."

While Capcom would ultimately pass on the pitch, Headcannon has shared a video of the short demo it put together for the game on YouTube. As you can see, it would have featured SNES-like visuals and similar gameplay to the original title, with a few new skills in Darkwing's repertoire, such as the ability to fire a grappling hook and swing across chasms using his Gas Gun. You can watch the demo below.

Pokemon Go: Last Chance To Catch Heatran

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Pokemon Go's latest Legendary, Heatran, made its debut in Raid Battles last month immediately following Cresselia's departure, but it won't be around for much longer. The Lava Dome Pokemon is scheduled to leave the mobile game on January 15, making this your last opportunity to catch one if you haven't yet.

As is the case with most other Legendaries in Go, to catch Heatran, you'll first need to travel to a Gym that's hosting a Heatran Raid, then team up with other players in-person to battle it. If you manage to successfully defeat the Legendary, you'll earn a handful of Premier Balls along with an opportunity to catch it.

Heatran is unique among all Legendaries thanks to its typing. The Lava Dome Pokemon is a Fire- and Steel-type, giving it a resistance to Dragon and Psychic attacks. However, this combination also makes it susceptible to Fighting- and especially Ground-type moves, so you'll want to bring along Pokemon such as Rhyperior and Groudon to battle it. Water Pokemon such as Swampert and Kyogre will also be very effective.