Where Is Xur Today? Destiny 2 Xur Location And Exotic Items Guide (Jan. 11-15)

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It's been a major week for Destiny, both inside and outside of the game. Destiny 2's Niobe Labs puzzle proved too difficult, so the Bergusia Forge was unlocked manually by Bungie rather than fans. And then Bungie and Activision split up, with the former gaining full control of the franchise. Now it's Friday, and that means Xur is ready for a visit. Here's where to find him and what he's selling from now until the weekly reset on January 15.

This Xur appearance is no different than any other one. This week, Xur is located in The Tower. Spawn there and head left (east on the map) until you reach the hangar. Take another left and head past the Dead Orbit area, and then head up a set of stairs on the left to find him hanging out near a landing pad.

In terms of his item lineup, Xur has the typical slate: three Exotic armor pieces (one per class) and one Exotic weapon. The weapon is the enjoyable fusion rifle Merciless, which reduces the weapon's charge time as you fire it without securing a kill.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Epilogue Video Will Come In Post-Launch Patch

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Kingdom Hearts 3 is coming this month at long last, finally wrapping up the trilogy. The series has become known for its complex story and hidden endings that tease future events, and this installment is being especially guarded about its conclusion. So guarded, in fact, that Square Enix has detailed plans to release the epilogue as a post-launch patch.

In a series of tweets, Square Enix noted that a few different free game updates will come on and around launch day. The first, scheduled for release alongside the game on January 29, will be the typical bug fixes along with a "Memory Archive" story recap. A second patch, on Wednesday, January 30, will add an epilogue video. Finally, on Thursday, January 31, a third patch will add a secret video.

The epilogue will be viewable to anyone who has finished Kingdom Hearts 3, while the secret video requires finishing the game along with various criteria that will scale by difficulty level. No word on what these videos will be about, other than that they will "enhance player's enjoyment of the world of Kingdom Hearts."

Massive Winter Sale On PC Games Is Live On Humble

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Massive Winter Sale On PC Games Is Live On Humble

It's winter in the northern hemisphere, and that means two things: colder temperatures and video game sales. If you do your gaming on PC, you'll want to check out the discounts available on the Humble Store now, because its winter sale is live through January 24, offering discounts of up to 90% on a slew of PC games (most of which come in the form of Steam codes). Let's look at some of the games available on the cheap.

First, a freebie--but you'll have to hurry to get it. Between now and January 12, while supplies last, you can grab a free copy of the first-person platformer A Story About My Uncle just for signing up for Humble's newsletter. No worries if you're already signed up; you can still get a copy of the game.

Strategy game fans can pick up Sid Meier's Civilization VI Digital Deluxe Edition, which comes with the base game, the soundtrack, and six DLC packs that add new civilizations and scenarios; it's on sale for $24 / £21. Speaking of fancy editions, Dark Souls III Deluxe Edition is on sale for $25.50 / £18, and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt GotY Edition is down to $20 / £14. All three of these titles offer dozens of hours of playtime.

Crunchyroll Reveals Nominees For 3rd Annual Anime Awards

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Crunchyroll has announced the nominees for this year's Anime Awards. This year, there are five new categories: best character design, best director, best fight scene, and best performance by a voice actor--both for Japanese and English.

Megalobox is the dominant series this year, nominated for eight of the 15 categories, including Anime of the Year. For Anime of the Year, Megalobox is joined by A Place Further Than the Universe, Devilman Crybaby, Violet Evergarden, Hinamatsuri, and Zombie Land Saga. My Hero Academia, which dominated the last Anime Awards, is only nominated for Best Animation and Best Boy this year. However, both series protagonist Midoriya and his childhood friend Bakugo are nominated for the Best Boy category.

Fan voting begins January 11 at 12:01AM PT, and you'll have until January 18 at 11:59PM PT to submit your choices for which shows you think deserve to win. Head over to Crunchyroll's Anime Awards portal to submit your votes.

New Super Mario Bros U. Deluxe Has A Secret Character; Here's How To Unlock Them

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New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe is out now on Nintendo Switch, with a few new features and improvements over its Wii U cousin. One of those, Toadette, is certainly welcome, but her inclusion seemed to mean one of the Wii U version's playable characters, Blue Toad, was no longer in the game.

However, it appears Nintendo was fooling us all along. You can still play as Blue Toad: simply hover over (Yellow) Toad on the character select screen and hold either ZL or L. Voila! Yellow Toad will switch out for Blue Toad, who is then playable in any level in the game--including those in the New Super Luigi U expansion.

We enjoyed the Switch remaster here at GameSpot, and we awarded it a 7/10 in our New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe review. "Despite its aging formula, New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe is still a great entry in the series, with its typically tight platforming and both accessibility and depth to spare," we said. "While it can feel a bit stale for those who have been round the Mushroom Kingdom one too many times before, Deluxe is well worth playing, especially if you didn't get a chance to play NSMBU on Wii U."

Dead Or Alive 6 Beta Given Surprise Release

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Dead or Alive 6 recently saw its release date delayed by a couple of weeks, but fans will still get to play the fighting game very soon. Without any form of prior announcement, publisher Koei Tecmo has launched an online beta of the game on PS4.

The demo version is available to download now on the PlayStation Store, though you'll need to wait until 7 AM PT / 10 AM ET / 3 PM GMT on January 11 (2 AM AET on January 12) to play. The trial will last for precisely 72 hours.

Fighters Online Beta test for #DOA6 is available for pre download now! It will be playable Jan. 11th 2019 at 8:00AM PDT - Jan. 14th 7:59AM PDT. Kasumi, Ayane, Hayabusa, Hayate, and one of the most anticipated newcomers, Diego will be the available characters! #DEADORALIVE6 #DOA6 pic.twitter.com/YXhsKjEyua

Should You Play Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition?

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Should You Play Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition?

If you're eager for a great JRPG to dive into, you should pick up Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition. Often cited by fans as one of the best games in the Tales franchise, this remaster of 2008's Tales of Vesperia is essentially an enhanced version of the Japan-exclusive PS3 port. This means you get additional playable party members, story subplots, dialogue, costumes, dungeons, mini-games, and much more that weren't available in the original Western release. In addition, all paid DLC is included. For hardcore fans who never imported the PS3 version, Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition is essential. And for newcomers, the remaster serves as an ample opportunity to experience the series at its greatest.

Tales of Vesperia tells the story of Yuri Lowell, a former soldier who embarks on a journey to aid a young noblewoman on an important mission. While simplistic at a glance, the story remains captivating thanks to its alluring cast of characters and vibrant anime-styled presentation. Much like last year's Dragon Quest XI, there's a strict adherence to classic fantasy conventions in Tales of Vesperia, but it's delivered with such infectious joy and charisma that you can't help but be drawn towards the plights of its characters.

Over a decade after its release, Tales of Vesperia is still fantastic.