Destiny 2 Players Aren't Happy About Exotics Getting Weaker In Upcoming Patch

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As ever, Bungie is continuing to tweak Destiny 2 with balancing changes through live updates, but the next one hasn't garnered much excitement from fans. With the Season of the Drifter coming to a close at the end of the month, Bungie used a blog post to detail its next slate of changes to the game, and they're all of the "nerf" variety--weakening some of the game's most-used, best-loved equipment.

On its blog, Bungie detailed some of the upcoming changes coming with its next content season, the Season of Opulence, which starts on June 4. The new tweaks focus on ratcheting down the power of several Exotic weapons and pieces of armor. According to the post, through the Season of the Drifter, Bungie saw a lot of Exotics becoming "must-pick" items for various loadouts, and the changes are meant to get other items back into the rotation a bit more. Most of the changes focus on players' Super abilities, which charge up over time but which can be fast-tracked with certain pieces of armor and "Orbs of Light" created by other players.

Nintendo's New Limited-Time Game Vouchers Offers An Okay Deal For Certain Switch Games

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During its May 2019 Direct, Nintendo announced several bundle deals for pre-ordering Super Mario Maker 2. One, a brand-new game voucher-based deal, was announced as a promotion for pre-ordering Super Mario Maker 2, but it can be used to buy any Switch game. Unfortunately, it's not very good.

If you have a Nintendo Switch Online subscription, then for $100 USD you can now buy two Switch Game Vouchers from the Nintendo eShop. With these two vouchers, you can download any two Switch games. For example, you could pre-order Super Mario Maker 2 and buy Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and save $20 USD on the two games' combined retail price. But considering a Switch Online subscription already costs $20 USD, you don't actually save money unless you already own a subscription.

This offer is limited-time and ends July 31, so if you want to take advantage of it, don't wait too long. In a press release, Nintendo revealed vouchers "are redeemable for one year from the date of purchase and don't have to be used at the same time." Nintendo hasn't announced if future games will become eligible for use with the vouchers, such as Pokemon Sword / Shield or Animal Crossing.

John Wick 3: Why The Underground World Of Secret Assassins Is So Alluring

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John Wick 3: Why The Underground World Of Secret Assassins Is So Alluring

The original John Wick was fairly self-contained; although it hinted at a deeper universe of secret societies and god-like assassins, John Wick 1 was ultimately about a dude getting revenge for his dog. But John Wick 2 delved far deeper into the assassin's world, elaborating on the lore of the Continental Hotels, the High Table, and additional wrinkles like blood markers that symbolize a debt. John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum continues to build on the series' mythology, and some of the movie's actors have theories about why fans always want to know more about the world of John Wick.

"The notion of a secret society of assassins that literally has its own hotel chain is fascinating," Lance Reddick, who plays the New York Continental concierge Charon, told GameSpot. "It's a story we haven't seen before."

Reddick also attributed the series' success at drawing in hardcore fans to star Keanu Reeves. "I just feel like people identify with Keanu so readily," Reddick said. "The way his character's set up and the way that he plays it, it has such a vulnerability to it. And at the same time, you identify with his pain and you want to cheer for him. But by the same token, seeing him being able to do all those fantastical, badass things fulfills people's fantasies."

Super Mario Maker 2 Multiplayer, Story Mode, And More Gameplay Details Revealed

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As promised, Nintendo revealed a wealth of new details about Super Mario Maker 2 during today's dedicated Nintendo Direct presentation. Like the original Wii U/3DS game, Mario Maker 2 allows players to create and share their own Super Mario levels, but this time, they'll have access to a load of new customization options and other features, including multiplayer.

Unlike the original Super Mario Maker, the upcoming Switch iteration boasts several different online multiplayer modes. In Multiplayer Versus, up to four players--playing as either Mario, Luigi, Toad, or Toadette--will compete to race through a randomly selected level. The first player to make it to the end of the stage will be the winner and raise their Versus Rating.

Those who prefer cooperative play can jump into Multiplayer Co-op, where the object is to work together to clear the course. If one player manages to make it to the end of the level, the whole team wins. There's also a Nearby Play option; if four players gather together locally, each with their own Switch console and copy of Mario Maker 2, they can set up a play session. However, the host player will need to have a persistent internet connection for this.

After Skipping Steam, The Division 2 Sees Uplay Sales Grow 10X Over Original

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The Division 2 changed things up in terms of its release this year when it bypassed PC giant Steam in favor of launching on Ubisoft's own Uplay store and the Epic Games Store. Ubisoft has now spoken about that transition and how it impacted sales overall.

Sales of The Division 2's PC edition were "in line" with those of The Division 1, chief financial boss Frederick Dugue said on an earnings call. The Uplay edition, meanwhile, enjoyed a ten-fold increase in sales compared to the original game; this uptick was no doubt driven by the game not being available on Steam.

This probably makes the PC edition of The Division 2 even more profitable, as Ubisoft owns the Uplay store and doesn't have to pay a merchant fee. The Epic Games Store, meanwhile, pays publishers 88 percent of revenue, compared to 70 percent on Steam.

The Division 2 Sales Fail To Meet Ubisoft's Targets On PS4 And Xbox One

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Ubisoft's latest big release, The Division 2, did not meet Ubisoft's commercial expectations on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The French publisher confirmed on an earnings call today that the console edition failed to meet sales targets, but sales of the PC edition were in line with Division 1.

"The Division 2 ended up short of our ambitious expectations on console. We believe this was due in large part to a more competitive market than expected," chief financial boss Frederick Dugue said, though he did not name any specific competitor titles.

Dugue added that he expects The Division 2 to "grow and gain traction" over time with new content releases such as the game's first big raid coming this week. He also noted that while The Division 2 did not meet sales expectations, the game was received very positively by fans.

Mario Is Esports Now And You Don't Have A Say In The Matter

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Well, it looks like playing Mario is an esport now. At the end of Nintendo's Super Mario Maker 2 Direct, the company announced a tournament will be held on June 8.

The 2019 Super Mario Maker 2 Invitational falls on the same day of some of Nintendo's other E3 2019 plans. Already, Nintendo is hosting the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate World Championship 2019 3v3 tournament and the Splatoon 2 World Championship 2019 tournament on June 8. In a press release, Nintendo said the Super Mario Maker 2 Invitation will have "four members of the Super Mario Maker community [compete] in a variety of wild and unpredictable Super Mario Maker 2 courses designed by Nintendo's Treehouse team."

Super Mario Maker 2 launches as a Nintendo Switch exclusive on June 28. Though the game plays similarly to its predecessor, its inclusion of new modes and items makes for a much more varied experience.

Spider-Man: Life Story Gives Venom A Brand New Origin Story

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Spider-Man: Life Story Gives Venom A Brand New Origin Story

The '80s were a strange time for superhero comics. The era of the "extreme" exploded onto the scene and brought with it no shortage of immediately recognizable trends and tropes--holofoil variant covers, grimacing gun-toting anti-heroes, way too many utility pouches--you name it. For better or worse, '80s comics had it all.

By and large, the weirdness and the turmoil of the '80s is something modern comics now deal with at arm's length. In Marvel, this is accomplished by the use of the sliding timeline. How it works is pretty simple: At any given point, it's understood that the stories themselves to only have existed for 10 years or so--which means the stories of the '80s are now readily cherry-picked for only the most pertinent details, rather than looked at as real-time artifacts. Those details are then reworked so that they fit into whatever modern setting they're needed, or stripped of major contextual clues to make him stick out a little less obviously. The stories may have happened, but they happened differently, in a different era, or a different universe altogether.