Apple's "Show Time" Event: When And How To Watch

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Apple is preparing a live event, widely expected to debut its approach to streaming services among other big announcements. Here's everything you need to know.

Like most Apple events, the show will be carried live through the Apple's website. It will be broadcast from the Steve Jobs Theater at the Apple campus. It will all go down on Monday, March 25, and you can watch it live:

For the time being, Apple has only referred to this as a "Special Event" and the tagline for the invitations was "It's show time." All indications are that this will be the reveal of Apple's long-rumored streaming service.

Pokemon Go Bringing Gen 4 Legendary Giratina Back With New Form

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Pokemon Go Bringing Gen 4 Legendary Giratina Back With New Form

Pokemon Go's first Gen 4 Legendary Pokemon, Giratina, is making an encore appearance in the hit mobile game soon. Niantic is bringing the Renegade Pokemon back to Raid Battles for another month beginning March 28, and this time around it'll appear in a different form.

From March 28 to April 2, players will have another opportunity to capture Giratina in its Altered Forme (pictured below). After that, the Legendary Pokemon will transform into its Origin Forme--the serpent-like appearance it takes in Pokemon Platinum--until it leaves Raid Battles on April 29.

Regardless of what form it takes, Giratina is a dual Ghost/Dragon Pokemon, so the same strategies you used to battle it when it first appeared during last year's Halloween event will apply. What's unique about this combination is that both Ghost and Dragon are susceptible to their own types, so Pokemon like Salamence, Rayquaza, and Gengar will prove to be effective against Giratina. Dark-types such as Tyranitar and Houndoom will also have an edge over it.

Microsoft Apes Nintendo, Announces Xbox One Indie Game Showcase Stream

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Microsoft has taken a leaf out of Nintendo's book and announced a new Direct-style stream centered around indie titles coming to Xbox One. Named ID@Xbox Game Pass, the first episode will air on March 26 at 9 AM PT / 12 PM ET / 4 PM GMT (3 AM AET in Sydney).

"You can expect to learn more about some of the hottest ID@Xbox titles coming to Xbox Game Pass with new reveals, gameplay highlights, and conversations with the developers," the platform holder stated. It went on to tease information on Afterparty, Void Bastards, and Supermarket Shriek, as well as "new game announcements." You'll be able to watch on YouTube, as with Microsoft's Inside Xbox streams.

On the face of it, the show will be similar to Nintendo's regular Nindies streams, the most recent of which happened just a few days ago. The spring Nindies showcase even included a collaboration of sorts between Nintendo and Microsoft as a port of Cuphead for Switch was announced. It also brought a new Zelda game and some new Switch games available right now.

Ethereal Review - Stay In Your Lane

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Ethereal Review - Stay In Your Lane

By restricting traditional movement and thrusting you into carefully constructed 2D mazes, simply getting around Ethereal's levels presents challenging conundrums that are deeply satisfying to overcome. Despite some uneven pacing and technical issues marring the overall experience, Ethereal is a delightful game that contrasts a soothing ambiance with intricate and challenging puzzle designs.

Ethereal's opening is mysterious, but not in the best way. Starting in a monochrome world with harsh black and white streaks across the screen, it's difficult to make sense of your surroundings and options. It's an unnecessarily confusing introduction to Ethereal, which otherwise takes care to slowly introduce new mechanics before nudging you towards increasingly complex puzzles.

Outside of its central hub, Ethereal is wonderfully colorful. Your avatar leaves inky streaks of color behind them as they move, corresponding to a limited but carefully chosen palette that paints the walls around you with bright hues. A fish-eye style lens warps each world near the edges, making it feel like you're traversing a wrapped around globe rather than an endless 2D plane set on top of a harsh white background. Ethereal's stylings are subtle but work well together, producing a distinctive look that never wears thin.

XCOM 2 Is Free To Play And 75% Off On Steam This Weekend

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No matter how long and tiresome your week is, there's at least one thing you can look forward to by the time you make it to Friday: Steam's free-to-play weekend games will be live. This weekend, only one title is available as a free-to-play exclusive, but it's a big one: XCOM 2, a turn-based strategy game where you command a resistance group of soldiers fighting back against aliens who have captured and now dominate Earth.

From now until Sunday, March 24 at 1 PM PT / 4 PM ET / 8 PM GMT (or March 25 at 7 AM AET), you can play XCOM 2 completely for free on Steam--and if you love the game, be sure to grab it at its current steep discount of $15 / £11.37 / AU $21.16 (normally $60). It'll be on sale until Monday, March 25 at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET / 5 PM GMT (or March 26 at 4 AM AET). The XCOM 2 Collection, its Digital Deluxe edition, and various DLC are marked down as well.

XCOM 2 takes places two decades after XCOM: Enemy Unknown, the series' 2012 reboot. You play as the commander of XCOM, a military organization working to sabotage and bring down the alien regime that now occupies Earth. Stealth and strategy play an even bigger role in this sequel, which allows for sneaking around enemies and planning thrilling ambushes. The game earned a 9/10 in GameSpot's XCOM 2 review for its nuanced strategy, compelling characters, and the critical decisions you're forced to make.

Life Is Strange 2 Isn't Back Until May, Release Schedule Detailed

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You'll be waiting a while longer to continue Life is Strange 2. Square Enix outlined the upcoming roadmap of releases for the remaining episodes, and the next one isn't coming until late spring. The full season is slated to last through the rest of the year.

The company outlined its season of content on Steam. Episode 3 is coming on May 9, followed by Episode 4 on August 22, and Episode 5 on December 3. Those gaps are about what players may have expected given the four-month wait between the first two releases in September 2018 and January 2019, but it also means the story isn't as close as fans may have hoped.

Life is Strange was a surprise from publisher Square Enix and gained a cult following around its mixture of sci-fi and fantasy tropes with the mundane parts of real life. It received a spin-off, The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, that served as a bridge and teaser for the sequel.

Stephen King's Dark Tower TV Show Still Happening, First cast Announced

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While it's not unusual for a popular novel to get more than one adaptation, it's rare for them to occur only a few years apart. But following the commercial disappointment of 2017's adaptation of Stephen King's The Dark Tower, another version is on the way, this time as an Amazon series. The first cast members have now been announced.

As reported by Variety, the lead roles of The Gunslinger and The Man in Black will be played by Sam Strike and Jasper Pääkkönen respectively. Strike was seen most recently in the sci-fi show Nightflyers, as well as David Fincher's Netflix thriller Mindhunter. Pääkkönen had a key role in Spike Lee's acclaimed Blackkkansman, as well as the series Vikings.

A Dark Tower TV show was first announced back in 2016. It was subsequently announced that former Walking Dead showrunner Glen Mazzara would be producing the series, and the plan was to make it a spin-off from the film. The movie, which starred Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey, hit theaters in August 2017, but its box office failure meant that plans for further movies were quickly dropped.

Devil May Cry 5 Hits Big Sales Milestone In First Two Weeks

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Capcom has shipped 2 million copies of Devil May Cry 5 within its first two weeks, the company has announced. That's a significant boost from its previous release, the soft-reboot DMC: Devil May Cry, which had its sales expectations reduced amid a weaker-than-expected launch.

Capcom also noted that the series has now cumulatively sold more than 19 million copies since it debuted in 2001. If sales of DMC5 remain strong, it's likely to help push that lifetime figure over the 20 million mark.

DMC5 is the first mainline release for the series in more than ten years. It brings back Dante and Nero, along with a new character, V, who summons animal familiars to do his fighting for him. The last numbered release, Devil May Cry 4, sold 2 million copies in roughly its first month on the market.