Apex Legends Season 2 Weapon Changes Further Detailed

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Season 2 of Apex Legends is just around the corner. The new season of Respawn's battle royale game kicks off on July 2, and as EA revealed during E3 2019, it'll introduce a new playable character to the game, as well as new skins, other cosmetics, and a few new weapons, which we've now learned some more details about.

In a post on Reddit, Respawn's principal weapons designer on Apex Legends, Sean Slayback, discussed some of the weapon changes coming in Season 2, starting with the L-Star LMG--a returning weapon from Titanfall. The L-Star fires slower projectiles than other guns in the game; however, these projectiles are also much larger than normal, allowing players to get good hits in even if their aim isn't completely accurate.

Respawn warns the L-Star will also overheat if you hold the trigger down too long; when this happens, the gun's lens will break and need to be replaced. The developer says this process "takes some time," so you'll need to be careful using the weapon. The gun also comes with a limited supply of ammo, and you won't be able to find additional rounds for it, so once you've run out, you'll no longer be able to use the gun.

Xbox Live Down On Xbox One And PC [Update]

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Having issues signing into Xbox Live right now? It's not just you. Microsoft has confirmed the service is down and suffering from issues right now, often producing the error code 0x87DD0006. This could mean you're unable to get online or play games on Xbox One, PC, and any other devices that rely on Xbox Live. These problems have lasted for several hours now, and we don't yet know how soon a fix might be implemented. [Update: Microsoft says it's beginning to see improvements, so you might now have luck getting online.]

The news was confirmed on the Xbox Support Twitter account, which initially acknowledged reports of sign-in issues before delivering a more recent update that states, "We're currently still investigating error code 0x87DD0006 when attempting to sign into our services across devices, we appreciate your ongoing patience. We'll update again here, as well as our status page, when we have more info."

We've caught your reports of sign-in errors on Xbox One and have sent this over to our engineering teams. We will update everyone here when we have information to share. Thank you for reporting.

Exclusive Deal: Get Bloodstained: Ritual Of The Night For 25% Off On PC

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Exclusive Deal: Get Bloodstained: Ritual Of The Night For 25% Off On PC

After a long wait due to several delays, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night has finally released for PC, PS4, and Xbox One (with its Nintendo Switch version dropping on June 25). If you're planning to grab the Metroidvania-style game on PC, here's a deal to put on your radar (or send to any friends who haven't bought the game yet). Bloodstained is $40 at full price, but Fanatical is currently offering the game for 21% off, which drops the price to $31.59. Plus, new Fanatical customers can save even more with GameSpot-exclusive promo code GAMESPOT25, which slashes an additional 5% off the price. If you've never shopped at Fanatical before, that means you'll get Bloodstained for $29.98--not bad for a new and highly anticipated game.

To claim the deal, just add Bloodstained to your cart, and during checkout, you'll see a place to "redeem a coupon code" in the righthand sidebar. Enter GAMESPOT25, and you'll see the price drop to $29.98. But even if you're a Fanatical regular, it's worth noting $31.59 is still a great price (Steam is currently offering the game for $36). After completing checkout, you'll receive an officially licensed Steam key for Bloodstained that you can redeem right away.


Pokemon Go Raikou Raid Event Set For Next Week

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The third annual Pokemon Go Fest took place in Chicago this past weekend, and as usual, developer Niantic held a series of Global Challenges during the event. As a reward for completing these challenges, the studio is making a variety of bonuses available in the game for a limited time, and it's also bringing the popular Legendary Raikou back to Raids for one day only.

From now until June 25, players will receive twice the usual amount of Candy for capturing and hatching Pokemon. On top of that, Pokemon Eggs will hatch at half the distance they normally require. You're also guaranteed to receive one Rare Candy each time you participate in a Raid.

Then, on Saturday, June 29, Niantic is holding a special Raikou Raid Day. On that day, the Legendary dog will reappear in Raid Battles from 4-7 PM local time, and you'll have a chance of encountering a Shiny Raikou. You'll also be able to receive up to five free Raid Passes during the event hours, which you'll need to participate in Raids. You can read more details about the Go Fest rewards on the official Pokemon Go website.

Destiny 2 Is Making Another Big Change To The Eververse Store

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Destiny 2's Eververse Store has caused some derision since the game's release almost two years ago. Most of the items in the premium currency shop, which includes cosmetic items you can purchase with real money, can be earned by playing, but the most efficient way to get many of them was to take part in a convoluted scheme of spending money and converting in-game currencies. Starting in September, though, that'll no longer be the case.

In a new post on the Bungie blog, game director Luke Smith detailed how the developer intends to change the Eververse Store starting on September 17 with the release of the game's next expansion, Shadowkeep. One significant change deals with Bright Dust, one of the currencies used in the Eververse Store, which you can earn as you play. Because of the way the Eververse Store is set up, some items are purchased with Silver--the premium currency you purchase with real money--and others with Bright Dust. As Smith details in the blog, the best way to get Bright Dust right now is to buy items in the Eververse Store and "dismantle" them, which gives you Bright Dust in return--which you can then spend on new stuff in the store.

Free Steam Weekend Game Now Available

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Tripwire Interactive's first-person shooter, Killing Floor 2, is free-to-play now on Steam through Tuesday, June 25. The free weekend kicks off this summer's Back & Kickin' Brass event, which adds a new mode, map, and weapons, running through July 31. As is usually the case with Steam free weekends, if you like the game and want to keep playing, you can purchase it at a 67% discount to keep it in your library after the weekend ends, retaining any progress that you made.

Play Killing Floor 2 for free on Steam this weekend »

Back & Kickin' Brass adds a new gameplay mode called Objective, in which players must defeat waves of enemies while also completing particular objectives, such as delivering an object from one point on the map to another. It also adds a new map, the Steam Fortress, which is compatible with the Survival, Weekly, Endless, and new Objective gameplay modes, as well as new weapons, such as the Seal Squealer, which launches exploding harpoons.

Xbox News Cheat Sheet: What Xbox One Fans Need To Know Right Now

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It's not easy keeping up with every new trailer, announcement, gameplay reveal, and rumor in the gaming industry. This is especially true in the wake of E3, when the internet is flooded with news.

To help out any Xbox fans out there, we've compiled this cheat sheet on the most important news in relation to Microsoft or the Xbox One family of consoles. Don't worry, cheat sheets for Nintendo and the Switch as well as Sony and the PlayStation 4 are in the works as well.

The information below is a general overview of the largest announcements from the past few weeks. That said, there are plenty of links in the text that will take you to articles that provide more in-depth analysis and information breakdowns.