New Xbox One Game Deals Now Available On Xbox Live

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A new game sale is now underway in the Microsoft Store. This week, publisher Take-Two is offering discounts on a variety of titles across Xbox One and Xbox 360, while Xbox Live Gold subscribers will find exclusive deals on Diablo III: Eternal Collection and other acclaimed games for both platforms.

On the Xbox One side, players can pick up BioShock: The Collection and Borderlands: The Handsome Collection for $15 apiece as part of this week's publisher sale. The critically acclaimed strategy game XCOM 2 is also on sale for $15, while the mob game Mafia III is $10. Sports fans, meanwhile, can get Take-Two's latest annual basketball and wrestling games, NBA 2K19 and WWE 2K19, for $19.80 each.

In this week's Deals with Gold, Xbox Live Gold members can pick up some of 2018's biggest releases at a discount, including Just Cause 4 for $40.19, Monster Hunter World for $25, and Shadow of the Tomb Raider for $30. Additionally, Overwatch Legendary Edition is $30 for Gold members this week, while The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Complete Edition is $15 and Diablo III: Eternal Collection is $19.80.

Apex Legends Has A Monster Easter Egg

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Apex Legends has been available for just over a week, and already the community has discovered an Easter egg that Respawn thought would take much longer. By finding all ten Nessy plushies scattered throughout the map, you can get a very special visit from the Loch Ness Monster herself.

The Apex Legends subreddit noticed that a message reading "A Nessy appears" would sometimes appear on the kill feed. That was a clue regarding the hidden Nessy dolls, and subsequently at least one Twitch streamer has captured footage of exactly what happens if you find all ten. Standing near the edge of the map you can make out the hazy shape of the legendary sea creature as she comes to say hello.

"I had a bet with our producer, Drew [McCoy], on how long it would take," said Chad Grenier, lead design scripter, in a comment on Reddit. "I thought he was crazy when he said a week, turns out he was just about spot on at 8 days! I figured a month at least. You are all unreal. I'd still like to see a good video clip of it when it's not in the circle though. Guess I need to make the next one much harder."

Apex Legends Showing The Love For Valentine's Day

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Apex Legends just surprise-launched last week, but Respawn already has imminent plans for its first live event. Respawn recently teased that it will be celebrating Valentine's Day with some special loot to collect.

A blog post from Respawn's Vince Zampella says it will be "introducing some limited-time Valentine's Day themed loot" later this week. It doesn't mention just what those new cosmetics will be, exactly when the update will drop, or how long it will last.

These new items might be randomly distributed in Apex Packs, the game's version of loot boxes. Those tend to grant random cosmetics and crafting materials. You can also unlock Legendary skins for the various characters.

Happy Death Day 2U Review: Time To Explain Everything

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The first Happy Death Day was a slasher-tinged riff on Groundhog Day, the 1993 classic in which Bill Murray lives the same day over and over until he learns to be less of a dick. Like that movie, Happy Death Day never explained what caused the time loop in which Tree (Jessica Rothe) woke up every morning hungover in a stranger's dorm room and was murdered every night by a killer in a baby mask. Was an omnipotent being trying to teach Tree a lesson? Did someone put a curse on her, like in the infamous second draft of Groundhog Day's script? The movie provided no answers and few concrete hints.

As in the movie to which Happy Death Day owes its existence, the cause of the anomaly was less important than the journey, and the lessons learned along the way. Happy Death Day 2U throws that out the window and explains everything.

Luckily, though, it doesn't feel like they scrambled to come up with some cockamamey explanation upon learning they'd get to do a sequel. Director Christopher B. Landon even told Insider back in 2017 that he already knew what was causing the time loop, long before a sequel was a sure thing. "It's in my back pocket...if I am lucky enough to have the opportunity to make a sequel, the answer to that question is the premise of my sequel," he said.

Alita: Battle Angel's Robert Rodriguez On His Cameo In The Movie And Creating Readable CG Sequences

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The upcoming movie Alita: Battle Angel is full of gigantic CG action sequences mixed with live-action locations. Director Robert Rodriguez is bringing James Cameron's vision to life, and along the way, he accidentally made a cameo in the movie.

During the third act of the film, in the Motorball race, Rodriguez has a brief appearance, which he originally voiced until a voice actor came in. "Back then, the voice of the guy who gets kicked, he gets his head knocked off in the Motorball race, and he goes 'Aw, crap,'" Rodriguez explained to GameSpot. "That's still my voice from my original rough version. The crew left it in because they liked how it sounded. I said, 'Hey what's that actor we got?' They said, 'Nah we didn't like him for it. We liked you for it.'"

PlayStation Classic Now Down To $40 In The US

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The PlayStation Classic has already had some heavy price drops, but now it's gone lower than we've seen so far. The retailer Walmart has marked it down to $40, which is more than half off the original retail price of $100.

The listing on doesn't signal a limited-time offer, and the last time the mini-console dropped in price it remained roughly at that range for quite a while. Target still has it listed for $60 but may be willing to price match with proof of Walmart's price, while Amazon appears fresh out of new stock, but resellers have used ones for below the $40 price.

The PlayStation Classic was Sony's answer to Nintendo's successful mini-consoles, the NES and SNES Classic. A poor reception led by a spate of bad reviews resulted in quick price drops, though, first hitting $60 just after the holidays, then near $50, and now even lower than that.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Online Update Adds New Features This Month

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Red Dead Redemption 2's Online mode may still be in beta, but that hasn't stopped developer Rockstar from updating it with new features. On February 26, more new features will come to Red Dead Online on PS4 and Xbox One, including a new law and bounty system, changes to the mini-map and weapons, and more.

The law and bounty system works similarly to the campaign's equivalent. Essentially, committing serious crimes such as killing other players incur a high bounty and reduce your honor, while minor crimes will reduce your honor only. If your bounty reaches a certain threshold, you will be wanted dead and NPC bounty hunters will attempt to kill you.

Committing dishonorable deeds will also make you stand out to other players. In a set of sweeping changes to the mini-map, players who frequently grief other players--by killing them or their horses outside of a structured mode, free roam mission, event, or competition, for example--will be highlighted to other players by a progressively darkening dot. Blue dots indicate a more honorable player, while redder dots signify a player who has committed more crimes, especially in a short space of time.