The Occupation Review - On The Clock

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The Occupation Review - On The Clock

I'm glad I played through The Occupation a second time. My first playthrough did not end well. Yes, I made it to the end, I saw a final cutscene and watched the credits roll, but I wouldn't say I reached the conclusion of the story. In fact, I felt like I'd barely scratched the surface.

After finishing it a second time I had a good handle on the major events of this bureaucratic thriller, but it wasn't until I'd played all the way through for a third time--and replayed individual sections several times over--that I felt confident I understood the motivations of the main characters. Even now, I'm contemplating a fourth go in an effort to figure out the smaller details and fathom just how deep the conspiracy goes.

The Occupation is a story-driven stealth-adventure game that rewards repeat plays even if it can also, at times, feel hostile to the idea of enabling you to delve into its narrative nooks and crannies. It tells a mature, challenging story that is both overtly political and ambiguous enough to leave plenty to interpretation, while its core stealth mechanics deliver a suitably tense experience.

Comedy Legend Michael Schur Reportedly Getting $25 Million Per Year To Stay At NBC

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Michael Schur, one of the biggest names in TV, has signed a new deal with Universal Television--and it's incredibly lucrative. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Schur has signed a multi-year deal with the company that the site estimates earns Schur $25 million per year over five years for a total of $125 million.

Schur has been with Universal Television since the start of his TV career when he was writing for Saturday Night Live, which airs on Universal's NBC. Schur went on to play a major role in the creation of the American version of The Office. He later co-created Parks and Recreation, The Good Place, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Outside of those projects, Schur produces Aziz Ansari's Master of None, while he also is working on the new NBC comedy Abby's and a brand-new project starring Kal Penn for the network.

Apex Legends Will Get Changes To Character Hit Boxes

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Since not long after its recent launch, Apex Legends fans have been complaining that the game's biggest player characters are much easier to hit than its smallest characters. Developer Respawn Entertainment has been listening, and on Reddit announced it would soon be making changes in the near future to rebalance several characters.

Respawn's post on Reddit covered a new update that's already in the game, which makes weapon changes, and explained that the studio's approach to making those design alterations is to be cautious and make sure they're thoroughly tested when they go live. A few changes are part of the most recent update, but the ones that address character hit boxes are being held back until later this month, when they've been more thoroughly vetted.

A "hit box" is the invisible area on a video game character that registers impacts; when a bullet hits a character inside the hit box, the character takes damage, but if a shot lands outside the box, the hit doesn't count. Big characters in Apex have similarly large hit boxes--Gibraltar has the largest one, followed by Caustic and Pathfinder. That means it's easier to hit them than smaller characters, but that's partially by design. Respawn means for those characters' larger surface area to be balanced by their abilities, so that all the characters in the game have roughly the same power, viability, and win rate.

New Apex Legends Patch Changes Weapon Balance And More

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A new update for Respawn's Apex Legends has arrived on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, and it makes a number of weapon balance changes, some of which sound somewhat significant.

Respawn also outlined its philosophy on updates in general, saying in a post on Reddit that its aim to is to release updates less frequently and instead focus on making them meaningful. "We make less frequent, better tested, higher impact balance changes in order to minimize the impacts on your time spent mastering the game," Respawn said.

An exception is that Respawn would make a rapid-fire adjustment if it discovered that something was "way out of balance." Respawn didn't make any significant weapon balance changes around launch because it wanted to give new players an opportunity to learn the game and its numerous characters.

Suicide Squad 2 Casts Idris Elba To Play Deadshot After Will Smith Dropped Out

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Following the news that Will Smith had dropped out Suicide Squad 2, Variety reports that Idris Elba (Luther, The Office) has joined the film to play Smith's character, Deadshot. As reported previously, Smith had to exit Suicide Squad 2 due in part to scheduling issues. However, he was never officially confirmed for the film in the first place.

According to Variety, Suicide Squad studio Warner Bros. "moved fast" to find a "proven A-lister" to replace Smith, and Elba eventually got the call. It's not clear what other actors might have been considered.

No official casting announcements at all about Suicide Squad 2 have come down yet, so there is no word on who else might come back--or not--for the follow-up. However, Variety reports that Margot Robbie is expected to return to play Harley Quinn again. Jared Leto played The Joker in the 2016 Suicide Squad, but his involvement in the new film remains unclear.

PUBG Adds Horizon Zero Dawn Skins On PS4

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PUBG Adds Horizon Zero Dawn Skins On PS4

A new crossover event is now live in the PS4 version of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. Developer PUBG Corp. has partnered with Guerrilla Games, the studio behind Horizon Zero Dawn, to bring an assortment of Horizon-inspired outfits and weapon skins to the battle royale title, but you only have a few weeks to get them.

A total of four Horizon-inspired cosmetics are now available to unlock: an Eclipse Top, Eclipse Mask, Eclipse Kar98k, and a pan emblazoned with a Horizon Zero Dawn emblem. Each item can only be obtained a certain way, which are outlined in the image below:

The Horizon crossover items will only be available until April 5, and much like the previous Uncharted and Last of Us cosmetics, they're exclusive to the PS4 version. You can read additional details about the crossover event on the official PUBG website.

Arrow Ending With Season 8 As Oliver Queen Hangs Up His Bow & Arrows

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CW's series Arrow kickstarted a slew of series based around characters from the DC Universe. However, after eight seasons, Oliver Queen and company are closing out the show with an abbreviated, 10 episode season.

Set to air during CW's 2019-2020 calendar, Arrow was once the top dog on the network, up until The Flash surpassed it by becoming the most-watched original series. Arrow first debuted in 2012 and was a new take on the character, and it eventually came together with other CW/DC shows to build an expansive, shared universe. And while the show had plenty of success, no series can go on forever.

"This was a difficult decision to come to, but like every hard decision we've made for the past seven years, it was with the best interests of Arrow in mind," showrunner Beth Schwartz and executive producers Greg Berlanti and Marc Guggenheim told THR. "We're heartened by the fact that Arrow has birthed an entire universe of shows that will continue on for many years to come. We're excited about crafting a conclusion that honors the show, its characters and its legacy and are grateful to all the writers, producers, actors, and--more importantly--the incredible crew that has sustained us and the show for over seven years."