Anthem Sales Open Strong In The US, Second-Biggest BioWare Release Ever For First Month

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The NPD Group has released its US sales report for February, revealing the best-selling hardware and software for the month and providing an overall health update on the industry.

Starting with game sales, BioWare's Anthem was the best-selling title of the month, beating out other new releases like Jump Force, Far Cry New Dawn, and Metro Exodus.

Anthem enjoyed the second highest launch-month sales in BioWare's history, only behind 2012's Mass Effect 3. It is now 2019's second best-selling game, trailing only Kingdom Hearts III. One caveat to mention with Anthem is that PC digital sales are not included. Publisher Electronic Arts has not shared any hard sales data for Anthem.

Google's Stadia Controller Hides The Konami Code, Which Has Some New Tricks

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At Google's GDC 2019 keynote, company VP Phil Harrison revealed a new cloud gaming streaming service called Stadia. During the presentation, Harrison also unveiled a new controller specifically designed for Stadia. The floor model that's currently being displayed at the show, as confirmed by GameSpot' sister site CNET, has the Konami code engraved on it. You can see the engraving in the tweet below.

According to Polygon, you can go to Stadia's website and actually input the Konami code with your computer keyboard to find a cool Easter egg: a 3D model of the new controller. You can spin the controller around on your screen in order to get a better idea as to how it's shaped. For those who don't know, the full Konami code is up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a, start. You only need to input the first 10 keys, however, to see the controller model on Stadia's website.

Yes, Google did put the Konami code on the back of the #Stadia controller. #GDC19

The Remake Of Classic Horror Movie Jacob's Ladder Will Tackle PTSD, Writer Says

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The remake of the 1990 classic psychological horror film Jacob's Ladder was supposed to be released last month, until it was pushed back to an undisclosed date later this year. Adrian Lyne's film dealt with a haunted Vietnam War veteran who tries to discover a secret from his past by deciphering his own dreams, and over the years it has become a cult classic. This is mostly thanks to a twist near the end of the film that puts everything that came before it in a completely new light.

GameSpot had a chance to catch up with writer Jeff Buhler while he promoted his new film Pet Sematary at SXSW, and we asked him about his approach to the Jacob's Ladder remake and how his script modernizes the classic tale.

"The original has a twist that you can't repeat because without the secret it doesn't have any power," Buhler said. "So we wanted to come up with another twist that could catch people off guard."

Google Stadia Hands-on Impressions From GDC 2019

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Google made a big splash at GDC 2019 with its announcement of Stadia, the cloud-based platform that streams games from a remote data center to nearly any device--laptops, phones, tablets, PCs, Macs, Chromebooks, and TVs with Chromecast. All graphics processing is relegated to off-site hardware, meaning there's little stress on your local hardware; all you need is a strong internet connection. It's a technologically impressive concept that has come to fruition, and we were one of the first to experience what it's like to play games on Stadia. Assassin's Creed Odyssey and Doom (2016) were playable on the GDC show floor, and while they ran and looked great, I couldn't help but notice one significant shortcoming.

Keep in mind, my hands-on time was at the Google stations on the GDC show floor, so your mileage may vary. There are a lot variables at play in addition to the internet connection, and these are early playable builds under unknown conditions. Display response time is another factor that we couldn't account for during the hands-on demo, and it's an important spec to consider, especially for a PC-like experience--these were not gaming-grade monitors at the demo stations.

Apex Legends Season 1 Battle Pass: All The Skins You Can Earn

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Apex Legends Season 1 Battle Pass: All The Skins You Can Earn

Apex Legends' first season has begun, and with it comes the game's first battle pass. As in similar games like Fortnite, the battle pass gives you a bunch of new cosmetics, plus the opportunity to earn a whole lot more as you play the game. There are new character skins and lines, frames, and weapon skins on offer, allowing you to spiff up your arsenal as you work on earning all 100 levels.

The battle pass dishes out a few of the coolest things right out of the gate. Those are three character skins, one each for Lifeline, Mirage, and Wraith. There's also a skin for new character Octane players can unlock or buy even if they haven't purchased the battle pass. But the crowning achievement are two firsts for Apex Legends. They're reactive skins for the Havoc assault rifle, which change based on your performance in a match. The more kills you earn, the cooler the skins become. You'll have to earn all 100 levels of the battle pass to get them, though.

You can snag the battle pass for 950 Apex Coins, the game's premium currency, which amounts to about $10--the same price as Fortnite's battle pass. You can also earn Apex Coins along the way, which can help you purchase the next battle pass in about 90 days. Meanwhile, check out all the various character and gun skins you can earn below.