Blizzard Gives Warcraft Assets To Starcraft Community Along With Mod Challenge

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Blizzard has open the vault of Warcraft III art, sound, and effect assets it’s been keeping safe all these years. Now, Starcraft II modders can bring the history of Blizzard’s Warcraft universe into the space age.

Included in the asset dump are hero models for Warcraft III’s four races, neutral characters, buildings, music, user interfaces, and more. Blizzard will be spotlighting the best content under the “Memories of War” banner.

In order to gain access to these tools, you’ll need to join the public test server (PTR). That can be found in the region/account pulldown. Once that’s set, you can launch the editor and start recreating your favorite Warcraft III moments or make all new ones.

March Cover Revealed – Rise Of The Tomb Raider

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Nearly two years ago, Crystal Dynamics released Tomb Raider, a gritty survival reboot for the iconic action series. The game was met with monumental success and became the best-selling entry in the series to date. Now the team at Crystal Dynamics is back to expand on Lara's new direction. After the events on Yamatai, the young archeologist has grown into a capable adventure seeker, and Rise of the Tomb Raider will send Lara to the frozen wilds of Siberia on a hunt for the lost secrets of immorality. Now Lara will have to hunt and craft new survival gear in order to take on larger puzzle tombs and a deadly new enemy, a secret society that has been lying in the shadows since the last game. Lara will gear up for her new adventure on Xbox One and Xbox 360 this holiday season, but the studio hasn't ruled out the possibility that the game will come to other consoles later on.

Click the above image to see the full cover spread

For a taste of what’s to come in our month of online Rise of the Tomb Raider features, watch our coverage trailer below.

Nosgoth Celebrates Pre-Release Success

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Nosgoth isn't even out yet, and it's already gotten a dose of good news. The title is in open beta, with a million downloads to its name.

To celebrate, players can now experience the Summoner vampire class. They can bring in and command ghouls from the underworld, throw up a shield against projectiles, and dish out some of their own. 

For more on Nosgoth, be sure to read Mike's impressions from PAX.

2015 Video Game Release Schedule

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2015 Video Game Release Schedule

It wasn’t even September when readers started asking when we’d publish the initial list of 2015 release dates. Our ever-popular and regularly updated roster of launch dates for the new year is here.

If you see anything we’ve missed, please let us know in the comments. Please note that games will not get assigned to a month until they have confirmed release dates. Prior to that, they will appear in the bottom grouping.

Capcom Net Income Up Slightly Despite Heavy Blow To Sales From Monster Hunter 4 ‘Downturn’

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Capcom has reported a significant shortfall in sales for the nine months ending December 31, 2014. The company’s fiscal year 2015 sales performance is behind last year by 36.4 percent largely due to a “downturn” in Monster Hunter 4 performance.

With Monster Hunter 4's release in the east last year, the company saw a sales boom. Capcom had nothing to rival that performance in its current fiscal year.

The company reported net sales of ¥47.8 billion ($407 million) for the nine-months, but quarterly comparisons for the September through December period year-over-year were largely consistent. This indicates that the year-to-date shortfall is carried over from previous quarters.

Risk Now Available On Xbox One, PS4

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Ubisoft and Hasbro have announced that the latest video game adaptation of the classic strategy board game Risk is now available on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One (for real this time, in the case of the Xbox One). The game includes local and online multiplayer, an A.I. assistant, and more.

The game uses the 2010 ruleset, but players can tweak options to accommodate their favorite rules and win conditions from older versions of the game. If you're new to Risk, an in-game A.I. named Iris can provide suggested moves, an overview of the world, and gameplay tips.

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Razer Announces New Quad HD Blade Laptop, Still Just Over 4 Lbs.

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Razer has announced a refresh for its Blade laptops with two updated models, including one with a Quad HD+  (3200x1800) display. The Blades are customizable with solid state hard drive options topping out at 512GB.

The QHD+ version of the Blade is available starting today from Razer’s website at the price of $2,199. Here’s the full spec rundown:

Mortal Kombat X Kollector’s Edition Features ‘Designer’ Scorpion Figure

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Warner Bros. and NetherRealm have given the most iconic Mortal Kombat character to boutique figure designer Coarse, and the results are impressive. You’ll be able to bring one of these figures home (along with an in-game skin mirroring the look), if you want to shell out for the Kollector’s Edition.

There are four different upgraded editions, and they come with different items. Of course, you can always just opt for the game at $59.99.

For $149.99, you get the figure pictured above, an in-game skin that looks like Coarse’s figure, and the Kombat Pack (a.k.a. the season pass) of four additional classic and guest characters plus skins. This edition is for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 only.

WWE 2K15’s Rekindles The Rivalrly Between Randy Orton And Christian Today

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Get ready to face off in One More Match, as Randy Orton and Christian return to the ring to settle their 2011 rivalry. The first piece of story content for WWE 2K15 is out today.

In addition to the feud between these two superstars, you’ll get 2011 versions of Edge, Christian, Randy Orton, Mark Henry, and Sheamus. The One More Match DLC is part of the $24.99 season pass or available individually for $9.99. 

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