Determine The Fate Of Humanity's Remnants In The Descendant

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The Descendant, an episodic sci-fi adventure that casts you as two characters in two different timelines, tasks you with keeping the few remaining humans still alive after the end of the world. The game is being developed by Swedish game studio Gaming Corps and looks to be pretty spooky.

Gaming Corps has released a teaser for the game that you watch right here:

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343 and Microsoft Give The Rundown On The Arbiter In Killer Instinct

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A little bit ago Iron Galaxy was dropping teases and trailers left and right that the Arbiter was on the way to Killer Instinct. Those who have been wanting more details are about to get them as the official Halo site just put up a massive post revealing customization options, combat styles, and the design philosophy behind this particular incarnation of the popular Halo character.

The key points revealed in the post are as follows:

Perhaps the most interesting revelation in the post pertains to who this particular version of The Arbiter is in Killer Instinct:

Puzzler 101 Ways To Die Demands You Kill With Style

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101 Ways To Die tasks you with killing creatures in creative and devious ways for the sake of science. The physics-based puzzler casts you as an assistant to one Professor Ernst Splattunfuder with the goal of rebuilding the professor's destroyed manuscript after it's been destroyed.

This means reproducing and solving every single puzzle by sending tons of little critters to meet their deaths. You can watch a cartoonishly gory video of the game in action here: 

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Survival Adventure Game The Solus Project Arrives On Xbox Game Preview

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The Solus Project is the newest title from the creators of The Ball and Unmechanical, billed as a "narrative-driven sci-fi styled survival-adventure." It has been in Early Access on Steam and GOG for about a week, and now it's come to the Xbox One Game Preview program.

The Solus Project places players on a mysterious distant planet, challenging them to survive and explore its volatile environments as they try to find the solution to humanity's impending destruction. Of course, there are plenty of dangers between you and the alien secrets of the planet's lost civilization. Get an idea of the game in the trailer below.

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The Many Ways It Looks To Improve Over Its Predecessor

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EA Sports UFC was a strong first effort when it released in 2014, but EA Sports' debut as the holder of the UFC license was far from perfect. In addition to a repetitive career mode structure, the ground and grapple mechanics were difficult to understand and the game lacked overall depth in the modes it offered. We recently got our hands on the sequel to get a good idea of how UFC 2 looks to improve over its predecessor.

The striking of EA's first UFC was great, and that appears to have remained mostly intact. Some new animations and improved knockout physics made my time operating in the stand-up game more satisfying, but it largely felt the same and my skills learned from the first game were transferable.

Cyanide Goes Lovecraftian With Game Based On Call Of Cthulu RPG

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Cyanide Studios and Focus Home Interactive have announced an upcoming horror game based on Chaosium's long-running pen-and-paper RPG Call of Cthulu. The game, which is coming to consoles and PC in 2017, promises to give players a disturbing take on Lovecraftian horror.

In this Call of Cthulu game, players are investigating the death of an artist and her family on a remote island. This being Call of Cthulu, players will likely have their sanity tested as they face unspeakable horrors and their fraying grasp on reality. Cyanide says it's a psychological-horror game with stealth mechanics, and that it's being built, appropriately enough, in Unreal Engine 4.

We'll have more details on the game in the coming months.

Explore The Anatomy Of A Cult In The Church In The Darkness

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What differentiates a reclusive religious sect from a dangerous cult? History has proven that drawing a line between the two can sometimes be tough, especially when paranoia grips the group. Both traditionally are led by charismatic figureheads who serve as prophets, social engineers, and arbiters of justice. Both typically make concerted efforts to separate their dogmatic ways of life from that of everyday society. So, if you walked into one of these encampments, could you tell the difference between the two? That’s the question Paranoid Productions founder Richard Rouse III (The Suffering), is asking with his new self-financed game set in the 1970s, The Church in the Darkness.

“The interesting thing about these progressive groups, or things that people call a cult, is that it's often hard to tell when you're in a cult that you're in a cult,” Rouse says. “It's also hard to look from the outside at a group of people who are behaving very differently or maybe have walled themselves in somewhere and determine, ‘Is that fine, or is that really dangerous?’ Telling this story in a game, we can explore both sides of that.”

Gearbox Reveals Three New, Weird-Looking Battleborn Characters

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In a post on the official Battleborn website, 2K spills the beans on three new Battleborn characters: Whiskey Foxtrot, Kelvin, and Shayne and Aurox – a supernatural teen/demon duo.

Of the three new characters, Whiskey Foxtrot seems like the most traditional, packing a tactical assault rifle as his main weapon, along with explosive abilities that include sticky bombs and a scrap cannon.

Kelvin, on the other hand, is a melee-focused ice golem that takes on rivals with ice fists, a bite attack (appropriately called Chomp), and a defensive ice wall. Kelvin can also turn into a gaseous cloud that can freeze his enemies when he passes through them.