PES 2016 Euro 2016 DLC Free, Some Official Kits Missing

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Konami has announced that it is offering Euro 2016 content for free to existing PES 2016 owners as DLC, as well as creating a standalone release on PS4 and PS3 featuring the tournament and the full PES 2016 title. This summer's tournament may feature 24 international squads competing against each other – and Konami has the official license for the event – but not all of the teams' official kits will be in the game.

Twenty-four countries play in the tournament, but the game itself only features the official kits, players, and faces for 15 of the countries (in bold below). The rest of the teams will be outfitted in generic uniforms.

Czech Republic
Northern Ireland
Republic of Ireland

Bravely Default Dev Teams With Sakaguchi’s Mistwalker On New Project

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Silicon Studio, the developer behind the Bravely Default RPG series on 3DS, is teaming up with Hironobu Sakaguchi’s Mistwalker. The specifics haven’t yet been revealed, but Silicon suggests that the partnership is for multiple games.

The likeliest subject is the promised console versions of Terra Battle. The free-to-play mobile game has received millions of downloads.

As part of Mistwalker’s “download-starter” campaign, more characters, missions, and music have been added as more people loaded the game onto their devices. The console editions were part of that program.

New Releases This Week - February 21 Through February 27

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New Releases This Week - February 21 Through February 27

Whether you are interested a trip to the stone age or down memory lane, February's last week likely has something for you. From here on out, things are going to get busy for a couple of months. Buckle up.

Headlining the week is Ubisoft's latest open world adventure, Far Cry Primal. Instead of pitting players against armed terrorists, you'll be rebuilding your tribe in prehistoric times.

This week also marks the return of Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow. The trio of classic Gameboy titles will be available on 3DS.

2016 Video Game Release Schedule

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2016 Video Game Release Schedule

We've pulled together everything we know about 2016's video game releases in one handy location. This rundown of gaming goodness is a living, breathing list, and should help you plan out your gaming calendar for the next few months and beyond.

We promise you won't be sorry for bookmarking this and coming back to find out when your most anticipated games are scheduled to land on your PC, console, handheld, or mobile device. If you see anything we’ve missed, please let us know in the comments. Please note that games will not get assigned to a month until they have confirmed release dates. Prior to that, they will appear in the bottom grouping (confirmed, but undated).

Modder Creates Massive Fallout 4 Battle With Armored Soldiers and 20,000 Deathclaws

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Youtuber and modder Cosmic Contrarian is at it again. Contrarian is known for creating massive battles within Fallout 4, like this one we covered back in November where they pitted every legendary creature in the game against one another.

The latest video says it has 20,000 Demon Deathclaws facing off against a fort filled to the brim with Brotherhood Of Steel soldiers. It's a heck of a spectacle, even if the framerate (understandably) chugs in some places; you can watch the whole thing right here:

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Reader Discussion: What Do You Think About The HTC Vive's Price?

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Earlier today, HTC revealed the price for the Vive. The VR headset, which comes bundled with two games and two wireless controllers, will cost a whopping $799. For those keeping track: that's $200 more than what the Oculus Rift will cost.

Since so many of you had strong opinions about The Rift's pricing we thought we'd revisit the subject again. So sound off! What are your thoughts? Do you think that price point is ludicrous? Are you canceling your Rift preorder to grab a Vive? Do you think VR is silly nonsense, or the future?

Let us know in the comments below!

HTC Vive Price Revealed

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HTC has just revealed via a blog post the price for the Vive, a virtual reality headset developed by both HTC and Valve. The consumer edition of the VR headset will cost $799 and ship in early April with two games bundled with it, Fantastic Contraption and Job Simulator: The 2050 Archives.

The consumer edition will also include two wireless controllers and Vive Phone Services, which will let you make and receive both phone calls and messages while in the virtual world. Preorders for the headset will open at 10 a.m. Eastern on February 29.

You can read up on our history of the Vive's development here. We also recently got to spend time with several games playable on Vive (and other VR platforms) in an event put on by Valve and wrote about 10 that are worth checking out.

XCOM 2 Mod Lets You Make Your Soldiers Look Like Stormtroopers

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XCOM 2 Mod Lets You Make Your Soldiers Look Like Stormtroopers

Been getting frustrated with your XCOM 2 troops because they can't hit the broad side of a barn? Or maybe you just want your squad to look like some good old fashioned Stormtroopers. Either way, Modder Platoon's Star Wars Helmets mod is probably for you.

As the name suggests, the mod lets you outfit your soldiers with various helmets from the Star Wars universe. This includes Republic Commando helmets and classic Stormtrooper as well as First Order helmets:

You can find instructions on how to download and install the mod in both the Steam Workshop page as well as NexusMods.

Did You Know Gaming Shines The Bat-Signal On The Development Of Arkham Asylum

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Did You Know Gaming is an informative video series on YouTube that compiles the history and trivia of certain video game series. In the past, the channel has covered CastlevaniaJak & Daxter, and many others; this time DYKG is navigating the dusty corridors of Arkham Asylum.

The video covers lots of ground, including details about Arkham Asylum's funky origins as a rhythm combat game and how the game was originally supposed to include driving segments with the Batmobile (a feature the Arkham series would eventually get in Arkham Knight). You can watch the video here:

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[Update] Sega's Giving Away Another Trio Of Games On Steam

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[Update] Sega's Giving Away Another Trio Of Games On Steam

Update: A third wave of free games has hit the Make War, Not Love promotion page. The games are Gunstar Heroes, Renegade Ops, and Vikings: Battle For Asgard. You can enter your email address on the page to receive codes, though SEGA notes that it might take a few days for them to get to you because of the high volume of requests to work through.

Original Story (February 17 at 2:20 p.m. Central): Sega's holding its third annual Make War, Not Love promotion, where players can participate in a meta battle to unlock free DLC. You don't need to participate to grab a few free games, however, and you can download three at no cost right now.

Log onto Steam and visit the pages for Golden Axe, Hell Yeah! Or Jet Set Radio. There, you'll notice that they're bundled as part of a package. Add that to your library, and they're yours. That's it.