Fortnite Season 8 Downtime Begins

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The start of Fortnite Season 8 is imminent. The new season of Epic's hit battle royale game kicks off across all platforms today, Thursday, February 28. Downtime has begun, but Epic hasn't specified how long it will last.

However, the developer did notes that the patch size "will be larger than normal updates." This shouldn't come as much of a surprise, as the start of every season introduces a load of new cosmetics to unlock as well as some other big changes; Season 7, for instance, added a snow biome to the map and the game's first plane vehicle, the Stormwing.

As for what players can expect from Season 8, we know it will have a pirate theme. Epic revealed the theme in a series of teasers in shared leading up to the start of the new season, which referenced treasure and "those who arrive on the waves." The fourth and final teaser shows off a banana man, which could be one of the new skins players can unlock in the new season. When all the teaser images are combined, they form a skull and volcano.

Just Cause Dev Founder And CEO Leaving

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Christofer Sundberg, the founder of Just Cause developer Avalanche Studios, is leaving the company after he started it 16 years ago. He announced the news on Twitter, confirming he'll officially exit the company at the end of April. Sundberg also served as Avalanche's chief creative officer.

Sundberg was the creative director on the first Just Cause, a high-octane open-world game that would go on to release three sequels, the most recent of which was December's Just Cause 4. Sundberg also oversaw Avalanche's other projects such as Mad Max. Avalanche's latest game is Rage 2, which it is co-developing with id Software. It comes out in May, just after Sundberg's exit.

I just announced to the team here at #AvalancheStudios that I will be leaving the company at the end of April. The studio I founded in my kitchen, built, ran and loved for 16 years, working together with fantastic individuals and teams.

Jedi Fallen Order Will Be At Star Wars Celebration This April

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EA has announced that Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order will be at this year's Star Wars Celebration. This will be the first official showcase of the upcoming Respawn game, which is tentatively scheduled to launch this fall.

Star Wars Celebration is scheduled for April 11-15, and, according to The Star Wars Show, the Jedi Fallen Order reveal will occur on Saturday, April 13 during a "special panel" that will "feature a discussion of never before heard details ahead of the game's fall 2019 release date." Set between the events of Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope, Jedi Fallen Order has you play as a Jedi Padawan who survived Order 66. We don't know much else about Jedi Fallen Order, but there's plenty we want from the game.

In other Star Wars game news, The Chosen One update went live in Battlefront II today, which added Anakin Skywalker as a playable Hero. Anakin represents the final major piece of the series of Clone Wars updates planned for Battlefront II, which also added Obi-Wan Kenobi, General Grievous, and Count Dooku, as well as a Geonosis multiplayer map. Certain lines of dialogue from the new characters imply that some female Heroes, like Ahsoka and Padme, might be the next stage of post-launch content for the game.

Mortal Kombat 11 Online Stress Test Coming In March Before The Beta

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Mortal Kombat 11 is coming soon, but depending on your level of bloodlust, it might not be soon enough. If you just can't wait to start snapping tendons and ripping spleens in comically over-the-top fashion, you'll be pleased to know that you might be able to play as early as March 15-17.

That's when NetherRealm is planning an online stress test for the game. It's only in the US, and only on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions. Plus space will be limited and randomly selected, so you'll have to register for a chance to enter the test.

This will put the servers through their paces before the other beta test, which will be available for PS4 and Xbox One pre-orders. That test will run from March 28-31. Pre-ordering will also net you Shao Kahn as a playable character.

Apex Legends Needs To Make This One Big Improvement Immediately

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As far as online games go, the launch of Apex Legends was pretty impressive. Though from a player perspective the game came out of nowhere, launching at the same time it was announced, Apex Legends has had relatively few problems and barriers to play. While other games have seen connection issues and server troubles, for the most part, Apex Legends hasn't had the same kind of problems that online games often experience.

There is one issue that seems to effect Apex players of all stripes, though, especially on PC. That's the trouble of game crashes. Apex Legends will often crash mid-match, possibly because of issues with graphics or stability, possibly because of a brief loss of connectivity. Members of the Apex community have shared their troubles in forums and attempted to find fixes for the issues, but they still occur with worrying frequency.

It's not really clear what's causing the crashes or how to prevent them, and they're usually pretty debilitating. There's nothing worse than preparing for the final showdown of a match, only to lose a member of your squad to a crash and get stuck fighting at a disadvantage.

The Division 2's Roadmap And DLC Pass Outlined

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The Division 2's Roadmap And DLC Pass Outlined

Tom Clancy's The Division 2 launches on PS4, Xbox One, and PC in only a couple of weeks, and just as Ubisoft did with the previous title, the developer plans to support it with a regular stream of free post-release content. Ahead of the game's upcoming open beta, Ubisoft has outlined the content it has in store for The Division 2 during its first year.

Following the game's release on March 15, Ubisoft will gradually introduce new episodes, modes, specializations, and more. It all begins with Tidal Basin, a new stronghold that's set to arrive "shortly after launch." Also coming not long after release will be Operation Dark Hours, the series' first eight-player raid.

Following that, Ubisoft will roll out The Division 2's first post-launch episode, titled D.C. Outskirts: Expeditions, this summer. This episode will feature two additional main missions, as well as a new mode that has players "investigate the fate of a lost convoy." The second episode, Pentagon: The Last Castle, will follow sometime in fall and likewise introduces two new main missions, while episode 3 rounds out the year this winter.