Gotta Play 'Em All With Pokémon Jukebox App

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The Pokémon Company International launched the Pokémon Jukebox app today. This Android-exclusive app contains over 200 songs from most games in the beloved series. Pokémon Jukebox is free, with optional in-app purchases. Users can "encounter" up to three new songs a day for free. By the end of the month, they can purchase individual songs from the full soundtrack using the in-app purchase system. Here's the trailer:

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In addition to "encountering" songs and buying them, Pokémon Jukebox also lets users create playlists, loops, and medleys. Find Pokémon Jukebox on Google Play here. For more Pokémon, check out this lovely fan art.

Now Over Eight Months Late, Driveclub PlayStation Plus Edition Finally Arrives

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Sony has finally made good on its promise to deliver a PlayStation Plus version of its 2014 racer, Driveclub. The title was originally supposed to launch alongside the PlayStation 4 in November 2013, but faced a number of delays and, eventually, a rough release in October.

Now, eight months after the full game's release (and nineteen months after it was first due), the PlayStation Plus edition is finally available. It includes all features from the full game, including multiplayer, solo mode, events, customization, and photo mode.

You can create your own races on the 13 tracks in India, which is one of the game’s six locations. You can also have 15 cars in your garage, and access to the entire set of trophies.

The Evil Within Update Lets Players Remove Letterboxing, Eases Casual Mode

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The Evil Within Update Lets Players Remove Letterboxing, Eases Casual Mode

When The Evil Within was released last year, reception to the game’s visual presentation was mixed. Some liked the cinematic letterboxing that placed black bars at the top and bottom of the screen. Others wanted to make use of their entire screen real estate.

With a new title update today, you can have it your way. Console players can now remove the cinematic letterbox entirely.

The update also tweaks the casual difficulty (for all platforms, including PC) to give those players more ammo and increased health. For more on The Evil Within, you can read our review.

NECA Announces Godzilla, Batman Action Figures

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Ever wanted to know who would win in a fight between Godzilla and Batman? Thanks to the National Entertainment Collectibles Association (NECA), anyone interested in action figures now has the opportunity to orchestrate a battle between these two iconic characters. The manufacturer's ¼ scale Batman figure releases in July, and its 12" Godzilla arrives in stores later this week.

For more Batman figures, check out this reveal by DC Comics as well as an exclusive collectible from Square Enix. Consumers attracted to NECA's high quality products may also be interested in the company's Devil May Cry toys

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Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden Confirmed For Western Release

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Just when you thought that the flood of new game announcements had subsided, Bandai Namco has one more thing. The publisher has confirmed another Dragon Ball Z title for western release this year.

Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden, developed by Arc System Works, will arrive on October 20. The 3DS title features 20 playable and 100 support characters.

We inquired about Dragon Ball Z last week at E3, and were told that the publisher had nothing for this year. Surprise!

Rocksteady And WB Games Acknowledge Batman: Arkham Knight PC Problems

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If you picked PC for Batman: Arkham Knight you might have been experiencing some issues. If not, even a brief visit to the Steam store page reveals that users are quite displeased.

Complaints include a capped frame rate (30 fps, but fixable via editing the .ini file), frame rate drops of 10 or more with high end GPUs, crashes, and settings that top out at “high” instead of “ultra.” The optimization issues have led to a “mostly negative” rating on Steam out over over 2,300 user reviews.

Rocksteady has now acknowledged the issues, though no specific timetable for updates has yet been detailed. “We're aware that some users are reporting performance issues with the PC version of Batman: Arkham Knight,” writes community manager “CODA.” “This is something that Rocksteady takes very seriously. We are working closely with our external PC development partner to make sure these issues get resolved as quickly as possible.”

Ubisoft Kills The Division’s Drone Companion App

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After announcing The Division and its companion app at E3 2013, Ubisoft took to Gamescom to show off its latest foray into the growing field of second screen experiences. The Division was set to break ground with a full gameplay experience on tablet, as players could support a team by taking control of an aerial drone.

Ubisoft has decided two years later to pull the plug on the companion app’s development. Confirming the news to IGN, Ubisoft Massive, which is leading the project, says that app created an “imbalance.”

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Reader Discussion: What Was The Biggest Surprise From Last Week’s Show?

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This year’s E3 had a number of expected inclusions, like Assassin’s Creed Syndicate and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, but one of the most striking aspects of this year’s event was the number of surprise titles.

We had huge debuts, like Horizon Zero Dawn. We saw a number of games that had nearly become myths, like the Final Fantasy VII Remake, The Last Guardian, and Shenmue 3. And then there were some other projects out of left field, like Transformers: Devastation, Nier, or the South Park sequel that we never expected to see made. 

Which title or announcement surprised you? 

E3 2015 Virtual Reality Roundup: Oculus, Morpheus, HoloLens, And More

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For the past three years, E3 has become an increasingly large stage for virtual reality leaders and hopefuls. This year, three major players all showcased new technology and experiences, with support from a variety of developers.

We also got a chance to check out a couple of third-party peripherals that might have longer-term impact on how we experience virtual and mixed reality experiences.

Oculus Rift (Consumer Version 1)Company: OculusEstimated Release: Q1 2016

Oculus CEO More Fully Explains Pricing, Talks Rift Life Cycle

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At E3, we had a chance to catch up with Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe to discuss what it’s going to take to bring the first consumer Rift home. Iribe had previously been quoted as saying that consumers can expect to spend about $1,500 for a PC and the Rift kit. We asked him some more specifics about how the company arrived at that number. 

“That’s the general range. I want to see, and hope to see, full package Rift plus PC for even less, for down to $1,300 or $1,200.,” Iribe says. “The $1,500 statement was around what people can expect to spend for a full package at retail. You’ll buy parts a lot cheaper. If you do it yourself and you’re putting together your own PC, you’ll be able to do it for a lot less than $1,500. This is something we’re really pushing on our retail partners and our OEM PC partners, we’re going to be out there heavily promoting it at $1,500 or less for the full package. Rift is only a small fraction of that. Most of that cost is the PC.”

Since Iribe mentioned that the company is in communication with PC makers, we inquired about a licensing or certification program. With so many manufacturers out there, less educated PC consumers will likely benefit from some kind of guidepost about which systems will work with the Rift.