Pokemon Go Special Weekend Event Now Live

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Between the ongoing Lunar New Year and Shiny Meltan events, this week has certainly been a busy one for Pokemon Go players, and now yet another event is underway in the mobile game. This weekend only, Niantic is holding a special friendship event, which offers players extra bonuses for sending gifts and trading Pokemon.

All weekend long, players' friendship levels will increase twice as quickly as normal. Moreover, the amount of Stardust you need in order to trade Pokemon with friends has been reduced by half, and the amount of Candy you'll receive for each trade is doubled.

The friendship event runs from now until 1 PM PT / 4 PM ET on Monday, February 11. You can read more about it on the official Pokemon Go website. This is an especially good time to trade Pokemon in the game; not only has the Stardust requirement been reduced, but as part of the aforementioned Lunar New Year event, you have a much higher likelihood of receiving a Lucky Pokemon in trades.

Apex Legends Review - Battle Royale The Way It Should Be

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Apex Legends Review - Battle Royale The Way It Should Be

If Apex Legends has one thing going for it, it's the feeling that the game is complete--something not all battle royale games can boast. The explosion of popularity in the genre means there are a lot of games that do last-player-standing competition pretty well, but with some kinks. Some existing shooters are adding battle royale modes to their offerings, fitting their existing gameplay into a new framework; other battle royale games are constantly struggling to work out bugs, kinks, and balancing issues; and still others started life as something else and managed to retrofit their ideas the battle royale mold, with some fitting better than others.

Meanwhile, Apex Legends focuses on doing one thing extremely well. That thing is team competition in the BR genre; at launch, it only includes a team-based mode where 20 groups of three players square off against each other. Everything in Apex Legends works to further teamwork: that includes a number of improvements to issues that plague the whole genre, like cleaning up inventory management and increasing accessibility, and the addition of new ideas, like squad composition elements and special character abilities.

Everything Apex Legends Doesn't Tell You: Tips For Becoming A Champion

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Everything Apex Legends Doesn't Tell You: Tips For Becoming A Champion

Respawn Entertainment's newly released Apex Legends stands apart from other battle royale games by introducing a bunch of improvements to the genre. In Apex Legends, weapons get color-coded ammunition to make identifying what you need easier, attachments are automatically added to guns they fit (and new weapons when you swap one for another), and landmarks with good loot are clearly marked. But despite all the quality-of-life improvements on hand, there's still a lot Apex Legends doesn't tell you.

We've compiled several tips below to help you better understand the basics of Apex Legends. In addition, we offer insight on important habits to build in order to increase your chances of survival. For more guides, be sure to check back often as we put up more in the days ahead.

Our Apex Legends review is on the way, so be on the lookout this weekend for our full thoughts about the game. In the meantime, we've got an impressions feature discussing our early thoughts about the game. In addition, we've also covered in detail how the game's monetization works.

How do you feel about Apex Legends? Got any useful tips that you don't see here? Let us know in the comments below!

Final Fantasy 14 Is Free On Amazon/Twitch Prime

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Twitch Prime members have no shortage of freebies to claim this month. On top of February's batch of free games, which will be available through the end of the month, one more title is now up for grabs for Amazon Prime members: Square Enix's popular MMO, Final Fantasy XIV.

From now until May 3, Twitch Prime users can download the Final Fantasy XIV: Starter Edition on PC at no charge. The Starter Edition includes the base game, which allows users to play up through level 50, as well as a free 30-day subscription to the game.

As with other Twitch Prime games, Final Fantasy XIV: Starter Edition will be yours to keep forever, but you'll need to subscribe in order to continue playing once the free 30-day period ends. To claim your free copy, simply click on the crown-shaped Prime Loot icon on Twitch's website. You can find additional details on Square Enix's website.

Captain Marvel Posters Show The Colorful Side Of Carol Danvers

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With a few notable exceptions, posters for superhero movies tend to look of a certain type: a stern-looking hero, surrounded by explosions, maybe a villain head peering over the background. As if to respond to this trend, the latest posters for Captain Marvel put the focus much more closely on the hero herself, with bright pop art-inspired backgrounds and heavy contrast to make the colors stand out.

The posters were shown off by Disney marketing head Asad Ayaz, who similarly got first dibs to debut the live-action Aladdin remake poster. This pair of posters shows Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel, in both her Kree warrior helmet (complete with stylish mohawk) and the more recognizable superhero suit.

This movie is a prequel of sorts, and will take place largely in the 1990s with a young Nick Fury. It aims to explain the origins of Captain Marvel, and where she's been all these years as the Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, and various other heroes have faced multiple world-ending threats without her.

New Anthem Trailer Sees All Four Javelins Play To Their Respective Strengths

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BioWare has released the launch trailer for Anthem, which is scheduled to come out for Xbox One, PS4, and PC on February 22. You can play the game on February 15, though, with EA or Origin Access.

The launch trailer focuses on a team of four Freelancers suiting up for their next mission. Each Freelancer pilots one of the different Javelin exo-suits, and the trailer showcases the unique flight and combat mechanics of the four. You can watch it above.

First up is Ranger, which is strong enough to take a hit, but dashes out of the way of additional enemy fire before detonating the combos of the other Javelins with its precise, multi-targeting Ultimate attack. Up next is Colossus, which is strong enough to tank attacks with its shield as it dives into the front lines. Interceptor, meanwhile, dodges out of the way of enemy fire, darting between attacks with flips and dashes, and supporting the Colossus and Ranger on the front lines. Storm takes up the rear on the offensive, flinging fire, lightning, and ice from a relatively safe distance.

The Walking Dead's Danai Gurira Leaving In Season 10

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There are more massive changes afoot on The Walking Dead. After star Andrew Lincoln departed the series earlier in the season--along with co-star Lauren Cohan, who could still return--another character is saying goodbye.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Danai Gurira, who has played Michonne since Season 3, will depart during the 10th season. She has reportedly signed a deal for a "handful of episodes" that will air throughout Season 10--which was just ordered by AMC. THR also notes that it's likely Gurira will take part in the upcoming made-for-TV The Walking Dead movies that Lincoln will also star in.

The move comes at an interesting time for the actress. In 2018, she made a splash in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, appearing in both Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War. She's set to reprise her role as Okoye once again in Avengers: Endgame and--theoretically--in future MCU films. Given how busy Marvel Studios seems to keep its stars, also fitting in months of filming the zombie series could become difficult.

How The Legendary Canceled Nic Cage Superman Movie Led To Netflix's Velvet Buzzsaw

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Netflix's new original film Velvet Buzzsaw premiered at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival, and the art world thriller may be the last thing you would associate with superheroes. But back in the '90s, its writer/director Dan Gilroy made a name for himself rewriting troubled scripts for Hollywood. One of those scripts was Superman Lives, the proposed fifth live-action Superman movie that would have starred Nicolas Cage and been directed by Tim Burton. It was a dream project for Gilroy, but unfortunately the project was shut down right before filming was due to start, and it has since become one of the most legendary canceled movies ever (check out the documentary The Death of "Superman Lives": What Happened? For more crazy stories about the production).