Test Chamber — Dota 2 Patch 6.82

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Dota 2's 6.82 update features substantial, sweeping changes to the game. With hero reworks and changes, map changes, rune spawn changes and a new rune, and a new item, this patch is going to have a profound impact on gameplay and strategy.

Join Daniel Tack and GI intern Sam Stewart as they muddle through a game on the test realm and explore some of the changes and abilities coming in this gigantic patch.

Be warned, by necessity there's a lot of MOBA/ARTS terminology and jargon being thrown around as Sam pilots Bloodseeker against a thirsty Slark, so if you're not familiar with the genre you may want to try out a few of our other videos first, like this episode of Chronicles or Dan Ryckert's attempt at League of Legends (Or just fall asleep listening to the sweet sounds of lanes, last hits, scepters, creep pulling, carries, supports, and runes.)

Why Gamers Like Hard Games

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Conventional wisdom would say that people enjoy games the most when they feel like they are good at them and when their skill exceeds they challenge they face. However, the rise in popularity of legendarily challenging titles such as the Dark Souls series, Donkey Kong Country Returns, and even Super Meat Boy has us wondering if it's as simple as that. When it comes to games, I’m no slouch; during my video game tenure, I’ve beaten difficult titles such as Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels, Ninja Gaiden Black, F-Zero GX, Donkey Kong Country Returns, and most recently Dark Souls II (though some would argue it's not hard). However, like many gamers, I didn't understand the appeal of Dark Souls II at first. It was challenging, sure, but it also didn't explain itself to the player very well. There were many systems within that title that you had to experiment with in order to understand them. However, after a few hours with the game I found myself hooked – not because I was breezing through the game, but because the titles (often frustrating) challenge offered up a highly stimulating reward.

Five Things Still Missing In Madden's Connected Franchise

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Over the past couple years EA Tiburon has gotten its franchise mode on the right track with Connected Franchise. With an informative news hub, social media chatter, an RPG-style upgrade system, and improved scouting, Connected Franchise is a great foundation for the series. That said, it still has some areas that could use improvement. Here are five changes we'd love to see come to future Maddens.

1. Dynamic Free Agency

Three days during the NFL year stick out to every fan regardless of their team's quality. The first is the NFL draft, where a franchise can turn its fortunes around in short order by making savvy selections. The second is the opening of free agency, where star players take control of their own fates as teams line up for their services. The third, of course, is week one of the NFL season, where every fan hopes their team's decisions in the previous two events can propel them to a winning season. Given the parity between franchises across the league from year to year, this is often a realistic expectation (unless you are the Raiders). 

The DLC Of 2014

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The DLC Of 2014

Add-on content and expansions can take a game you already love and give it longer legs. Just like core games themselves, DLC ranges from great to not-so-great. One thing that is consistent, however, is how difficult it can be to keep track of. The games themselves end up in "best of" lists or top selling charts, but DLC can come and go under the radar even for people actively trying to keep track of it. To remedy this problem, we've decided to round up all the significant DLC of the year in one place. We'll mostly steer away from smaller add-ons like costumes and booster packs in favor of new missions, stories, and maps. Some DLC in the list is for games that released in 2013, but if the DLC came out this year then it gets a spot. Read on for an alphabetical listing of all the important DLC of the year.

Browse DLC by base game alphabetically: A-C | D-H | I-Z

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Test Chamber – Mighty No. 9 Beta

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Keiji Inafune's Mega Man successor, Mighty No. 9, is out in the wild in beta form and we took a look at a level and a boss.

Myself, Tim Turi, and Bryan Vore all have a healthy love for Mega Man, so we gathered together to cheer Tim through some classic platforming and a challenging boss. The beta consists of two levels so far, and offers an early look at the game's mechanics and gameplay. You can check out the video below to find out if Tim's classic Mega Man skills get him through the entire level.

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Test Chamber – Roundabout

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With its full-motion video cutscenes and rotating limousine gameplay, Roundabout is a bizarre experience.

Inspired by the strange Game Boy Advance game Kuru Kuru Kururin and from the mind of Dan Teasdale (formerly of Harmonix and Twisted Pixel) and his new indie studio, No Goblin, Roundabout is a game that is best understood in action. Thankfully, there is a video below that does exactly that.

Join myself, Andrew Reiner, and Ben Hanson as we take a trip in the weirdest limousine ride of all time.

Test Chamber — Cannon Brawl

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Join Andrew Reiner, Ben Hanson, and Daniel Tack as they check out the fast-paced PC real-time strategy title Cannon Brawl.

Borrowing elements from RTS games like resource management and expansion and combining them with Worms/Gunbound style gameplay,

Turtle Sandbox gives players a chance to blow up terrain, mine gold, and nuke opponents right off the map.

Insulting The Lamest Characters From Great Video Games

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Insulting The Lamest Characters From Great Video Games

Even some of the best games have flaws. Sometimes those flaws are characters that are underdeveloped, awkward, or otherwise annoying. They are the Scrappy-Doos of video games; characters we didn't ask for, didn't want, and got anyway. Here's a roundup of the lamest characters from games that were still a lot of fun.

Warning, mild spoilers and nasty insults ahead.

Marcus Fenix (Gears of War) – Marcus was a Gear soldier and legendary hero who served during the Pendulum Wars. And while he’s good at popping Locust heads like zits, he has the personality of a wedge of cheese – not a cool wedge of cheese like Cheddar or Pepper Jack either, but the boring kind of cheese that got wedgies in high school. Marcus sounds like Eeyore from Winnie-the-Pooh after taking a hit of OxyContin. We know that his planet is in ruins, and he’s been caught in a massive war for as long as he can remember, but Marcus’ sour disposition is depressing. This guy is about as lively as a funeral, and his jock-like demeanor allows him to produce sentences that are only a little more intelligible than a spilled bowl of Alphabet Soup. His skin is also so leathery that it looks like an alcoholic's liver.

Test Chamber — Gauntlet

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The PC reboot of Gauntlet puts players in control of the Warrior, Valkyrie, Elf, and Wizard once again.

Join Daniel Tack and Jeff Cork as they explore the dungeon, take on monster spawners, grief each other out of food and gold, and outrun Death itself. Achievements and purchasable upgrades provide a progression system to go alongside the classic hack-and-smash combat style.

So grab a giant slice of pizza, ice-filled cola, and a bag of quarters for this fresh take on a gaming classic.