Rage 2 Review - Walker Wasteland Ranger

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Rage 2 Review - Walker Wasteland Ranger

At a certain point in Rage 2, you become an unstoppable force, a lone wolf that can take down bandit camps, monsters 10 times your size, and crowds of deformed humanoids with your gratifying, destructive abilities and weapons. Not only does your suite of superpowers make combat a blast, it's the key to developing a satisfying momentum. It's too bad that, more often than not, the game doesn't do enough to keep that momentum going.

Rage 2 doesn't waste a lot of time trying to explain to you why things are the way they are. It instead thrusts you into an open world with its fair share of places to go and things to do. In addition to bandits, mutants, and monsters, there's the villainous organization, The Authority, who wiped out your hometown. As the last ranger--elite soldiers with superpowered suits--it's up to you to corral three key leaders by carrying out their missions and finishing Project Dagger, a biological weapon to kill the Authority's seemingly immortal tyrant General Cross. It doesn't really matter who's who, just that you need to destroy those who are hostile. You're only marginally "super" at the start, but the gradual ascent to hero status is rewarding in that you accumulate a roster of devastatingly fun toys.

Rage 2 Review Roundup

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Rage 2 is nearly here, almost nine years after the first game launched. The long-awaited sequel's release date of May 14 has been a long time coming, but the PS4, Xbox One, and PC shooter will be in players' hands very soon.

We know Rage 2's DLC roadmap, and we know the game is getting some interesting Twitch features. And thanks to Rage 2 reviews going live just recently, we now know whether the game is any good.

In GameSpot's Rage 2 review, for example, Michael Higham awarded the game a 6/10. He said the game contains a "variety of clever, destructive abilities [that] make combat a blast," but also an "underwhelming narrative and bland characters."

Top 10 UK Games Chart: PS4's Days Gone Tops Chart For Third Consecutive Week

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Sony's PS4 exclusive Days Gone has finished top of the UK physical games chart for the week ending May 11, according to sales monitor Chart-Track. Bend Studio's post-apocalyptic title has now finished top of the all-format chart for three weeks in a row.

In another quiet week for new releases, much of the chart paints a familiar picture. The top six are entirely unchanged, with Mortal Kombat 11 and FIFA 19 remaining in No.2 and No.3, respectively. The only new entry in the top 40 is the Nintendo Switch version of Saints Row: The Third - The Full Package, which debuts at No.15.

Days Gone's continued chart success comes despite a mixed critical reception, including a 5/10 from GameSpot. "I did a lot of things in Days Gone," said Kallie Plagge in our Days Gone review. "I burned every single Freaker nest; I cleared every ambush camp; I maxed out my bike; I took out a few optional hordes just because. Like Deacon with Sarah, I kept going because I hoped to find something, to follow a thread to a possibly fascinating or satisfying or impactful conclusion. But at the end of it all, I'd only gotten scraps."

Rage 2 Post-Launch DLC Calendar Shows All The Extra Content Coming And When

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Bethesda's Rage 2 is out this week, and the long-awaited title's release is just the beginning. Bethesda has released new details on the post-apocalyptic sequel's content calendar for 2019, and there's a lot of extra content coming.

As the graphic explains, all World Events are free, as is the Day 30 update, some weapon skins, cheat codes, Wasteland challenges, and the One Wheeler vehicle. The rest of the content is paid. The two biggest pieces of content seem to be Expansion 1: Rise of the Ghosts, and the untitled Expansion 2, which are set to launch in August and later in the Fall respectively. The two expansions add a variety of newness like new story content, more weapons, vehicles, and locations. You can check out the full content calendar below to see what's coming.

Get a peek at what's comin' in the 2019 #RAGE2 roadmap! It's like a GPS for AWESOMENESS. pic.twitter.com/1wW1D7Vdxi

Mortal Kombat 11 Can Teach You A Lot About Australia

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OPINION: When I first saw Kano in Mortal Kombat 1, I hated him. I bloody hated him. He had a bullshit knife projectile, an even more bullshit cannonball roll. And I mean, just look at the guy--he sported a bright white gi, a dumb bandolier (for what?), and a cheap-looking metal mask. I hated the sight of him, especially because he was the one Obviously Bad Guy in the original roster. He was also just straight up the least interesting character. In a game with ninjas and magical projectiles, Kano was just a boring goon with a knife; a waste of space.

He didn't get any better in the following 26 years, suffering from some questionable redesigns, like the one where he started wearing a lock of Sonya Blade's hair around his neck like a creep. In Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe, instead of being a man of Japanese-American descent, Kano was retconned to be Australian, a supposed nod to the misinterpreted accent of Trevor Goddard's (RIP) cockney version of Kano in the 1995 Mortal Kombat film. This was an interesting decision, but not one that fundamentally changed how unexciting Kano was.

Wolfenstein Dev Trying To Eliminate Crunch

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The topic of "crunch," or developers working long hours to complete milestones, has been much-discussed in the games industry over the years. Now, Swedish developer MachineGames, which develops the new Wolfenstein series for Bethesda, has commented on crunch.

In a recent Reddit AMA, production and tech boss John Jennings said the very nature of making games--and specifically "finding what's fun"--is not so simple to model for when it comes to development timelines. He suggested that periods of crunch do occur at MachineGames, but the studio is trying to eliminate crunch, even if that makes life for the studio's management more difficult.

"As you're a developer I'm sure you know that crunch is a difficult topic," Jennings said in response to a question from a fellow developer. "'Finding what's fun' in games is so hard to schedule and plan for. The labour laws in Sweden are very prescriptive about what's legal but crunch is also something that we're actively working at eliminating from our studio, and I say that genuinely, rather than as some trite PR answer."

Game Of Thrones: George R.R. Martin Has Finished The Last Two Books, According To Actor

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The series finale is the only episode left for Game of Thrones following Season 8 Episode 5, "The Bells." The ending of the epic tale has drawn ire from many fans, but there might soon be another version for them to devour instead. According to one Game of Thrones actor, the conclusion of George R.R. Martin's epic fantasy series "A Song of Ice and Fire," on which Game of Thrones is based, is already written.

As flagged on Reddit, Barristan Selmy actor Ian McElhinney made a claim during a panel in April at Epic Con in St. Petersburg, Russia, that will have book fans screaming: Supposedly, Martin has finished the last two books of the series, "The Winds of Winter" and "A Dream of Spring." He just hasn't published them yet.

"I don't know if you know more than me about this, but what I've been told is that George has already written books six and seven," McElhinney said. "And as far as he's concerned, there only are seven books. But he struck an agreement with David [Benioff] and Dan [Weiss], the showrunners of the series, that he would not publish the final two books until the series has completed. So all goes well, in another month or two, we might get books six and seven, and I'm intrigued to know how Barristan, for instance, ends up going through those final two books."