Doctor Who Legacy Finally Adds Tom Baker’s Fourth Doctor To The Roster

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The mobile puzzle game Doctor Who Legacy has included many of the Doctors from the show’s legacy including David Tenant’s Tenth Doctor and Peter Davison’s Sixth Doctor, but one iconic time lord has remained noticeably absent until now. Starting this weekend, developer Tiny Rebel Games is making Tom Baker’s Fourth Doctor a playable character.

Players can download the Fourth Doctor using an exclusive early access code provided by Kotaku. Act fast though, the code expires at midnight pacific time on Sunday.

Doctor Who Legacy is a puzzle game where players cull their favorite Doctors to fight the venerable series’ classic lineup of villains. The title is free to download on iOS, Android, and Amazon Kindle, and is also available to play on Facebook.

Will The Zombie Apocalypse Begin On The Soccer Field? Techland Thinks So

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Since the inception of the zombie apocalypse genre there have been hundreds of origin stories created to set the events of these tales in motion. Thanks to Dying Light developer Techland and bookmaker Paddy Power, we have another new potential origin to add to the list: soccer players.

As a part of a unique ad campaign, the two companies have teamed up to set the odds of the zombie outbreak starting when soccer player Luis Suarez (notorious for biting other players during games) sinks his teeth into a player during the upcoming Barcelona vs. Real Madrid game. They have set the odds on which player (50 to 1 on Madrid’s center back Pepe), where he will bite them (varying from 33 to 1 on arm  or shoulder to 100 to 1 on his foot) and even whether or not the bite will start an epidemic (500 to 1 odds). Check out the full odds below. 

When will Suarez bite a player?

Skylanders Eon’s Elite Are Three Times More Powerful Than Other Figures

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When Skylanders was first announced, there was a healthy amount of skepticism about the combination of toys and video games. Activision and developer Toys for Bob proved the concept, building the property into a $2 billion mammoth over the past three years.

This year, Activision is introducing a line of figures aimed at those players that also have a bent toward collectibles. The Eon’s Elite line are re-releases of eight figures (one in each element) from the original title in the series, Spyro’s Adventure.

The first two announced figures, Spyro and Chop Chop, will be joined by the newly announced Trigger Happy. These figures all have a metallic finish and a golden base. They also boast stats that are three times as powerful as other figures.

We Convinced Our Horror-Averse News Editor To Play The Evil Within For Your Enjoyment

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We Convinced Our Horror-Averse News Editor To Play The Evil Within For Your Enjoyment

Yesterday, executive editor Andrew Reiner and I started to discuss this year’s Top 50 and the games we haven’t yet played. The conversation then turned to a recent release called The Evil Within, which somehow flew under my radar.

I hadn’t paid much attention to it, because as you might recall, I don’t always love the horror genre. Thankfully, Reiner convinced me that the game was just poorly named. In fact, he described it as “the spiritual sequel to Flower.” He even showed me a picture of lovely sunflowers from the game.

Given that I do enjoy Flower, especially after a stressful day, I thought that this might be a good fit. Reiner suggested that I liveblog the experience, too. (Admittedly, this seemed like a strange request, but he’s my boss, so I rolled with it.)

Later today, I’ll be liveblogging my experience with this meditative game (at this link). Check back with us at 10:30 a.m. Pacific / 1:30 p.m. Eastern. What could go wrong?

Red Barrels Confirms Work On Outlast 2 Has Begun

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Just in time for Halloween, horror fans have something new to look forward to. Red Barrels has confirmed it is working on a follow-up to its 2013 scarefest, Outlast.

The confirmation comes in an interview from horror news site Bloody Disgusting. “After shipping the XB1 version of Outlast, we took some time to analyze our situation and we quickly realized we had at least another horror game in us,” Red Barrels co-founder Philippe Morin says. “So, yes, we are working on Outlast 2.”

Outlast (our review) puts players in the role of Miles Upshur, a reporter who receives a tip about nefarious activity at the old Mount Massive Asylum. Armed only with a night vision-equipped camcorder, Miles must discover the secrets of the asylum while avoiding its perils.

MMO And MOBA Genres Continue Massive Success

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A new research study details the worldwide popularity of the MMO and MOBA genres, which League of Legends projected to pull in nearly a billions dollars.

Super Data Research recently published its "MMO Market Report" (which lumps MOBAs like League of Legends into the MMO category). The study projects that MMOs and MOBAs will combine for $11 billion in revenue in 2014, which Super Data projects to grow to $13 billion by 2017.

Asia is the largest market in the category, with over $4 billion sales in the genre. League of Legends leads the pack with $946 billion in revenues, followed by Crossfire and Dungeon Fighter Online.

Microsoft's Xbox Music Will End Free Service

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Microsoft's streaming music service will soon become subscriber-only.

According to this FAQ posted on the official Xbox site: "Effective December 1, 2014, the free Xbox Music streaming feature currently available on Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and over the Internet will be discontinued in all countries where it is offered."

If you've already purchased music through Xbox Music, you will continue to have access to the music you own.

New Update Brings Hitman 2-Inspired Levels To Hitman Go

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The St. Petersburg Stakeout update to Hitman Go, the mobile spinoff of the popular series of stealth games, will add 9 new levels inspired by Hitman 2: Silent Assassin and cloud-saving functionality to the game.

Starting today, the new levels can be unlocked in-game by completing a number of mission-based objectives. More impatient players, however, can purchase the update for $0.99. In celebration of the new content, Hitman Go is available for $1.99 on the App Store and Google Play for a limited time.

Hitman Go marks a deviation from the franchise’s formula. While console entries have players stealthily sneak through sandbox environments, Hitman Go features strategic, turn-based gameplay, minimalist graphics, and an isometric camera. Check out Jeff Marchiafava’s review to learn more about the game.