Black Adam Movie For DC Casts Bodhi Sabongui Cast In Mystery Role

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Bodhi Sabongui, the 13-year-old Canadian-American actor from A Million Little Things and DC's Legends of Tomorrow, has joined the cast of Black Adam, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Sabongui's role is being kept secret but it's believed to be "a key role in the Black Adam-DC canon."

Keeping his role under wraps is consistent with previous casting announcements--The Old Guard's Marwan Kenzari was also recently cast in a mystery role--but also in stark contrast to Black Adam's recent addition of Pierce Brosnan as Dr. Fate. Aside from the movie's overall arc and role of introducing the Justice League of America to the DC movie universe, all we really know so far is Black Adam will also feature Hawkman (Aldis Hodge), Cyclone (Quintessa Swindell), and, of course, Black Adam (Dwayne Johnson). A recent teaser has Johnson saying, "The hierarchy of power in the DC Universe is about to change."

Filming on Black Adam is expected to begin in April, and the movie is due out July 29, 2022--moved up several months from its original release date of December 2022. Black Adam is directed by Jaume Collet-Serra, who also directed Johnson in the upcoming Disney film Jungle Cruise.

Sony Has An Xbox Game Pass "Counterpunch," God Of War Creator Says

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Xbox Game Pass doesn’t really have a comparable service on PlayStation systems, with the streaming service PlayStation Now not offering same-day launch for Sony's games or the same selection from other companies. According to the original God of War director, however, that could be changing in some fashion.

In YouTube stream on April 8 spotted by VGC, God of War and Twisted Metal developer David Jaffe said staff at Sony had let him know about a "counterpunch" to Xbox Game Pass. He admitted he didn't know what for that would take, nor does it sound like he knows when there will be an announcement.

Jaffe hasn't worked at Sony since 2007, founding a few independent developers, though he did continue working with PlayStation exclusively in the years to follow. His most-recent game was Drawn to Death, which he directed at The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency. It was free for PlayStation Plus at launch in April 2017, and the studio closed less than a year later.

Call Of Duty: Warzone Zombies Outbreak Is Getting Worse

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Call Of Duty: Warzone Zombies Outbreak Is Getting Worse

The zombies outbreak in Call of Duty: Warzone is getting worse. A new teaser for the rumored nuke event has appeared online, alerting players that the containment levels have reached 66% and telling them not to worry as part of what is certainly propaganda and a big lie that is trying to cover up the truth of what is going down in Verdansk.

The message posted by Armistice Central Command alerts players that the zombie outbreak, while it is getting worse, is nothing to worry about.

"Per recent models, everything is under control," the message says. "We can assure you that the estimated threat, and physical manifestations thereof, continue to be at manageable levels. Without a full and clear picture, personal evidence of so-called 'zombie' activities from Operators on the ground continue to be speculative and anecdotal."

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint 2021 Roadmap Includes Biggest-Ever Operation

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Delivering on its promise to continue to support Ghost Recon Breakpoint in 2021, Ubisoft has now outlined what's coming to the military shooter this year.

Coming up first is a new 4.0.0 title update this spring that focuses on how players interact with AI teammates. This includes "a new progression system," along with more customization options and other features requested by players.

Title update 4.1.0 will follow this fall, and it is "one of the biggest operations so far," Ubisoft said. No further details were shared, however.

Analogue Super Nt Will Be Back In Stock Today

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Analogue's Super Nt, a custom piece of hardware built to play classic Super NES and Super Famicom cartridges, will go on sale again soon. The company has announced it will open orders today, April 9, at 8 AM PT / 11 AM ET.

The Super Nt comes in three colors: Classic, modeled after the Super NES; SF, modeled after the Super Famicom; and black. A fourth option with transparent casing has been discontinued. Each version includes the system and controller with all the cables and power supply, along with digital copies of Super Turrican - Director's Cut and Super Turrican 2.

As Analogue notes, the Super Nt isn't a plug-and-play console pre-loaded with games like Nintendo's own Super NES Classic. Instead, it's a full-fledged console like the original Super NES, able to play the library of Super NES cartridge games. If you still have those carts as part of your collection or are looking to start, this is one way to play them. Check out our Super Nt review for more details.

Hitman 3's Latest Elusive Target Is A Homicidal Art Collector

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Just like the previous two games, Hitman 3 has no shortage of targets for contracts to pursue within its various stages, and this weekend will see a brand new Elusive Target roaming the Dartmoor Estate. As part of the Season of Greed, players can hunt down an obsessive and homicidal art collector by the name of Kody Haynes.

Also known as The Collector, Haynes has been on the run for the last six years after his wife discovered that he had been embezzling funds from her fast-food family fortune to help support his art-collecting habit.

Unlike other collectors though, Heynes cannot stomach the idea of his prized possessions having been owned by anyone else who is still alive, and he usually fixes that dilemma by murdering the previous artwork owners. Sounds like a problem that only a lethal master of disguise can permanently solve.

The Last Of Us Remake In The Works At Naughty Dog, Report Says

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A new report from Bloomberg has shed some light on the goings-on at PlayStation, and one of the most notable takeaways is that Naughty Dog is working on a The Last of Us remake. The report also mentioned that Days Gone studio Sony Bend was developing a new Uncharted game and that Days Gone will not get a sequel.

Sony's Visual Arts Service Group, based in San Diego, has typically supported other Sony studios in the past. However, the studio is said to have begun its attempts to remake The Last of Us about three years ago.

Visual Arts Service Group founder Michael Mumbauer recruited about 30 people, from inside Sony and out, to create a new division that would develop a remake of The Last of Us for PS5, Bloomberg said. The team didn't get funding or support and Sony elected to shift development on the Last of Us remake to Naughty Dog, according to the report.

Sean Astin Asked To Play Aragorn In Lord Of The Rings

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Actor Sean Astin starred in Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings series as the Hobbit Samwise Gamgee, but he apparently wasn't always guaranteed to play that role. Astin and other Lord of the Rings cast members recently spoke to Stephen Colbert for an Alamo Drafthouse event, and a few of these videos were shared with Esquire.

In one of the videos, Astin said he got the impression that he was being pigeon-holed into playing Sam when he might have had an opportunity to play a different character. Maybe that was true, but one part he was never in the running for was Aragorn.

"The way the agent and the Victoria Burrows the casting director were talking to me, all of a sudden I got this sense, like, 'Wait a minute. Are you pigeon-holing me? Is this typecasting?" he said. "'Who else could I be because this Aragorn guy looks really cool--he's got a sword! Could I play Aragorn?' And I remember them going, 'No. No, you couldn't play Aragorn."

NBA 2K21 Player Ratings Update Revealed; See Who Rose And Fell

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2K Sports has updated NBA 2K21 once again to introduce new player ratings that better reflect the real-world performance of professional athletes.

A number of players have seen their overall ratings increased due to their real-world performance. Luka Dončić and Jrue Holiday had their OVR boosted by 1 point to become a 94 and 87 respectively. Bogdan Bogdanović, who is crushing it right now in the NBA, jumped by three points to a 79 OVR. Cover star Zion Williamson, meanwhile, continues to excel on the court and saw his OVR jump by 1 one to a 90. This is the first time he's hit 90.

Not every player has moved up in ratings, however, as Jayson Tatum dropped 1 point to an 89, while Evan Fournier fell by two points to hit 81. You can see a full rundown of the "movers," as shared by 2K Sports on its blog.

Life Is Strange Creator Is Now A Third-Party Publisher, Too

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The French game developer Dontnod, which created the Life is Strange series, is growing its reach and becoming a third-party publisher. Dontnod announced this week that it will publish developer PortaPlay's new game as a co-production effort. Under the terms of the deal, Dontnod will hold the "majority rights" of this new IP.

The Copenhagen-based PortaPlay is making an "original creation." Little is known in the way of specifics, but Dontnod said the game "fits with the editorial vision and values of Dontnod." It added: "These values federate a broad audience and resonate with our very committed community of gamers around the world."

Dontnod's publishing and marketing department was established in 2020, but this seems to be the first game that the company is taking on as a publisher.