Pokémon Shuffle Coming To Mobile Devices This Year

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The Pokémon Company’s foray into free-to-play match-3 is making a leap off of 3DS. The title is slated for arrival on iOS and Android devices later this year.

The title requires players to form a team of Pokémon to defeat and capture wild critters. Using the typical Pokémon types, players are able to tune their party to the opposing pocket monster for super effective attacks.

No specific release date has been mentioned. For more on the title, you can check out our coverage of changes to the 3DS version to make its paywall a bit less aggressive.

Valve Opts To Preserve Steam Economy, No Protection From Sour Trade Deals Anymore

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While many use Steam as a storefront for PC games, there is another aspect of the service worth quite a lot to Valve. The Steam marketplace allows users to trade and sell trading cards, emotes, Team Fortress Hats, Dota 2 items, and even games.

Up until recently, Steam offered protection for trades gone wrong due to scams. Those affected could contact support with an image of item history, detail the situation and, on a case by case basis, have their inventory restored.

The FAQ that exists on the Steam page related to scams now tells a different story, with an explanation that protects the many over the few. 

The Elder Scrolls Online Creative Director Departs For Gearbox

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Paul Sage, creative director on The Elder Scrolls Online, has announced a new position outside the company. Sage departed Zenimax Online Studios this month, and has landed at Borderlands and Battleborn developer Gearbox.

Sage’s LinkedIn profile reflects the change, also indicating he was a member of the Zenimax Online team since February 2012. His background includes work at MMO publisher NCSoft and Ultima Online developer Origin Systems. 

Given Sage’s long history of working with MMO-focused companies, his arrival at Gearbox is curious. We’ve reached out to both Bethesda and Gearbox for more information. We’ll update should either get back to us.

Fire Emblem's Creators Considered Taking The Franchise To Modern Day Or Mars

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In the latest entry of the Iwata Asks series, the titular president of Nintendo speaks with Intelligent systems about the Fire Emblem series focusing specifically on Awakening and the game it almost became.

There's a wealth of interesting tidbits in the interview, but one of the more interesting is when considering how to change the Fire Emblem series to make it more universally appealing, the team considered either bringing the game into the modern age, or moving it to Mars. If the team had decided to pursue this direction, the game may have been called Fire Emblem 2011. Project manager Masahiro Higuchi said, "We made proposals that were a complete departure from the medieval worldview so far – like Fire Emblem completely in the modern world or the one which has the sense of an fairy tale. But they were too far out, so we couldn't get started." When these more extreme ideas were proposed, producer Hitoshi Yamagami said he asked, "Is this even Fire Emblem?" which shut down those directions quickly.

Some other details from the interview include the controversy surrounding the casual mode included in the last Fire Emblem game, which removed permadeath for your team. Despite the original controversy, the team says everything is all right now, and many from the team play using that setting.

Awakening Was Supposed To Be The Last Fire Emblem Game – Until It Sold Well

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In a recent Iwata Asks interview, Fire Emblem developer Intelligent Systems revealed it created Fire Emblem Awakening understanding it would be the last game in the series.

The game sold well, despite expectations, and became the best-selling Fire Emblem outside of Japan. When the team started development, it decided to include everything they wanted to put into the game so they wouldn't have any regrets. When the request for another game came through after solid sales, the team felt it had used up all of its ideas in Awakening (so they wouldn't have any regrets), but producer Hitoshi Yamagami remembered a previously abandoned idea from when the game was on the NES. "In the first Emblem game, depending on which village you went to, you could only choose either Arran or Samson," Yamagami said, "But no matter which character you chose, the story didn't change. When I said, 'Aww, I wish it would change something,' my senior told me, 'We can't due to limited memory capacity.'" Yamagami wanted to revisit that idea now that memory capacity wasn't really an issue, which is what lead the game receiving a Pokémon-style multi-release.

PSA: It's The Last Week To Use Your Club Nintendo Points

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Club Nintendo is getting disbanded, and everything goes down on Tuesday, June 30 – so make sure you use your points before then.

There's a healthy collection of Virtual Console games to choose from for Wii, Wii U, and 3DS, including many classics. We actually curated a list of what we consider to be the best stuff, which you can read here. You can also head straight to the Club Nintendo website by clicking here.

Regarding what's next for Nintendo in terms of rewarding its biggest fans? We're not sure. We thought maybe E3 would have offered some details or a Club Nintendo replacement, but Nintendo had a pretty quiet year at the annual show.

Reader Discussion: What's The Best Batman Arkham Game?

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There have been five Batman games set in the Arkham universe. Which one is the best?

In order of release, there has been Batman: Arkham Asylum, Batman: Arkham City, Batman: Arkham Origins, Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate, and Batman: Arkham Knight. They're all good, but which one is your favorite?

For me, the original Asylum is still my favorite. I'm a big Batman fan and was riding the high of The Dark Knight, which had released the previous year. To get another fantastic entry in the Batman universe was spectacular. It's also worth noting that expectations for Asylum were very low. Batman had a bad track record in video games, and everyone was unsure about a new Batman game, even if it looked pretty good in trailers and demos. I also prefer the smaller, more condensed setting and Metroid-like gameplay. I've really enjoyed exploring the open sections of Gotham in follow-up games, but I do miss having my progress be a little more directed and focused as it was in Asylum. Also, as is the case with any entertainment media franchise in any medium, it's hard to beat the initial surprise of the first time you experience something, especially when you don't have much in terms of expectations.

Cat Cosplay Specialist Tackles Fallout In Latest Creation

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The @Meowshawn_Lynch twitter account specializes in cat costumes, and its latest creation imagines a feline who has survived the nuclear fallout.

Nuclear #Fallout may have ravaged the land. But Vault Cat preseveres so that #Caturday lives on! #Cosplay #Fallout4 pic.twitter.com/UehY9ZVFYv

@Meowshawn_Lynch introduced the vault dweller cat earlier this month, but continues to share pictures of a cat struggling to survive in an imposing wasteland.

Learn Why The PlayStation 3 Was Marketed With A Crying Baby Doll In A White Room

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Learn Why The PlayStation 3 Was Marketed With A Crying Baby Doll In A White Room

The latest episode of Did You Know Gaming looks at the history and bizarre marketing of the PlayStation 3.

The PlayStation 4 is highly successful, but during the previous generation of consoles, the PlayStation 3 struggled for some time. It was expensive, its marketing made no sense, and the PlayStation Network was a target for hackers. You can learn all about it in the video below.

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Batman: Arkham Knight PC Gets First Patch, Rocksteady Outlines Prioritization Plans

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Batman: Arkham Knight continues to struggle on PC, and while sales have still been suspended, Rocksteady has released a patch and detailed its priorities to get the game running smoothly.

In a statement on the WBGames message boards, Rocksteady wrote that it is making headway saying, "The work is significant and while we are making good progress on improving performance, it will take some time to ensure that we get the right fixes in place." Some of the priorities to get fixed include getting the framerate fixed, getting the low resolution texture bug fixed, and improving overall performance among many other things.

In the meantime, there is a patch available now (or at least should be available soon) that fixes specific instances where the game crashes, as well as one where the game would try to re-download itself. For the full list of fixes, and the ones that are coming, head here.