Super Replay Title Cyberia Now Available On

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Senior associate editor Tim Turi calls Cyberia the worst game he has ever beaten, and now it's available to play from Good Old Games.

Originally released in 1994, Cyberia is a PC adventure game with puzzles and on-rails shooting segments, and it is absolutely terrible. We played through the game in its entirety for Super Replay and were so impressed that we jumped right into the sequel. If you've been waiting for a chance to try the game yourself without having to boot up an old PC and track down a physical copy of the game, now is your chance.

If you would rather watch the game be played as opposed to suffering it yourself (our recommendation, frankly), you can check out the full Super Replay by heading here. Or you can check out the first episode below.

Metal Gear Rising 2 Teased At Taipei Game Show

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It's a blink-and-you-miss-it tease, but it looks like Metal Gear Rising 2 may be in development for PlayStation 4.

Appearing during part of Taipei Game Show's live stream (not to be confused with Tokyo Game Show, which shares the same acronym), the image you see above flashed quickly during a montage of upcoming PlayStation games. During an The Order: 1886 clip where the team is counting down for a payload drop, during the number two, a number two with the Metal Gear Rising font flashed on screen.

You can see the tease yourself by checking out the stream here and jumping to around the 2:46 mark. For our review of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, head here.

Immature Star Wars Light Saber Battle

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For decades, gamers have been imaging various modifications to the classic Jedi weapon. We've seen double-sided sabers and sabers with handguards, but that's not the end of the craziness. Watch what happens when two force-wielding combatants try to outdo each other with their schwartz.

In what is basically an ad for Loot Crate, Mr.TVCow give us a unique spin on the classic light saber duel.

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Unreal 4 Demo Shows Us What A Kitchen Looks Like

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If you don't think that games might someday look like real life then this video, which recreates a Paris apartment, might make you rethink that. This might be the most impressive gameplay demo you've ever seen and it has absolutely no action.

We've seen some impressive Unreal Engine demos in the past, and we've seen the tech used to recreate some cool game-related locales, but we haven't seen it used to create something this lifelike before. This demo, called Unreal Paris, was created by CG designer Dereau Benoît. If he doesn't have a game design job already, he should.

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Conan O'Brien's Show Get Recreated In Minecraft

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Conan O'Brien has a pretty good set for his TBS show. Even so, the late night host thought that it would be cool if he animated an entire show inside the mega popular indie title. It sounds like Mojang was initially onboard, but pulled out at some point. We have no idea if this is true, but it's an interested story. Go tell your friends.

This isn't Conan's first run in with Minecraft; not only has the late night host played the game, he also commented on Minecraft's $2.5 billion acquisition by Microsoft. Check out the following video, which is funnier than the latter, but not as good as the former.


Weekend Warrior 01/30/2015

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Dying Light is set to dominate the downtime of most of the editorial staff this weekend, Jeff Cork doesn't want his birthday-cake-infested progeny near his controllers, Matthew Kato and a pair of the new interns are busy channeling their inner 18-year-old girls in preparation for the first episode of Dontnod's new game Life Is Strange, and Futter is getting a whole shipment of board games. What are your plans for the weekend?

Dan Tack (@dantack): Darkest Dungeon. That is all. (It’s really dark in those dungeons.)

Jeff Marchiafava (@GIJeffM): I have temporarily shelved Far Cry 4 in favor of Dying Light, which I devoted some time to this week and will likely continue playing this weekend. It’s basically exactly what I wanted it to be: A prettier and more stable version of Dead Island. I also want to play some more Hand of Fate, which is a cool mixture of Arkham-style brawler and a collectible card game. And it’s even simple enough to run on my laptop!

Reader Discussion: TT Games' Lego Dynasty – Too Much Or Not Enough?

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TT Games has carved a nice place for itself with its Lego games across numerous licenses – we've certainly enjoyed many of them through the years. But will 2015 be the year that killed the golden goose?

This year the company has three Lego titles coming out: Lego Ninjago: Shadow of Ronin, Lego Jurassic World, and Lego Marvel Avengers. That's hot on the heels of Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham, which came out at the end of 2014.

Is enough enough already with all these Lego titles, or is that not possible for TT Games and its supply of Lego licenses? If you think that the developer should keep putting them out, what else would you like to see?

This Week In Mobile: Mysteries, Maces, and Monsters

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This week’s list has a wide variety of rad games so you can tap away and keep boredom at bay. Genres include adventure, arcade, and hack-and-slash, among others. Here’s our top picks of what to pick up and play in the mobile world.

Radiation IslandDeveloper: Atypical GamesPlatform: iOS
Price: $2.99

Radiation Island can in some ways be considered the Dead Island equivalent on mobile. It features an expansive open-world with survival adventure gameplay. After partaking in the failed Philadelphia Experiment, you find yourself stranded on a mysterious island in an alternate dimension. Watch out for zombies, wild animals, and other unfriendly beasts. The game boasts beautiful graphics as you explore this post-apocalyptic open-world, craft items, and uncover hidden treasures. Certain iOS game controllers are supported. Happy zombie hunting.

Devolver Game & Watch Bundle Saves You $125 On Five Games And Ten Movies

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GoG and Devolver are teaming up for a mega bundle of video games and independent films. Each of the fifteen items is discounted individually, but if you go all-in, you can save $125.

Of course, saving money is only one part of the equation. The bottom line price on the collection of 15 items is only $13.75.

Included in the bundle are the following:

AOL Closes Gaming Site Joystiq

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AOL Closes Gaming Site Joystiq

Rumors have been swirling for most of this week that AOL would be shutting down a number of its media outlets. On the list was gaming site Joystiq. Today, this news is now official.

Joystiq was founded in 2004 by Weblogs, Inc. That company was acquired by AOL in 2005.

When reports of its demise emerged on AOL-owned TechCrunch, Joystiq boldly covered the rumor with grace and wit. TechCrunch today reports that the Joystiq name will be folded into Engadget as a sub-channel. Some staff members, including news content director Alexander Sliwinski and feature content director Xav de Matos have reported via Twitter that the staff will be let go.