Samuel L Jackson Returns As Shaft In Action-Packed Reboot Trailer

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The legendary private eye John Shaft is back. The latest reboot of the classic '70s Blaxploitation classic features three generations of Shaft--original star Richard Roundtree and the 2000 remake's Samuel L Jackson are joined by newcomer Jessie Usher. The first trailer has now been released.

The trailer see Jackson's John Shaft meeting his son again after what seems to be a long time. Inevitably the pair soon find themselves involved in a dangerous, action-packed adventure, much to the disapproval of the youngest Shaft's mom, played by Regina Hall (Girls' Trip). Roundtree also appears, and he's just as badass as either of the younger Shafts; we'll ignore the fact that Roundtree is actually only six years older than Jackson, and plays his dad.. Check the trailer out above.

Shaft is directed by Tim Story, who previously helmed Ride Along and its sequel, Barbershop, and the 2005's Fantastic Four movie. It also stars Alexandra Shipp (X-Men: Apocalypse) and Method Man (Luke Cage, Peppermind). It hits theaters on June 14.

Nick Jonas Confirms He's Back In Jumanji Sequel

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The Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle movie continues to add to its cast. Singer Nick Jonas has confirmed that he's coming back to play Alex a second time in the sequel.

"Guess who's back... Let's go people!" Jonas wrote on Twitter, referencing his character's signature line from the first movie. "The Jumanji sequel is on the way and I couldn't be more excited to bring Alex back to the big screen," he said.

Guess who’s back... Let’s go people! The #Jumanji sequel is on the way and I couldn’t be more excited to bring Alex back to the big screen

Giveaway: The Division 2 Private Beta Access (Australia Only)

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GameSpot and Ubisoft want Australian readers to join us during the private beta for Tom Clancy's Division 2 this weekend! It begins this Friday on February 8 at 8pm AEST.

Two main missions are playable, along with five side missions and additional activities in the open world. One of three new Dark Zones will show off The Division 2's brand of PvPvE action, while you can sample the more organized PvP gameplay in a Conflict game mode named Skirmish.

Additionally, one slice of endgame content is included in the beta: an Invaded mission will unlock on February 9 at 8pm AEST. The test period will cap players' progress at level 30.

World War Z 2 Might Be On Hold Indefinitely, According To Report

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Paramount has announced that it's halting preproduction on the sequel to the World War Z movie. The sequel was originally scheduled to go into production this year.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the film was put on hold over budgetary issues, and it's currently unknown whether the movie will resume development at some point or simply be canned completely. This isn't the first problem the second World War Z movie has faced. Originally directed by J.A. Bayona and scheduled for 2017, the movie lost its director in 2016 and it took a year to secure another one in David Fincher--who Brad Pitt really wanted. Shooting was continuously pushed and rescheduled throughout the following year, before finally settling on a planned production date in spring/early-summer 2019.

2013's World War Z is a movie adaption, starring Brad Pitt, of Max Brooks' 2006 novel of the same name. The novel is a collection of accounts from various people of different social, religious, and political backgrounds that survived a zombie apocalypse that occurred 17 years prior to the narrative's present day events. As opposed to a recollection of past events from multiple perspectives, the World War Z movie takes place during the zombie apocalypse from one perspective, and tells a more action-focused story about one man's efforts to find a means for humanity to survive the plague.

Violent Video Game Tax Proposed In Pennsylvania

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Lawmakers from Pennsylvania have put forth a bill that proposes a 10% excise tax on violent video games. House Bill 109 seeks to impose the so-called "sin tax" on games sold at retail that are rated by the ESRB as M for Mature or Adults-Only. The money would go into a fund called the "Digital Protection for School Safety Account" that aims to enhance security measures at schools in the wake of the school shootings in Parkland, Florida and Newtown, Connecticut.

State representative Chris Quinn, a republican, initially put forth the bill in 2018, but it never made it out of committee during the 2018 legislative session. The new version is similarly worded.

The 10 percent tax would be in addition to applicable state and local taxes. The sales tax rate in Pennsylvania is 6%, which means a standard $60 game costs around $64. With the extra 10 percent tax on violent games, the cost of an M-rated game like Red Dead Redemption 2 would make the game end up costing about $70.

The Rock Says He Was First Choice To Host Oscars This Year

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On the same day that The Academy officially confirmed there will be no single host for the Oscars this year, actor Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has come forward to say he was initially the Academy's first choice to host the awards show. Writing on Twitter, The Rock said he wanted to make this year's Oscars broadcast the "most fun and entertaining Oscars ever."

However, The Rock's busy filming schedule prevented him from being able to be the host. Specifically, he's away filming the Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle sequel. "Academy and I were super bummed but maybe one day down the road," The Rock said.

Ah mahalo dude, I was their first choice to host this year, and my goal was to make it the most fun and entertaining Oscars ever. We all tried hard, but couldn’t make it work since I’m shooting Jumanji. Academy and I were super bummed but maybe one day down the road