Fight With Barrels, Koopas, And Bullet Bills

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Yesterday, we reported on the two exclusive Nintendo characters coming to Skylanders Superchargers on Wii U. Today, Activision has released a set of images showcasing how Bowser and Donkey Kong look in their Nintendo crossover.

When Skylanders Superchargers releases on September 20, both of these characters will be playable via either Amiibo or Skylanders figures. If you're looking for more coverage on Activision's most recent toy-based game, check out our list of the 21 things you need to know about Skylanders Superchargers.

The Wii U Exclusive Comes To North America This Fall

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The E3 trailer for the latest entry in a cult-classic survival horror series didn’t make it into Nintendo’s video E3 presentation. Fatal Frame: Maiden of the Black Water, originally announced for localization a few months ago,  will be the first non-spinoff Fatal Frame game to come to North America in nearly a decade.

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Not a single word is spoken in the new trailer. Instead, the mood is set with creepy music and the gasping moans of the ghosts encountered in Fatal Frame: Maiden of the Black Water. As with other games in the series, fighting hostile spirits is done through the lens of a special camera. Getting up close and personal using the Wii U game pad is the only way to defeat pursuing spirits. The gamepad acts as the reoccurring Camera Obscura protagonists throughout the Fatal Frame series have used to fight off ghosts.

Last Year's Demo Didn't Impress Me, But Now I'm On Board

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Star Fox Zero is Nintendo's biggest, flashiest game of E3 2015, but this isn't the first time we've seen Fox McCloud's most recent return to the skies. Exactly a year ago, Nintendo legend Shigeru Miyamoto showed off an early build of the game to a few members of the gaming press. The initial playable build of the game didn't make a significant impression on me at the time, which I wrote about after playing (no new word on those strange Star Fox-branded minigames from last year). Today, I had the opportunity to play more of the latest iteration of Star Fox Zero, and walked away far more hopeful than I did from the first showing.

Last year, I got my hands on the new transformable Arwing, which can morph between a tank, smaller walker, and of course its flight form. The E3 2014 demo featured basic gameplay, scant, poorly detailed levels, and overly simplistic objectives. Nintendo showed the game far earlier in its development and in a much rougher state than the company is traditionally known to do. The proof-of-concept demo, which allowed Fox to transform his vehicle and aim in first-person using the Wii U GamePad's screen, was serviceable but unexciting without the greater context of an intergalactic laser battle between talking anthropomorphic animals.

The Last Guardian's New Incarnation In Action

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The Last Guardian made a big impression at Sony's E3 press conference, but we were also fortunate enough to see a behind-closed-doors demo of the title with extra gameplay footage not in the recent trailer.

The demo opens up with the boy protagonist in a room that looks like the interior of a castle or the kind of stone structure that we've seen previously from the game. As he walks around, bits of feather are a small clue indicating which direction to head in. Soon the boy walks into a courtyard blocked by a gate. The area is filled by the large form of the Trico animal resting as brightly colored butterflies flit about and shafts of light stream in from above.

The lowered gate, however, isn't your immediate concern. The animal isn't just resting; it's hurt. Two large, broken spear shafts are lodged in its back. The boy comforts the animal by gently stroking its muzzle before climbing up on its back. The shafts are as large as he is, and the boy struggles to pull them out. There are no onscreen prompts or icons, and we don't know what controls were used exactly to extract the spears, but when they come out Trico lets out a pained cry.

Check Out 20 New Weapon And Armor Pieces

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Along with the release of a recent vidoc detailing The Taken King, Activision and Bungie have released a number of images that show off some of the weaponry and equipment coming to Destiny when the expansion releases on September 15.

Among the options we get a glimpse of a new Iron Banner weapon, two new weapons from Suros (makers of the Suros Regime), and armor pieces from each of the three major faction groups. 

While it’s great to get to see some imagery of these new weapons, we’ll be eager to learn the perks that each can hold. And while several of these look cool, we’re betting that the really cool guns (the exotics) have yet to be revealed. 

Navigating A World Made Of Paper

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Sony has released 13 screens for Tearaway Unfolded. 

The original Tearaway turned heads with its quirky charm, robust character customization, and inventive gameplay mechanics (for more details, check out our review).  The upcoming console adaptation, Tearaway Unfolded, looks to build on its predecessor's success.

Tearaway Unfolded launches for PlayStation 4 on September 8 with an initial price of $39.99. For those interested in learning more about the title, find out how developer Media Molecule plans to use the PlayStation 4 Dualshock controller. 

First Hands On With Earth's Tiniest Heroes

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Warner and TT Games have been on a tear lately, hyping up the recently released Lego Jurassic World and Lego Dimensions. Oddly enough, a third project hasn't had much time in the spotlight – a project based on a billion-dollar film franchise.

Lego Marvel's Avengers is based on the first two films, where New York City is attacked by the nefarious chitauri warriors. I didn't get to see anything from Age of Ultron, but I did help thwart the alien creatures' invasion. 

We start out with the invasion under way. Civilians are pinned beneath wreckage, and Captain America, Hawkeye, and Black Widow have to rescue them by destroying wrecked cars and other debris, some of which is guarded by chitauri goons. The characters are largely the same as in Lego Marvel Super Heroes, though there are subtle differences. Cap can not only walk through flames, but he can now extinguish them with a mighty leap and a flame-smothering shield smash.

How Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 Is Improving The Series

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At E3 I got hands-on time with Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer 2016, and was able to feel some of the key differences implemented into this year's title.

The game's increased physicality due to a new collision system is noticeable from jostling before headers (including backing down another player before the ball arrives) to hassle from opponents when you're dribbling. It's not like it's trying to constantly negotiate elbow alley, however, as defenders will still have to time their challenges well to avoid fouls or looking outright foolish.

The increased number of animations makes the game standout while you're playing without sacrificing the feel of the title.

From The Garage To The Streets In Need For Speed

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Need for Speed developer Ghost Games has talked about getting back to the essence of what the series is about. That's interesting talk coming from the company who has made past installments of the series, so what does that actually mean?

Customization is one huge aspect that the developer wants to tackle head on, and they mean business. This is achieved in the game in a number of ways. The car itself has 20 or so customization points, and we're not just talking about the rims and hood, but aftermarket and manufacturer-made parts that cover areas like the headlights, each rim individually (meaning they could each be a different color), side mirrors, calipers, canards (little bumper wings on the front and/or rear), and more.

There are also full body kits that serve as a sort of customization short cut. These save you some time if that's what you want, but also lock out some customization fields because the kit itself pre-determines the shape/look of certain areas.

Through The Darkness & The Rain With Forza 6

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Forza Motorsport 5 – the first game in the series for the Xbox One – felt like a new-gen experience on the road even though some of the career structure and multiplayer at launch wasn't as strong. Forza 6 (out September 15) is playing to its strengths. With the addition of racing in the night and the rain, your behind-the-wheel experience takes a turn for the interesting.

Water on the course and under your tires may not be exactly what you want when you're trying to race at high speeds and not go barreling into the safety tires, but as a gamer, it's a welcome challenge that looks great and adds a wrinkle to the driving experience.

The rain drops in the cockpit view sweep across your windshield against the direction of your turn, and the brake lights of the cars ahead of you cut through the rain.