Civilization: Beyond Earth - Rising Tide Expansion Raises The Game

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This new trailer for Firaxis' Civilization: Beyond Earth - Rising Tide will whet your appetite to conquer the world from sea to shining sea.

The expanded terrain – including volcanoes – presents all sorts of new challenges as well as new artifacts, factions, and resources, and this first in a series of videos outlines some of the things you'll encounter in your expanded travels.

Rising Tide (on PC) does not have a specific release date yet, and is scheduled for this fall.

Sunny In Philadelphia's Rob McElhenney To Direct Minecraft Movie

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About a year ago, we found out that the Minecraft movie had lost its director after Night At The Museum's Shawn Levy has abandoned the project.

Today, Mojang announced a new director on its blog: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia's Rob McElhenney. Nothing new was revealed about the film, other than its new director. McElhenney isn't known for his directing, but has directed a new episodes of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and an upcoming TV movie called Pariah.

Mojang only showed off the picture of  McElhenney below with a small announcement that stated, "Some of you may have seen this guy hanging around MINECON in London a couple weeks ago. He’s Rob McElhenney, and he’s going to be directing the upcoming Minecraft movie."

Xbox Shipments Jump 30 Percent In Microsoft's First Quarter Of FY16

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Microsoft has announced the results from its first quarter of the 2016 fiscal year, which saw a jump in Xbox shipments and revenue.

Microsoft pulled in 22.2 billion in sales, but were operating at a 2 billion loss. Microsoft could probably recover this next quarter with the Win 10 launch and holidays though.  

The report revealed that Microsoft shipped 1.4m consoles (Xbox One and 360) during the quarter, a 30 percent jump. Microsoft's report attributes the lower-priced Xbox One for its success, meaning the more expensive model with the Kinect isn't drawing as much interest.  

Chris Roberts Addresses Star Citizen Delays And Feature Creep Concerns

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Star Citizen creator Chris Roberts isn't ignoring the discussion that's happened over the past week regarding the game, offering updates on the project and addressing the recent concerns over its development. Today, over 925,000 people have contributed more than $85 million to the project, making it one of the more successful video game campaigns to date. 

Last week, Star Citizen became a big discussion point, but not for the best reasons. After independent game developer and backer Derek Smart raised concerns in a lengthy blog post concerning delays and "feature creep," Cloud Imperium Games canceled his backer pledge, insisting that Smart was misusing the platform and trying to promote his own space game, Line of Defense. Smart says he did no such thing. Either way, it raised questions for backers who were originally promised a game back in November 2014, especially when the FPS module was recently delayed and not given a new release window. This has caused some backers to inquire about refunds, even conducting a poll on the Star Citizen forums if it should be done (25 percent of the 1,173 respondents think so).

New Kickstarter Features Hotline Miami Action Figure

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New Kickstarter Features Hotline Miami Action Figure

Last year, ESC Toy partnered with Devolver Digital and Dennaton Games to Kickstart the production of a 12-inch Jacket action figure. While that Kickstarter succeeded – it more than doubled its initial goal of $60,000 – many backers requested a Biker action figure be produced as well. At long last, ESC Toy has acknowledged those backers with its new Kickstarter.

The toy manufacturer's brand new 12-inch Biker features two interchangeable heads, a doll stand, fifteen points of articulation, two different weapons sets, and removable clothing. Biker costs $70 after a special $10 discount for the first one hundred backers. Anyone willing to spend $175 can purchase one of two Kickstarter exclusive variants. To take a closer look at the Hotline Miami character, check out the image below.

There 32 days remaining until ESC Toy's Kickstarter finishes. Those interested in buying more figurines should consider this epic Godzilla action figure or these adorable Fallout toys. Otherwise, read our review for Hotline Miami 2.

Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic II Is Out On Mac And Linux With Some Fantastic Updates

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Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic II Is Out On Mac And Linux With Some Fantastic Updates

Here’s a pleasant surprise for Star Wars fans: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II – The Sith Lords has been released for both Mac and Linux with a ton of awesome new features. We’ll talk about the rest of the updates in a second, but here’s the big one: the immensely popular The Sith Lords Restored Content Mod is already up and ready for download on the KOTOR II Steam Workshop page.

The retail release of KOTOR II was missing a ton of content originally planned for the game. The Sith Lords Restored Content Mod, or TSLRCM, aims to put much of that cut content right back in place. The mod was first released in 2009 and updated well into 2015. In addition to addressing many of the bugs found throughout KOTOR II, the mod compiles unused assets forgotten deep in the game’s files and reintroduces them to the storyline. Many have hailed the mod for creating a more complete KOTOR II experience by adding unused dialogue and scenes back into the game. For a complete, and very long, list of additions, check out this page.

In addition to TSLRCM, the following features have also been added to all three versions of Knights of the Old Republic II on Steam:

Find Out More About The Design And Artists Behind The Bioware-Inspired RPG Mooncrest

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If you’re a fan of old school Bioware RPGs, you’re going to want to keep an eye on Mooncrest. The story-driven, fantasy RPG was only officially announced recently, but KnightMayor is delivering a steady stream of production updates. The latest look behind the scenes gets up close and personal with artists Simon Kopp and Max Degen.

Prior to working on Mooncrest, Kopp and Degen both worked on the art team for Ori and the Blind Forest. They both say their love for old-school RPGs helped bring them to a project like Mooncrest. Kopp, a fan of old games like Baldurs Gate and Neverwinter Nights, said the root fantasy approach KnightMayor took with Mooncrest drew him in. 

Each artist is responsible for one of the games two heroines; Kopp designed the paladin Sera while Degan created the look for the thief Pirotase. While designing the game’s two heroines, the pair said they drew inspiration from Game of Thrones; specifically when it came time to design functional and realistic armor and clothing. To find out more about the artists behind Mooncrest, and to see more of their work, check out the Q&A in its entirety right here

Watch A Galaxy Far, Far Away Go Mad In This Mash-up Video

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Mad Max: Fury Road was already a fast-paced thrill ride, but did you ever wonder what would happen if the film added X-wings and lightsabers? Multimedia artist Krisha Shenoi has apparently been thinking about the same thing, going so far as to create a faux trailer for Road Wars: The Imperator Strikes Back.

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Immortan Joe is now Darth Vader, the War Boys pilot TIE fighters, and a derelict Star Destroyer adorns the landscape of post-apocalyptic Australia.

Watch Battlefield: Bad Company 2's David Goldfarb Stream The Game Soon

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David Goldfarb may have moved on from DICE and EA to pursue his own studio The Outsiders, but he's still up for streaming some of his past projects.

Goldfarb, who was the lead designer on Battlefield: Bad Company 2, said on Twitter that he wanted to replay the game and thought it would be fun to stream it. Goldfarb says he's aiming for today or tomorrow for the stream, and recently indicated he's almost set up for it.

Was considering replaying bc2 and thought maybe streaming it and talking through it would be fun!