Nintendo Switch's New NES Games For March Now Available

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March's free NES games for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers are now available. This time around, the lineup is almost entirely different depending on your region. The West receives Kid Icarus and StarTropics, while Japan gets Kid Icarus along with two unlocalized Famicom titles: Yie Ar Kung-Fu and Fire Emblem.

On top of this month's new games, Nintendo has added special save states for two previously released titles, Kirby's Adventure and Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. The former allows you to play through the more difficult Extra Game from the outset, while the latter starts you off with Link's Attack, Magic, and Life stats already maxed out.

Nintendo has been gradually expanding Switch's NES catalog with more games every month. In February, the company added Super Mario Bros. 2 and Kirby's Adventure, while January brought Zelda II and Blaster Master. More games are on the way next month, although Nintendo hasn't revealed what those will be just yet.

Xbox One/PS4 Versions Of Monster Hunter-Like Dauntless Has Been Delayed

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Phoenix Labs has announced the console release for Dauntless has been delayed. The developer also released further details for what's included in the Hunt Pass Season 3--which went live today--for the PC version of this free-to-play action RPG.

Currently only available on PC via Steam, Dauntless was originally being ported to Xbox One and PS4 for release in April 2019, with a versions for Switch and mobile later in the year. The Xbox One and PS4 versions have now been delayed to Summer 2019, with Phoenix Labs stating it is using the "additional time to polish gameplay, stress-test for scale, and complete additional features." The PC version of Dauntless is also scheduled to migrate from Steam over to the Epic Games Store, a move which has also been delayed to coincide with the release of the game on Xbox One and PS4.

Currently in open beta on PC, Dauntless will officially launch when it releases on Epic Games Store, Xbox One, and PS4. All of your progress from the beta will carry over, regardless of which system you choose. As Phoenix Labs plans on having all Dauntless players' saved date be tied to an Epic account, the game will support cross-platform play and progression across all systems. Cross-platform support will extend to the Switch and mobile versions of the game as well when they eventually launch.

New Black Ops 4 St. Patrick's Day Update Is Now Live On PS4

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Activision has announced a two week-long St. Patrick's Day-themed celebration for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. The event is already live for PS4 and will continue until March 26. Activision hasn't yet announced dates for Xbox One or PC, other than to say--in a blog post--that information would be coming soon.

The new event, called Shamrock & Awe--which returns from Call of Duty: WWII--adds new content to Blackout, Zombies, and Multiplayer mode in Black Ops 4, as well as St. Patrick's Day-themed goodies in the Black Market. Also, simply logging into Black Ops 4 during the event will unlock the "Precious" gesture and a new animated calling card for free.

In Blackout, the battle royale has undergone a few green-colored updates. All smoke--whether from grenades or supply drops--is now colored green, as are the eyes of the zombies scattered throughout the map. The foliage on the map has entered spring, with flowers blooming and brown leaves becoming green again. Hidden caches of bronze pots have been hidden throughout Blackout's map as well. And if you're looking for something to hunt other than enemy players and zombies, following the noisy jingle of dancing Leprechauns will allow you to track the little imps down. Finding and destroying them before your enemies do will reward you with "a wide variety of goodies."

Pokemon Go's First Legendary Lunch Hour Event Is Today

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Niantic is holding a new type of event in Pokemon Go today. The inaugural Legendary Lunch Hour kicks off at 12 PM local time and runs for one hour, during which time there will be an increased number of Raid Battles occurring in the game.

Niantic calls the Legendary Lunch Hour event an "experiment" to give more players a chance to participate in the game during work or school hours. The developer is inviting feedback from fans to further fine tune the event and make it one that players "can enjoy every week."

The Legendary Lunch Hour isn't the only event happening in Pokemon Go this week. Beginning March 15, the Legendary Pokemon Rayquaza will return for a special Raid Weekend, giving players their first chance to capture it in nearly a year. The Raid Weekend kicks off at 1 PM PT / 4 PM ET and runs until the same time on Monday, March 18.

Dead Cells Update "Rise Of The Giants" Release Date Announced

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Dead Cells has been receiving a steady stream of updates, adding features like custom runs and overhauling major systems based on player feedback. Developer Motion Twin has now announced its first big free expansion, Rise of the Giants, will arrive on PC on March 28. Console release dates haven't been announced.

The major addition is an entirely new area to explore. To access the new area, you'll have to have bested the tough-as-nails action game at least once. That will grant you access to the Cavern, a new area with new traps and enemies, lava pools, and a new boss.

The DLC adds a lot more besides the new area, though. It will include a new skinning system with 50 outfits, giving you more loot to collect from blueprints dropped by enemies and bosses. It also adds three new skills, including a flying pet and a scroll that reveals a current map. It also brings 10 more weapons, like the Giant Killer, Boi Axe, and Thunder Shield. The Prisoner's Quarters will include a new Specialist Shop where you can buy Hunter's Grenades, along with skins and a new map. Finally, it will add a hidden level, with a completely new ending for those who can defeat the hidden boss.

The Division 2 Release Date & Server Launch Times

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The Division 2 Release Date & Server Launch Times

Much like BioWare's Anthem, Ubisoft's new loot-focused shooter, The Division 2, will release at different times depending on which version of the game you pre-order. Although its release date is officially set for March 15, you can actually play several days earlier, and if you go through Uplay, you can get access to the game at different times too. Provided you meet the requirements, you may have had access for several days now, as the game is live around the world for many. Read on for the full breakdown of unlock times.

If you pre-order the standard version of The Division 2, the game will be available worldwide for Xbox One and PS4 on Friday, March 15 at 12 AM local time--therefore Australia and New Zealand get access first and North and South America are last. With Uplay on PC, The Division 2 will be playable on Thursday, March 14 at 10 PM PT, which is March 15 at 1 AM ET. The Uplay playable time is 11 PM in the UK on March 14 and 12 AM in Australia on March 15. So only in certain regions does Uplay give you early access. A breakdown of the times is listed below.

Hollow Knight Is Finally Getting A Physical Edition For Switch, PS4, And PC

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Hollow Knight Is Finally Getting A Physical Edition For Switch, PS4, And PC

Hollow Knight released in 2017 and debuted on the Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One in 2018; however, the exceptional Metroidvania-style game has never been available in a physical format--until now. Both a standard edition and a collector's edition of Hollow Knight are now available for pre-order, with the collector's edition exclusive to Fangamer.

According to Fangamer, pre-orders for Hollow Knight's physical edition will start shipping on May 31, which means you can expect to receive your copy in early June.

Team Cherry, the developers of Hollow Knight, initially partnered with Skybound Games to bring a physical release to the market last year, but the studio announced last November that the deal had fallen through, possibly due to limited resources. So for fans of the game, news that a physical edition is finally happening is a welcome surprise.

PUBG Creator Steps Back From Game, Announces New Focus

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The creator of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has announced that he is stepping away from day-to-day operations of the popular battle royale game, and will instead be focused on "special projects" in a new office under the PUBG Corp. banner. Lead designer Brendan Greene made the announcement in a letter on Twitter.

"While I'll remain as a consulting creative director on PUBG, development will be led by Taeseok Jang and the fantastic team I have had the honor of working with over the past three years," he said. "They have some great things planned for this year, and I can't wait to share more with you soon!

"Going forward, I'll be based in Amsterdam, rather than Seoul, and focused on building out an entirely new division to focus on research & game development."