PSA: iPhone Users Should Disable FaceTime Immediately

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Unless you're comfortable with people discreetly listening in on your most private conversations (it's okay, I talk about the movie Face Off with my cat, too), you should disable FaceTime right now on any supported devices. A newly discovered bug impacting iOS devices, including iPhones, allows someone to call another user through FaceTime and force it to begin transmitting the call receiver's audio--all without them potentially even being aware.

As originally reported by 9to5Mac, the process involves you initiating a FaceTime call and then adding yourself to the call again. Due to the bug, this causes the other person's device to effectively answer the call so that you can hear audio from their end. This has been confirmed by numerous other sources, and it's reportedly possible that--if the call receiver presses the Power button--video is transmitted, too.

Apple has acknowledged the bug and says a fix is coming later this week. In the meantime, it's disabled Group FaceTime functionality, which is seemingly to blame for the issues, although 9to5Mac says it's still possible to take advantage of the exploit.

Fortnite NFL Skins Coming Back For Super Bowl Weekend

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In case you missed the NFL Outfits in Fortnite the last time around, Epic is bringing them back in celebration of the Super Bowl, along with a few new football-themed goodies. The special skins were only available for a limited time before, and that will likely be the case again, so grab them while you can.

According to the announcement, the sportswear will be available in the store starting on Friday, February 1 at 4 PM PT / 7 PM ET. It also says you can find two more outfit styles, with special white uniforms for the Patriots and Rams. Plus, starting on Saturday, February 2 at 4 PM PT / 7 PM ET, you can visit the store to get a free Pigskin Toy.

Also to mark the occasion, you can take part in a new NFL Rumble limited-time mode. This puts you on a team of 20 in Patriots or Rams outfits, battling for the win and a trophy. Or Epic says you can just head over to Pleasant Park for a game of catch.

Amazon Prime Video: New Movies And TV Shows Coming In February 2019 (US)

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We may be headed into the shortest month of the year, but that doesn't mean that February will be short on offerings from Amazon Prime Video. Starting February 1, Amazon is unloading plenty of movies and television series for you to check out, and some of these movies date all the way back to the 1920s.

As far as familiar fare goes, all three Matrix movies will release on February 1, along with both Wayne's World movies. So you can take the red pill and watch Keanu Reeves beat people up and enter "bullet time" or take the blue pill and watch Wayne Campbell go see the band Crucial Taunt play. The choice is yours.

On the TV side of things, the third season of the Syfy series The Expanse comes to the service on February 8. It is one of the best new series to come to the network in years, so we highly recommend catching up on that.

Free Xbox One Games With Gold Titles For February 2019 Revealed

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It's a bit later in the month than we're accustomed to learning about Games With Gold, but Microsoft has finally shared the list of games that Xbox Live Gold members can expect to receive for free in February 2019. As always, there are a total of four games split evenly across Xbox One and Xbox 360.

On Xbox One, the month starts out with Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon, a classic Castlevania-style action game released just last year; it serves as a spin-off from the upcoming Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. It's available for the entire month of February. From February 16 to March 15, you'll also be able to grab 2017's Super Bomberman R, an action game where you try to corner opponents with bombs in a maze. It's best played with friends.

Xbox 360's first title of the month is Assassin's Creed Rogue, an oft-overlooked entry in the series that was originally only released on last-gen platforms just as Assassin's Creed Unity arrived for current-gen systems. It'll be replaced on February 16 by Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy, a well-received action game for the original Xbox, rather than Xbox 360. It's available until the end of the month.

Pokemon Go Adding New Gen 4 Legendary Today

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Pokemon Go Adding New Gen 4 Legendary Today

Pokemon Go's big Hoenn celebration event is coming to an end, and a new Legendary Pokemon is set to debut soon afterward. Niantic has announced that Palkia, the cover monster from Pokemon Pearl, will begin appearing in Raid Battles today, January 29, at 1 PM PT / 4 PM ET.

As usual, in order to catch Palkia, you'll first need to team up with other players in-person, then visit a Gym that's hosting a Palkia Raid and battle it. If your party manages to defeat the Legendary Pokemon, you'll be rewarded with a handful of Premiere Balls and an opportunity to capture it.

Although it may not look it, Palkia is a dual Water- and Dragon-type, which means it only takes neutral damage from Ice attacks, one of a Dragon Pokemon's biggest weaknesses. Your best bet is to battle it using other Dragon-types, such as Dragonite and Rayquaza--although The Pokemon Company warns that Palkia will always know a Dragon-type Fast Attack of its own. You can read more details on the official Pokemon website.

Metacritic Ranks Top Game Publishers Of 2018

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Metacritic has released its 2019 Game Publisher Rankings, providing a look at the best the industry had to offer last year from a different angle than individual games. Capcom took the top prize, with an average Metascore of 79.3 across all of its games released last year.

The publisher rankings are actually divided into two categories. The first consists of big publishers that released 12 or more distinct titles throughout the year. The second group, labeled "mid-size" publishers, released between 5-11 games. Publishers who released four or fewer weren't listed at all. The formula takes into account average Metascore, the percent of scored products with "good" (75 and above) and "bad" (49 and below) reviews, and the number of games with "great" (90 and above) reviews, with point values attached to each.

After crunching the numbers, Capcom came out on top. It had 83% good games and only 17% so-so ones, and no bad ones. Its best-scoring game was Monster Hunter World at an average metascore of 90, which helped boost it from the fifth place last year. Its worst-reviewed game was Mega Man X Legacy Collection 2, which we noted in our own review was the weaker half of the full package.

Nintendo Switch System Update 7.0.0 Out Now, But It Does Surprisingly Little

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Nintendo Switch's new system software update, version 7.0.0, is out now. However, the patch changes surprisingly little, despite the important-sounding version number.

The update adds Chinese and Korean language support to the home screen and introduces new user icons themed around New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe. Aside from these features, version 7.0.0 merely includes "general system stability improvements to enhance the user's experience."

New Super Mario Bros. U is the most recent big exclusive to launch for the Switch, so perhaps it's unsurprising for Nintendo to include content around that game in its system updates. We awarded the platformer a 7/10 in our New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe review.

Hulu: What's Coming And Going In February 2019: Movies And TV Shows (US)

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It's almost February, and that means there are a whole bunch of new movies and television series coming to Hulu. Finally, you and your significant other can snuggle up on the couch together and enjoy some new programming on this upcoming Valentine's Day.

But what romantic movies are available to set the mood? Well, you could start the evening off yelling "Get over here," as you cuddle up to the sweet sounds of martial arts warfare with 1995's Mortal Kombat. And if that's not enough, you can always witness the premature death of Johnny Cage in 1997's Mortal Kombat Annihilation. Either way, you and your significant other will greatly enjoy these movies.

February actually has plenty of fantastic new movies coming to Hulu. Get your White Russian fix with the cult classic The Big Lebowski from 1998 or watch a young Ben Affleck try to paddle people's butts in 1993's Dazed and Confused. Also, both Wayne's World movies are coming to Hulu as well, but I will warn you: the Aurora, Illinois the film takes place in is nothing like the real Aurora, IL.

Star Wars TV Show The Mandalorian: New Image Reveals Classic Character

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Production continues on The Mandalorian, the upcoming live-action Star Wars TV show, and another image has been released from the set. Like previous behind-the-scenes pictures, it comes via showrunner Jon Favreau, and reveals a character that will be familiar to fans of the franchise.

The image was posted by Favreau on Instagram and shows R5-D4, the astromech that Luke Skywalker and his uncle Owen initially buy from the Jawas in the original 1977 movie. As fans will recall, the R5 suffered a malfunction, so Owen took R2-D2 instead. Check it out below.

A post shared by Jon Favreau (@jonfavreau) on Jan 28, 2019 at 6:13pm PST

Toy Story 4 Teases The Return Of A Missing Character

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Toy Story 4 is due this summer, and so far all we've seen of the new film are short teaser-trailers. The first one featured a new character named Forky, and the latest reveals the return of Bo Peep, Woody's love interest who was missing-in-action in the last film.

The teaser shows Bo popping through a background followed by the declaration "Bo's Back!" It doesn't shed much light on what she's been up to, but she has a totally different look, having lost the frilly dress and now clad in a jumpsuit.

"Bo's taken control of her own destiny," director Josh Cooley said in the announcement. "While Woody was watching Andy grow up, Bo gathered dust until she took it upon herself to head out into the world. And when Woody shows up, they can't believe that they've found each other again."