The Division 2 -- Early Review, Release Date, And Everything You Need To Know

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The Division 2 is here, now available for Xbox One, PS4, and PC if you've bought one of the game's special editions. An online action role-playing game, The Division 2 places an emphasis on squad-based combat, with teammates firing from cover and working together to take down groups of enemies. Which isn't to say, you can't tackle The Division 2's world alone. If you want to be a lone wolf who traverses the violent streets of Washington DC, you can.

Taking place seven months after the events of the first game, The Division 2 reworks its predecessor's loot-focused shooter gameplay. Enemies still take more bullets to go down than what's believable, but they're not the bullet sponges found in The Division. Ubisoft has also crafted The Division 2 to have a greater focus on endgame play, incorporating more than one Dark Zone, powerful late-game loot, and raids--which can be tackled with up to eight players. From what we've seen so far, The Division 2 seems to improve upon its predecessor's format in every way. So if you missed 2016's The Division, you might want to consider picking up its sequel.

Captain Marvel: The Biggest Questions We Have After Seeing The Movie

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Captain Marvel: The Biggest Questions We Have After Seeing The Movie

We've got plenty of things to ponder before Endgame.

If the last ten years have proven anything about the MCU, it's that it is extremely good at playing things close to the chest. Aspects of the film that may seem tiny and insignificant, one moment, wind up unfurling into whole plot points the next, and there's always something unexpected around every corner. And with Avengers: Endgame just over the horizon, there stakes for those mysteries is higher than ever.

Captain Marvel may not be set in the modern day, but it did provide all sorts of interesting things to think about in terms of the MCU's future, both immediately approaching Endgame and beyond. So naturally, we found ourselves asking a bunch of questions. Some of them have answers we found in the comics, others, not so much. Almost all of them contain spoilers of some kind, so please, watch your step.

And after you've sent yourself into a curiosity spiral with these, go check out some of our other Captain Marvel-adjacent MCU news. We've got a massive list of Easter eggs and references you probably missed, a breakdown of the new Skrulls, and a scene-by-scene analysis of those post-credits stingers for you to help fuel any conspiracy theories to make the wait to April 26 a little more bearable.

Destiny 2 Thorn Quest Guide: How To Nab Your Weapon Of Sorrow

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Destiny 2 Thorn Quest Guide: How To Nab Your Weapon Of Sorrow

One of Destiny's most notorious guns was Thorn, a hand cannon that became the blight of the competitive mode known as the Crucible. Players who had it, loved it--the gun basically infected anyone hit by its bullets with poison, resulting in players getting kills even after they'd already lost a battle. Needless to say, anyone who didn't have Thorn hated it. Now, Destiny most-loved and most-hated gun is finally making its way into Destiny 2.

The Thorn Exotic weapon quest is part of the Jokers Wild content expansion from Destiny 2's Annual Pass, and dropped with the March 12 weekly reset. It not only brings Thorn back into the Destiny world, it continues a bunch of lines of the story of the Drifter, the weird, possibly evil guy who runs Destiny 2's Gambit multiplayer mode. Thorn is the gun wielded by the legendary bad guy Dredgen Yor, who was finally defeated by Shin Malphur with his legendary gun, The Last Word. Last season, players got The Last Word, as well as some hints that the Hive were working to recreate Thorn. It looks like they might have succeeded, and that'll likely have some more story implications going forward as well. Check out our lore rundown for the full skinny on Thorn and The Last Word.

Marvel Finds Director For Shang-Chi, The MCU's First Asian-Led Movie

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With all eyes on Avengers: Endgame, it's clear that big changes are coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, it's hard to know exactly what those changes will be. While some future projects have already been revealed--including new Spider-Man and Doctor Strange movies, a Black Widow prequel, and shows on the Disney+ streaming service--there are big pieces of the MCU that remain a mystery.

In the midst of all of that, though, Marvel looks to be introducing new characters to the fold as it continues to build out its superhero universe. One of those characters, "Master of Kung Fu" Shang-Chi, was previously revealed to be getting his own standalone movie. This will be the studio's first film featuring an Asian actor in the lead. Though no release date has been announced, a director for the film has been found. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Destin Daniel Cretton will helm the project, with Wonder Woman 1984 screenwriter Dave Callaham handling the script. The Shang-Chi movie hasn't been cast, though THR reports Marvel is planning to put together a largely Asian and Asian-American ensemble.

Debunked Rumor Of Sony Acquiring GTA Parent Company Causes Stock Price Jump

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Take-Two Interactive Software, the parent company of Red Dead Redemption 2 developer Rockstar and 2K Games, has had a dramatic increase to its stock price today. The increase stemmed from an apparently erroneous report that Sony was discussing the possibility of acquiring Take-Two Interactive.

First, Market Watch reported that Wedbush Securities analyst Joel Kulina said Sony is currently in "advanced board level discussions to acquire Take-Two Interactive in a mostly cash deal." GameSpot contacted Kulina for clarification, and he expressed frustration with what he says was misquoted, leading him to be "bombarded with calls" about the comment.

"There is nothing behind this story that I've seen," Kulina told GameSpot. "No one has found a source. Market chatter refers to simply what we hear on trading desks--happens daily, just more surprised this has gone viral like it has."

Gotham's Bane Is A "Different Spin" On The Iconic Character

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Gotham's Bane Is A

As Gotham prepares to reveal its final three episodes, one legendary Batman villain is finally making his debut. Shane West appeared earlier in Season 5 as Eduardo Durance, an old friend of Jim Gordon's (Ben McKenzie) that supposedly died while trying to kill Gordon--but this is Gotham, after all, and he will be resurrected as Bane.

Yes, that Bane. The one who traditionally wore a lucha libre wrestling mask in the comics. Don't expect to see that version of the character, though. On the show, West's take on Bane looks at least partially inspired by Tom Hardy's version in The Dark Knight Rises, while also adding some flourishes that fit right in with the weird world of Gotham.

As with all things on the show, though, this Bane is something of a remix of the character. "He straddles that line with us where he still is boots on the ground. You still understand where his abilities actually come from," executive producer John Stephens told GameSpot at the TCA press tour. "The man is a master strategist. And also [this is] where his strength comes from. We were also able to reinvent him in a way that gives him a different spin than you see in the comics."

WWE: What Matters From Smackdown: Kofi Kingston Is Forever Screwed, Shane's Heel Turn

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There are a lot of speed bumps on the road to Wrestlemania, and as we've seen with the most recent episode of Raw and the WWE Fastlane PPV, the sports entertainment juggernaut has been working overtime to build on the stories for its biggest event of the year.

The March 12 episode of Smackdown offered new insight to the biggest stories, and we're here to break down the most important ones from the evening. Sadly, when it comes to the Smackdown Women's Championship, the focus has been heavily on Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville, leaving champion Asuka to just exist. However, there are some pretty solid things to pay attention to in the weeks to come. Here's what you need to know.

Smackdown opened up with Shane McMahon explaining why he's a heel now. He's mad people keep asking him how to get ahead in life, and he was born great (awesome). Shane has decided to turn a new leaf and do things his way because beating up the Miz and smooshing Miz's dad's face felt great. Now, Shane wants to take on Miz at Wrestlemania. The problem with all of this is that Shane doesn't feel like a credible threat as a WWE superstar. He worked better as a cowardly heel when he had people by his side, like the Mean Street Posse. As of right now, it feels like Miz would have no problem defeating him.

Nintendo Switch Online's Free NES Games For March Now Available

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March's free NES games for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers are now available. This time around, the lineup is almost entirely different depending on your region. The West receives Kid Icarus and StarTropics, while Japan gets Kid Icarus along with two unlocalized Famicom titles: Yie Ar Kung-Fu and Fire Emblem.

On top of this month's new games, Nintendo has added special save states for two previously released titles, Kirby's Adventure and Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. The former allows you to play through the more difficult Extra Game from the outset, while the latter starts you off with Link's Attack, Magic, and Life stats already maxed out.

Nintendo has been gradually expanding Switch's NES catalog with more games every month. In February, the company added Super Mario Bros. 2 and Kirby's Adventure, while January brought Zelda II and Blaster Master. More games are on the way next month, although Nintendo hasn't revealed what those will be just yet.