Get This Free PC Game While Supplies Last

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Get This Free PC Game While Supplies Last

Everyone likes free stuff. Right now, just for signing up for the Humble Bundle newsletter, you can get a free copy of the game A Story About My Uncle, which normally sells for $15. (You can still get it even if you're already signed up--just click the button). Make sure to grab your copy soon, because this freebie is only available while supplies last between now and January 12.

A Story About My Uncle is a story-driven first-person platformer. The narrative is delivered as a bedtime story by a father to his daughter. As for the gameplay, you spend most of your time running and jumping over pits between floating islands, using a grappling beam for assistance. There's no combat, so all of the challenge comes from executing your landings and properly aiming your grapple beam.

On GameSpot's sister site Metacritic, A Story About My Uncle currently has a rating of 73 out of 100, which places it in the "mixed or average" category. That's not bad, but even so, you don't have anything to lose if you're looking for a new game to play.

New Dragon Age Game Might Have Multiplayer, Job Listing Suggests

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BioWare Edmonton has announced new job postings for an upcoming Dragon Age game, and one of the roles hints the game will include multiplayer. The job is for a franchise technical director, and it's possibly to work on the Dragon Age title first teased during 2018's The Game Awards.

According to the job posting, first noticed and reported on by Gear Nuke, BioWare is looking for someone to be "the most senior engineering lead on the game team and a key member of the Dragon Age franchise leadership." The franchise technical director will "build and mentor the engineering team, build and execute the game technology plan, and define and direct the development process." They also need to have "experience developing multiplayer games."

Dragon Age Inquisition, the third and most recent game in the fantasy role-playing game franchise, is the only title in the series to have multiplayer. In Inquisition, the multiplayer mode has you and up to three others making your way through one of three dungeons that are each filled with increasingly difficult computer-controlled enemies. As you and your team progress, you unlock more powerful weapons and abilities. This progress does not tie back to the main campaign though. Perhaps BioWare is planning to further develop this mode for the next Dragon Age game. However, the developer could just as easily be creating a brand-new mode as well.

Check Out These Weird Products From CES 2019

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CES is the annual showcase of the latest high-tech wizardry and consumer products that are coming to revolutionize your life. But it's also a showcase of some truly bizarre gadgets ranging from the hyper-specific to the just plain strange.

GameSpot sister site CNET has rounded up these oddities with some truly remarkable finds. Maybe you could use the Orii, a bone conduction ring that broadcasts sounds through your finger and into your ear. Or you could get some exercise with a Verde treadmill, which generates power for your home to trim down your energy bills. Or you can heat your food with the GoSun solar cooker, a sunlight-powered oven.

Some seem a bit impractical or unnecessary. The Monit smart diaper sensor can tell you if your baby's diaper is dirty, which isn't that handy considering if it is, you'd have to take it off and change it anyway. And it's difficult to envision a proper use for the Hyundai Elevate, a concept car with legs that can climb over barriers up to five feet, outside of an Inspector Gadget cartoon. You can see those strange ideas, along with several more, at the CNET gallery, or check out the full scope of CNET CES coverage for much more tech news.

Get A Free PC Game On Steam--But Hurry

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Get A Free PC Game On Steam--But Hurry

The online arena combat PC game Blast Zone Tournament normally sells for $20 on Steam. It has just dropped to free, where it will stay between now and January 16. This free period, which gets you the full game to keep and play forever, comes alongside the announcement that Blast Zone Tournament will come out of Early Access--and also land on Xbox One and PS4--on February 28. Anyone who plays games on a Windows PC would do well to grab it now while it's free.

Blast Zone Tournament bears more than a little resemblance to the Bomberman franchise. You play as a bomb-throwing character who runs around single-screen arenas trying to explode your opponents. Victory Lap Games has packed in a lot of features, including a single-player campaign, cross-platform multiplayer, 10 multiplayer modes, 283 multiplayer levels, and character customization.

The campaign is comprised of 240 challenges that can earn you costumes to dress up your character. The multiplayer modes support up to 32 players simultaneously for battle-royale matches. Once the game launches on consoles, you'll be able to play cross-platform between PS4 and PC and between Xbox One and PC.

Xbox One Adds Three Backwards Compatible Games

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It's been a few weeks since Microsoft last rolled out a new batch of backwards compatible games for Xbox One, but that dry spell has finally been broken. The first set of BC games of 2019 has been revealed, and it consists of three Xbox 360 titles spanning various genres.

This week's additions are Battlestations Pacific, Fuel, and Rayman Raving Rabbids. Battlestations Pacific is a 2009 military action game that mixes aerial dogfights, naval combat, and real-time strategy. Fuel--also originally released in 2009--is an arcadey open-world racer, while Rayman Raving Rabbids is a silly minigame compilation starring the titular characters.

If you still have a physical copy of these titles, you can now simply pop their disc in and play them on your Xbox One. If you've previously purchased them digitally, you'll find them automatically waiting in the Ready to Download section of the console's My Games and Apps tab.

Watch Resident Evil 2 Demo's Ending Trailer Here

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A time-limited demo is now available for the Resident Evil 2 remake, letting you survive against hordes of zombies for a solid half-hour. Your reward for successfully completing the demo is an exclusive new cinematic trailer, but in case you just can't wait or weren't up to the challenge, you can view it above--just beware, it has some possible spoilers if you want to go into the full game fresh.

The trailer is the completion reward for the "1-Shot" demo, which is now available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. It gives you a smattering of gameplay with Leon S. Kennedy, but only a limited time to complete it. You have 30 minutes to try as many times as you'd like, but after that the demo is off-limits. If you managed to unlock the trailer by successfully completing the demo, it's viewable as much as you'd like.

While the demo focuses strictly on Leon, the full game will also feature Claire Redfield, just like the original Resident Evil 2. Capcom has promised that it's reimagined some portions of the experience to surprise players. It's also been updated with a modernized control scheme and a new camera perspective to match.

Resident Evil 2 1-Shot Demo Now Available For Some

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Capcom teased a rather unique demo for the remake of Resident Evil 2 recently, and now it's available for you to try for yourself. You'll have to be careful not to burn too much time taking in the utterly gross sights and sounds, though, because it only lasts 30 minutes and then you can't play anymore. For the time being the demo is only available in Australia, at least on Xbox One, but if you just can't wait to play you can change your territory.

The "1-Shot" demo will be available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. It has a hard time limit of just 30 minutes, and once that time expires, you can't play anymore. The demo takes you through a snippet of gameplay as Leon S. Kennedy, and if you finish quickly enough you can go through it again. If you fail, you can keep trying until your half-hour is up.

Finishing the demo will give you an exclusive new cinematic trailer. You can then watch the trailer as much as you'd like even if time has expired, but the demo will be off-limits. The demo will be available through January 31.