Far Cry 4 Let's You Play With A Friend - Even If They Don't Own The Game

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Far Cry 4 Let's You Play With A Friend - Even If They Don't Own The Game

Players will be able to play Far Cry 4 cooperatively even if your friend doesn't own the game. This feature will be exclusive to the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 versions of the game.

PS3 and PS4 gamers without Far Cry 4 will be able to download a separate client that includes all of the game's assets besides the single-player missions. Those will not be playable cooperatively. 

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EA's Two-Lane MOBA: Dawngate

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EA's Two-Lane MOBA: Dawngate

Electronic Arts has a MOBA in the works: Dawngate, by new internal studio Waystone Games.

The game features two lanes, and EA is promising that a larger, over-arching story is one of the things that will help set the game apart.

You can sign up for the game's beta and get more info over at the official website.

Hitman: Sniper Shoots To Kill On Mobile

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IO Interactive has been releasing quality Hitman games for over a decade now, but the series has always failed to garner the massive audiences that other triple-A action games enjoy, in part due to its unique and demanding gameplay. Square-Enix Montreal has been determined to expand Agent 47's influence to the mobile market, but rather than release a watered down version of the console games, the developer has focused on finding aspects of the series that work well on handheld devices. Hitman Go recasts the series' cat-and-mouse gameplay as a puzzle game. The developer's newest title focuses squarely on Agent 47's impeccable marksmanship, and our hands-on demo with the game suggests the legendary assassin is right on target.

Hitman: Sniper is a spiritual successor of sorts to Hitman: Sniper Challenge, the short downloadable game that served as a pre-order bonus for Hitman: Absolution. The concept is simple: The player peers down on the level from a stationary vantage point and snipes at unsuspecting enemies. You can off the target immediately, but completing the contract isn't really the point – instead you want to get the high score, which means offing as many guards as possible and chaining together combos before finally taking down your target.

The Many Awesome Things We Did In Shadow Of Mordor

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Warner Bros. has a stellar line-up of games at this year’s big show, and one of the most impressive in the bunch is its new chapter in the saga of Middle-earth. Shadow of Mordor has seemed an interesting project since we first revealed the game on our cover several months ago, but this E3 was the first time I've had the opportunity to sit down and play an extended section of the game. An earlier preview offers an extensive look at the content of that hands-on session, so today we’re taking a different tack – stacking up a wealth of individual moments I encountered during my lengthy play session to see how they add up to a great time. Much of Shadow of Mordor’s appeal comes from its emergent approach to mission design, combat, and exploration, and the following help illustrate how many small situations and features come together to make an impressive gameplay experience. 

Galloped on a Carragor: Mordor’s answer to mounts is the lion-like carragor – a massive cat beast that can be ridden across the countryside and into battle. While I charged headlong into a surprised group of orcs, the carragor slashed and bit at foes while I hacked away any enemies that got too close using Talion’s sword.

Tales From The Borderlands Preview — Life After Handsome Jack

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Today at E3, we were treated to Telltale's next storytelling adventure, Tales from the Borderlands.

Tales of the Borderlands features two different characters with completely different perspectives and personalities. Let's just say, they hate each other and their conversations often end in arguments. You'll swap between both characters during the adventure and role-play them via the dialogue options. The game takes place after Borderlands 2. Our demo focused on Rhys, a Hyperion worker, looking to make his mark now that Handsome Jack is no longer around. He was hoping to take over his position, but an arrogant tool named Vasquez, who the game notes obviously didn't get enough attention in high school, is now in charge. Vasquez, voiced marvelously by Patrick Warburton, tells Rhys how it was destiny he got the job over him. "Bad things can happen when you swim against fate," he warns Rhys.

Crytek Enters The MOBA Fight With Arena Of Fate

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Crytek is best known for creating Far Cry, Crysis, and The CryEngine, but that doesn't mean this studio can't try to carve out a piece of the MOBA pie.

Arena of Fate is the developer's foray into the popular genre, featuring a variety of heroes, a focus on teamwork, and a free-to-play structure.

Check out the images and teaser trailer below. The best news is that you won't have to wait long to play; Arena of Fate is scheduled for a summer 2014 release, and you can apply for beta now.

Greninja Is Easily The Best New Smash Bros. Character

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After playing with each of the new characters exactly one time each, I complied this fact based on which character I won the most with: Greninja is clearly the best new fighter.

Earlier in the week, I played Super Smash Bros. with Little Mac, but he proved not to be my best character. But the Nintendo frantic character fighter is so entertaining that I just couldn't stay away, and I went back to the well to find another fighter that would fit more with my style.

I landed on the character Greninja. I'm clearly really good with him; I'm currently undefeated with him. Super Smash Bros. director Masahiro Sakurai said they actually started picking the character for Smash Bros. before Pokémon X & Y was that far into development. Therefore, the Smash Bros. team actually had a hand in designing the character, but they didn't know he would become one of the more popular characters in Pokémon X & Y. They just picked the one they thought would be the best. That's just an extra fun fact for you. You didn't expect to get any fun facts in this preview, did you? Don't say I never gave you anything.

How The Batmobile Is Changing Everything In Batman: Arkham Knight

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After seeing Batman: Arkham Knight in action for our April issue cover story, I was excited to see more at E3 this week. But I never expected the Batmobile to have such an impact with my first hands-on.

Maneuverability: In the mission I played, Batman had to infiltrate Ace Chemicals to rescue five hostages from the clutches of Arkham Knight. Normally in an Arkham game you'd swoop in and trade off some combat and stealth sections until you reach the end. Now you hop in the Batmobile, fire up the jet engine hooked to the back, and ramp over the busted out bridge. The vehicle is incorporated into the entire sequence in unique and interesting ways, but the most striking thing was how it controlled. Pursuit mode feels like a normal speedy car, however, it's not the best for the tight corridors of the chemical plant. By holding down the left trigger, it changes to battle mode instantly, allowing one of the most maneuverable vehicles I've ever controlled. Not only does it work great for battles (that's next on the list), it's nimble enough to scoot along narrow, twisting bridges, and the strafing ability is perfect for little tweaks necessary to line up with a ramp for a big jump or to simply turn around.

D4 Is A Surreal Xbox One Exclusive

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If you've played Deadly Premonition, you would not expect the next game from creator Hidetaka "Swery" Suehiro to be anything conventional. If the latest screens and trailer are any indication, that's a safe assumption.

D4 (which stands for Dark Dreams Don't Die) puts players in control of David Young, who uses his power to travel back in time in order to prevent his wife's murder. The screens and trailer below showcase some of the bizarre events and characters players will encounter along the way.

The title also uses voice and motion controls with Kinect, and is slated for release in 2014. For more info, read Kim Wallace's impressions from last year's Tokyo Game Show.

Six Weird Things From The Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Demo

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Alongside an impressive trailer, Konami played a demo of The Phantom Pain on the E3 floor to showcase some of the new mechanics of the upcoming game.

The Phantom Pain shares a lot in common with its PSP prequel Peace Walker. Snake is able to use the Fulton Recovery System to recruit soldiers to his cause, and send them on missions that help Big Boss in many ways. Big Boss can also use the Fulton Recovery System to collect supplies as large as vehicles, and a few other things which you will see below.

The demo starts with Big Boss and Ocelot riding on horses through a dust storm to begin the mission to collect data which will help them to recover their ally Miller. It’s Big Boss’ first mission since his nine-year coma, and he’s clearly struggling to get the hang of his new robotic arm. Ocelot gives a quick overview of the goals and says, “Let the legend come back to life,” and Big Boss is on his way. This is where things start to get weird.