Xbox One Console Sales Are Abysmal In Japan

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Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham Knight recently released in Japan but was outsold by a game that we think is about a ghost busting cat. Even more surprising is how terrible Microsoft’s sales of the Xbox One have been.

Gematsu recently got their hands on last week's video game sales numbers for the Japanese market. Batman: Arkham Knight has actually sold pretty well in the country, but was still beat out by Yo-kai Watch, a Pokémon-like RPG about ghosts developed by Professor Layton developers Level-5. Check out the top five games in Japan for the week of July 13.

More interestingly is a look at Japan's hardware sales. Below you can see that the PlayStation 4 is still going strong, selling over 15 thousand units in a week. By contrast, the Xbox One didn't even sell 150 units last week. Even Sony's Vita is selling better than the Xbox One.

This Is What Pokémon Looks Like As A Gorgeous Open-World Game

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We've already seen what Mario looks like running around projects created with Unreal Engine 4. Now it's another Nintendo IP's turn. This video shows off what the original three starter Pokémon look like beyond the limits of Nintendo's handhelds, complete with Charmander spewing fire.

The video below is from YouTube's CryZENx. You can watch Charmander breathe fire and run along the sprawling green fields, filled with trees and a pack of wandering deer.

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You Can Help Choose The Next Disney Infinity Character

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Disney has a tremendous war chest of classic characters just begging to be turned into a magical little figure for the Disney Infinity series. Disney Interactive is leaving it up to the fans to help decide whether Ursula, Wall-E, Darkwing Duck, or a large selection of other classic characters will be made into an Infinity figure.

You can cast your vote for Disney Infinity Player's Pick 2015 by following this link. Right now, Darkwing is in the lead. So hop in there and help make sure the purple crusader of justice wins! You can also check out the full crew of potential Disney Infinity characters below.

Want more Disney Infinity action? Check out our cover story hub filled with exclusive videos and stories about Disney Infinity 3.0, with a heavy emphasis on the Star Wars content.

Ken Levine Isn't Working On The Logan's Run Remake Anymore, But Parts Of His Script May Remain

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The remake of the 1976 sci-fi film Logan's Run has been in production purgatory for nearly 15 years, but a new addition to the team might change that. Writer and producer Simon Kinberg has been hired on by Warner Bros. to move the film forward.

The script for Logan's Run has been worked on and redone by quite a few writers, including BioShock creator Ken Levine. Though he isn't on the project anymore, some of Levine's work could still make it into the film.

"People been asking if Kinberg working from my draft on Logan's Run," Levine tweeted, "Don't know, word is one major thing at least is surviving. Learned a lot."

Super Dungeon Bros To Get Worldwide Physical Retail Release

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Super Dungeon Bros To Get Worldwide Physical Retail Release

Wired Productions announced today that its rock-infused cooperative dungeon crawler Super Dungeon Bros will be getting a physical retail release in "all major territories."

The original publisher Wired has teamed up with Nordic Games, who will handle physical distribution for all versions of the game. Wired Productions' Managing Director Leo Zullo cites the deal as a way "to bring the title to as many players as possible, worldwide.” 

Super Dungeon Bros is set for a winter release on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. For more, read about our hands-on time with the title.

Doom Multiplayer Alpha Coming Soon, QuakeCon Attendees Get First Crack At It

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During the welcome speech at this year's QuakeCon event at Dallas' Hilton Anatole Hotel, Marty Stratton, executive producer at id Software, said that Doom's beta will be coming closer to the game's launch next spring for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, but the alpha would be coming "relatively soon." To be eligible for the alpha or beta, you need to have purchased Wolfenstein: The New Order, and registered the beta key from the game's case. A small group of people who registered for the beta will be selected for the forthcoming alpha.

Several lucky people in attendance at QuakeCon are playing the multiplayer now. During the welcome speech, everyone in the auditorium was asked to look under their seats for tickets. People finding golden tickets were rushed off to be the first to play the game. We hope to get our hands on the game at the event, and will bring you details as soon as we have them.

Tremendous QuakeCon 2015 Sale On Bethesda Games For PC, PlayStation, And Xbox

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Not at QuakeCon 2015? No worries! You can get into the spirit of Bethesda and id Software's big event by taking advantage of solid savings across PC and consoles.

The biggest, flashiest deal is the Bethesda QuakeCon 2015 bundle on Steam. You can save 70% on this collection of awesome Bethesda games (and Quake 4) by purchasing them all for $99. The bundle includes Dishonored Game of the Year Edition, Fallout 3 Game of the Year Edition, Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition, Doom 3 BFG Edition, Doom Classic Complete, Wolfenstein: The New Order/The Old Blood Bundle, Skyrim Legendary, The Evil Within Digital Bundle (main game and DLC), Quake Collection, and Quake 4.

Steam isn't the only home to PC sales. Bethesda fans can also check out Amazon, Direct2Drive, the Humble store, and GameStop for more savings (full disclosure: GameStop is the parent company of Game Informer).

EA Sports Trolls Seattle Seahawks

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Madden NFL 16 ranked Seattle Seahawks' player Marshawn Lynch as the league's best running back in the NFL, assigning him 99 in stiff arm, 98 in trucking, 91 in elusiveness, and more. Despite these lofty scores, the Seahawks thought their all-star deserved better.

C'mon @EAMaddenNFL! What's a Beast got to do to get a 99 TRUCKING? [] #Madden16

Unfortunately for Beast Mode, EA Sports had the best response:

QuakeCon Attendees Who Gave Blood Last Year Saved 320 Lives

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American Red Cross' blood drive at last year's QuakeCon was a huge success, so much so that they reached out to Bethesda Softworks and id Software and asked if they could be a part of this year's show. During QuakeCon 2015's opening keynote today, Pete Hines, Bethesda's vice president of public relations and marketing, said that the blood donated by show attendees last year saved 320 lives.

People who donate blood at this year's show walk away with an exclusive Doom water bottle that looks like a blood bag. If you are at QuakeCon, and wish to give blood, head to the Topaz Room on Friday or Saturday between 11:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

The Fallout Anthology Stuffs Series' Entire PC Library Into A Nuke

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Bethesda announced today at QuakeCon 2015 that Fallout fans can buy an entire bundled collection of every title in the series released on PC. The physical edition of the collection also comes packaged in a cool nuclear bomb replica. At least, we think it's a replica.

The collection includes five titles: Fallout, Fallout 2, Fallout Tactics, Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas, and all the additional content that released for those titles. The physical set even includes an empty spot reserved for the upcoming Fallout 4.

The Fallout Anthology of PC titles will be available digitally and in physical form on September 29. Act fast though, because Bethesda's Pete Hines says via Twitter that supplies of the mini-nuke edition will be limited.