Get Red Dead Redemption 2 For $35 At Walmart Right Now (US Only)

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Walmart is currently offering one of the best deals we have ever seen on Rockstar's acclaimed open-world western Red Dead Redemption 2. The US retailer is selling the game for PS4 and Xbox One for only $35, which is nearly half off its normal $60 asking price.

Go to Walmart's website here to choose a platform and place an order if you are interested. Shipping is free or you can pick up the game in store. Amazon also has Red Dead Redemption 2 on sale right now for $40. If you're after a digital copy of Red Dead Redemption 2, the PlayStation Store has the Western for $45 while the Xbox Store has it for $40.

Red Dead Redemption 2 launched back in October behind high praise and commercial success with some 23 million copies shipped worldwide, far outpacing the original game. The game was the best-selling title for all of 2018, outpacing Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and every other new release.

Gears 5 Is "Looking Great," Xbox Boss Says

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Gears of War 5, which is actually called Gears 5, is coming together well ahead of its 2019 release date, it seems. Xbox boss Phil Spencer recently traveled to Vancouver to visit Gears 5 developer The Coalition, and he came away impressed, apparently.

Spencer took a sneaky picture of the team playing Gears 5. You can zoom in on the image to try to get a closer look at what's on screen, but in any case, it's hard to make out. Spencer remarked of his trip to see the game, "Gears 5 is looking great."

This is the only one I could sneak while Rod wasn't looking. Gears 5 is looking great.

Fortnite Dev Considering Respawning

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As part of a wide-ranging Reddit AMA recently, Epic Games answered loads of questions about the hugely popular free-to-play battle royale game Fortnite. One topic that came up in the AMA was respawning.

Fortnite's non-solo modes allows players to revive teammates, but there is never true respawning like there is in Respawn's new battle royale game Apex Legends. In the AMA, one of the game's producers said Epic has been "considering [respawning] for a while and have been exploring it."

We haven't seen it in Fortnite yet because Epic still needs more time to fully understand the impact it would have on the overall balance. "We've been considering this mechanic for a while and have been exploring it. Want to make sure we give it the time it needs and fully understand its impact on the game as a whole," Epic said. "Look for further updates during Season 8."

Rage 2 Is Coming To Download Festival In Australia Next Month

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Rage 2 Is Coming To Download Festival In Australia Next Month

Rage 2 is coming out in May for PS4, Xbox One, and PC, but before that, publisher Bethesda is planning a big promotional event for the game in Australia. The publisher is installing a "Goonfest Marquee" at the metal-themed Download Festival in Sydney and Melbourne in March.

According to a press release, those in attendance can visit the Rage 2 installation to get (temporary??) tattoos and makeup, and have their hair done with a punk flair. "Join the squad at the 'Goonfest' Marquee so you too can experience the ultimate chaos of dystopian characters, contortionists and firebreathers!" reads a line from Bethesda's press release.

Download Festival comes to Sydney on March 9 and Melbourne on March 11. The bill includes heavy metal juggernauts such as Slayer and Judas Priest, as well as Alice in Chains, Rise Against, Sum 41, Anthrax, Pennywise, Halestorm, and Australia's own Airbourne, among others. Ozzy Osbourne was set to play at the main headliner, but he dropped out recently due to health issues.

Overwatch's Baptiste Gets Origin Story Trailer

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Blizzard recently began teasing another Overwatch story, seeming to focus on a new character named Baptiste. The company has now released a lengthy story trailer focusing on his background, and confirming that he'll be the next playable hero.

As detailed in the story trailer, Baptiste was one of millions orphaned during the Omnic Crisis. In an apparent act of desperation, he joined the villainous group Talon. But he came to regret his decision and abandoned them. As detailed in the initial teaser, the group subsequently sent operatives to silence him, and they went missing themselves. Now he roams the world trying to help people, whether they need a band-aid or a bullet.

The first teaser was a letter signed by a Captain Cuerva, as part of one of the Talon ops to capture or kill Baptiste. Cuerva said not to underestimate Baptiste, and that he personally oversaw his Talon training. Cuerva's mission went awry and several agents went missing. At the time, it wasn't clear if Baptiste was the new hero or Cuerva.

Apex Legends Dev Looking Into Hitbox Complaints

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Apex Legends, the new battle royale game from Titanfall developer Respawn, is doing very well less than a month after release, but it hasn't been entirely smooth sailing for the free-to-play title. One recurring complaint from fans is about the game's hitboxes. Specifically, people are upset that the hitboxes--that is, the invisible area on a character that registers shots--appear to vary by character.

A Respawn community manager said on Reddit (via PC Gamer) that the studio is "definitely aware of" these concerns. "We were actually discussing it today. I can't say anything more for now but we hear you guys."

A YouTube video from SookieSpy shows that Apex Legends' hitboxes are generally very good; in some cases, you're able to shoot between legs and through Bloodhound's feathers without registering a hit. However, the robot Legend, Pathfinder, registers hits that appear to be outside of what would be reasonably considered the hitbox. In essence, he's much easier to hit, which is seemingly a problem that Respawn may look to address in a future update.