Microsoft Considered Ending The Halo Series After Bungie Split Off

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After Bungie split off of Microsoft, the Halo series was at something of a crossroads. Veteran Microsoft developer Bonnie Ross recalls in a fascinating new interview that at this time, some at Microsoft questioned whether or not the series would live on.

"When we spun Bungie out, the future of Halo was uncertain," Ross said in an interview with IGN. "We weren't actually sure [if] Halo 3 was going to be the last game."

As fans may recall, Halo 3's story ended in ambiguous fashion. Master Chief could have been dead. He wasn't of course, and his story would go on to be continued in Halo 4 and Halo 5. Those games were developed by 343 Industries, Microsoft's internal Halo development studio that Ross founded.

Pokemon Go's Pokemon Day 2019 Event Features Shiny Pidgey And Rattata

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The Pokemon series is celebrating its 23rd anniversary on February 27, and Niantic is commemorating the occasion with a special event in Pokemon Go. The annual Pokemon Day celebration returns at 1 PM PT / 4 PM ET on February 26, and it'll feature a lot of Pokemon from the original Red and Blue versions.

Throughout the event, Pokemon that appear early on in the Gen 1 games will spawn much more frequently in the wild. Moreover, players will have a chance of finding Shiny versions of Pidgey and Rattata, and Kanto Pokemon will also be featured in Raid Battles.

On top of that, players will have a chance of encountering special versions of Pikachu and Eevee during the Pokemon Day event. These variants will be wearing festive flower crowns, and they can be found either in the wild or through special Field Research tasks.

Acclaimed Horror Game, Devotion, Removed From Steam Amidst Winnie The Pooh Controversy

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Red Candle Games has removed its game, Devotion, from Steam. The removal occurs after a weekend of bad PR for Devotion, which saw heavy review bombing after being caught in controversy.

According to PC Gamer, Devotion launched to positive reviews. However, the Taiwanese first-person horror game came under fire when a piece of in-game art that seems to mock Chinese president Xi Jinping was discovered. The art compares the president to Winnie the Pooh, a comparison the Chinese government frequently objects to. Red Candle Games issued an initial apology--which implied the image was simply a placeholder--but after Devotion came under heavy review bombing, the developer followed up with a longer, more comprehensive apology.

"When the art material was made, each teammate was busy working on one's own tasks while chasing the deadline," Red Candle Games wrote in the second apology. "None of the other colleagues were aware of this. It was until we received a private report made by a player on February 21 that we realized what was exactly written on that art material. Upon learning of this, we immediately replaced the art material within an hour."

What's New On Netflix This Week? Movies, TV, And Originals (US)

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If you're looking for something to watch on Netflix, then you're in luck, as the month of March starts this week, and that means a whole slew of new content is coming to the streaming service. From movies to TV series to Netflix originals, there is plenty for you to binge in your free time.

While February is coming to a close, there are still a few more releases to keep your eye on. On February 27, the 2018 A&E series Unsolved: Tupac & Biggie hits Netflix. The 10 episode season is a true crime series that recounted the murder investigations of rappers Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls. Then on February 28, a new collection of Jeopardy episodes hits the service, and you and your friends can watch the game show and discuss Alex Trebek's mustache, which we all greatly miss.

Friday, March 1, is when Netflix drops a ton of new content. There are eight Netflix originals and series dropping, but nothing with a lot of hype behind it. However, there are a few movies you'll want to check out. Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange hits the service, where you can get your fill of ultra-violence. Additionally, Wet Hot American Summer comes to Netflix as well, which is a bit confusing, as the service has an original series spin-off of this movie. When did Wet Hot American Summer leave Netflix to begin with?

Trials Rising Review - Bunny-Hopping Along

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Trials Rising Review - Bunny-Hopping Along

Trials Rising is a sequel to a franchise that has a lot of things figured out. After multiple entries that have helped refine gameplay that was already good to start off with, Rising doesn't veer too far off the track. It still has a wonderfully diverse set of destinations to visit, each with their own over-the-top track design and goofy finish line antics. Each course still encourages you to repeat it nearly obsessively in the pursuit of that next perfect run to show off online. Trials Rising has the same engrossing gameplay the series is known for, but it offers no new surprises.

Trials Rising is no more complicated to pick up and play than any of its predecessors. You only need to worry about your throttle, brakes, and the pitch of your motorcycle as you race across Rising's many 2D tracks, set in anything from a Russian missile silo to a tomato festival in the Italian countryside. This simplicity in control is complemented by a deep learning curve, challenging you to understand how Trials' physics work. They're not realistic by any stretch, but they do adhere to a set of rules that you'll need to become comfortable with to beat its most challenging courses.

Pokemon Go's Smeargle: How To Get The New Pokemon

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Pokemon Go's new AR photo mode is now live for all players level 5 and above, and it comes with an added surprise: a new Pokemon. By using the feature, players will have their first chance of encountering the elusive Gen 2 Pokemon Smeargle in Niantic's mobile game.

According to Pokemon fansite Serebii, Smeargle may appear in photos you take using the Go Snapshot feature. If the Painter Pokemon does show up in one of your pictures, it will be waiting in the wild after you exit out of the mode, giving you an opportunity to capture it.

It's unclear if there's a way to ensure that Smeargle will appear in your photos, but if you do manage to encounter one, it will have the same moves as the Pokemon it photobombed. You'll also receive a new Photo Bomb medal after you find one.

True Detective's Season 3 Finale Felt Completely Flat

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True Detective's Season 3 finale was an oppressively strange episode of television, even by True Detective's standards. The entire hour and 20 minutes rode a tense, haunting score that had me holding my breath between every scene, waiting for some awful, final other shoe to drop. Even as Wayne's discoveries turned happy--or, at least, as happy as this show is capable of getting--the tone remained oddly ominous. And then, it was over--just like that, no final revelations or satisfying last note. True Detective Season 3 ended with a sigh, and it felt utterly flat.

The reasons for that aren't hard to discern. Series creator Nic Pizzolatto has been open about wanting to make Season 3 more straightforward; he said at a press conference before the season began airing that he wanted to have "no tricks up his sleeve."

"Because 2015 and 1990 are happening at the same time as 1980, you're sort of constantly being told what is going to happen," Pizzolatto said. "It's telling you everything that's going to happen before it happens. I wanted to be able to do that--to not play any cheap games with the viewer, to respect their attention and their time, but still reward them with revelation and reversal."

WWE's Roman Reigns Announces Return On Raw, Just In Time For Wrestlemania

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Back in October, the recently crowned WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns announced that he would be vacating the title as he had been diagnosed with leukemia and needed to take time off. However, Reigns returned to Raw on February 25 to reveal that he's in remission and ready to compete in the WWE again.

There has been a lot of speculation around Reigns the past week, as WWE put out a press release stating the superstar would appear on the February 25 episode of Raw. During the opening moments of the show, Reigns came out to the ring and declared, "The good news is I'm in remission, y'all. So with that being said, the big dog is back!"

It was back on the October 22 episode of Raw where Reigns gave a speech to the world about his leave of absence, vowing to return: "Sometimes life throws you a curveball," Reigns said. "And right now, the best thing for me to do is to go home and focus on my family and my health... But I want to make one thing clear. By no means is this a retirement speech. After I'm done whooping leukemia's ass once again, I'm coming back home."