Bravery Network Online Delivers A Fresh Take On Pokemon Combat, In Style

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Bravery Network Online Delivers A Fresh Take On Pokemon Combat, In Style

Speaking to the developers from Gloam Collective about their upcoming PC and Mac game, Bravery Network Online, they raised a point that I hadn't considered before: despite its popularity, Pokemon's team-based combat system is rarely imitated, leaving a gap in the market. "It’s super specific," Gloam says, "but we found ourselves craving more games like these, and not finding any. We want to fill that void!"

Bravery Network Online won't set you off as a plucky youth on a spirited adventure--it will instead present short stories in visual novel form to clue you into the world's backstory, and the various human characters that you'll take into battle--rough-and-tumble cuties that love nothing more than a good fight. Judging by a recent demo, combat and creativity are put front and center. I've never seen a cast of characters quite like these, which run the gamut from imposing fashionable warriors to equally stylish yet seemingly frail fighters.

Forza Street May Have Been Accidentally Revealed

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Turn 10 Studios may have outed the existence of an upcoming Forza mobile game. A recent community update erroneously linked to a sentence mentioning an unannounced mobile game called Forza Street, and it even names the developer.

GT Planet reports that the mistaken link appeared in the latest Forza Motorsport Week in Review. The link was intended to lead to a story about a recent esports winner, but instead linked to a description of a game. The link has since been corrected on the Forza site.

"Developed in partnership with UK-based studio, Electric Square, Forza Street is built from the ground up to support a wide range of Windows 10, iOS, and Android devices," it read.

Fortnite Buried Treasure Maps "Coming Soon"

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Fortnite Buried Treasure Maps

Season 8 of Fortnite is now live across all platforms, and just as Epic teased prior to the start of the season, this one is themed around pirates. Already the developer has added a new pirate area and weapon to the battle royale game, and it appears another pirate item is on the way this week: treasure maps.

Fortnite's in-game News feed is teasing the imminent arrival of new Buried Treasure maps. It's unclear just how these items will work, but the News feed says they're "coming soon" to the game, and they'll allow players to "scour the island for hidden loot." You can take a glimpse at the maps below.

Epic has yet to confirm when the Buried Treasure maps will go live in Fortnite, but the developer likes to advertise new items shortly before they're added in the game's next update, so the maps will presumably arrive alongside this week's patch. Barring any unexpected delays, Epic typically releases updates for Fortnite on Tuesdays, although the developer hasn't announced the timing of this week's patch yet.

WWE Fastlane: Match Card, Date, And Start Time For The 2019 PPV

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WWE fans across the globe are looking forward to Wrestlemania 35. However, before we can get to the sports entertainment giant's biggest show of the year, we have to make a pit stop at Fastlane.

Traditionally, Fastlane has been the truck stop diner of WWE PPVs. Yes, it's food, but just barely. Because this PPV is a lead in to the biggest WWE event of the year, there is usually very little build to the matches and no big surprises because, well, you can't mess with Wrestlemania storylines. However, with all that being said, this is actually turning out to be a pretty solid card so far.

Fastlane comes to PPV and the WWE Network on Sunday, March 10. The show will start at 4 PM PT / 7 PM ET / 12 AM GMT (March 11) with a Kickoff Show starting one hour prior. As of this writing, there are only four matches on the card, but that will obviously change after this week's episodes of Raw and Smackdown.

New Shazam Trailer Is Action-Packed And Absolutely Hilarious

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The new trailer for Shazam is here. The latest DC release is a more comedic superhero adventure than many of the studio's movies. It stars Zachary Levi in the title role and hits theaters in April.

Like the previous trailers it shows teenage Billy Batson gaining incredible powers that transforms him into a full-size adult superhero. We see him learning how to use his new abilities with his pal Freddy, and then facing the evil Doctor Sivana. Although the movie is clearly packed with action and wild VFX, it doesn't look like it takes itself very seriously. Check it out above.

Shazam also stars Asher Angel as Billy, Jack Dylan Grazer as Freddy, and Mark Strong as Sivana. It's directed by David F. Sandberg (Lights Out) and hits theaters on April 5. For more check out everything we know about Shazam! so far.

Halo Boss Wants To Close Gender Gap In Game Development

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Bonnie Ross, the head of Microsoft's dedicated Halo studio 343 Industries, has shared her thoughts on the difficulty of recruiting women in games development, and how she thinks educators could address the gender gap. In an interview with CBS News' 60 Minutes, Ross said she would love to bring more women onto the Halo team.

"Boys and men, the numbers are moving up. We are getting a lot more into computer science. But with women and girls, it's going down," she said. "In many times there's not even a way where I could bring a woman into a specific job because the candidates are just not there."

Ross went on to point out that because women are so in-demand at tech companies, the market is very competitive for recruiting them. She cited that women with computer science degrees who intern at Microsoft are sometimes offered full positions, but already have offers from 5-7 other big tech companies.

Netflix: What's New This Week? Movies, TV, And Originals

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Every week, Netflix drops new content onto its service for its subscribers to watch. Sure, it could just drop everything it's putting out in March on the first of the month, but where is the fun in that?

While all of Disney's movies are eventually migrating to its streaming service--reportedly coming this fall--Netflix still has the rights to streaming, for now. On Tuesday, March 5, Disney's Christopher Robin comes to the service. In the movie, an adult Christopher Robin reconnects with his friends from the Hundred Acre Wood: Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Piglet, and more.

There are plenty of original movies and series headed to Netflix this week as well. The Order releases on March 7. The new series follows a college student looking to avenge his mother's death. On his journey, however, he finds himself pledging to a secret society that's in the middle of a war between werewolves and mystics. If you don't like werewolves, but you're really into vampires, Immortals comes to the service on March 8, and this Netflix original revolves around vampires warring between each other.

No One Noticed Apex Legends' Map Leaked A Year Ago

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No One Noticed Apex Legends' Map Leaked A Year Ago

Apex Legends, the battle royale game from Titanfall developer Respawn Entertainment, made a huge splash when it launched in February 2019. An accessible FPS with a cool ping system, Apex Legends has seen critical and commercial success, with our own review awarding it a 9 out of 10. However, the game's map leaked nearly a year ago and no one noticed or seemed to care.

A Reddit user named hiticonic seemingly leaked Apex Legend's map on the Titanfall subreddit 11 months ago. Unfortunately, the post was met with both disbelief and disappointment. "They better not add battle royale in the next game," one Reddit user commented. "I really hope this doesn't happen," wrote another. After a handful of comments, the thread went radio silent. To everyone's chagrin--or excitement, depending on which side of the coin you fall on--Apex Legends was Respawn's "new Titanfall game."