Passing The Hat: An In-Depth Look At The New King's Quest

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The first episode of King's Quest launches today, and we're marking the occasion by revisiting our detailed feature about the reboot from earlier this year. We visited developer The Odd Gentlemen and talked to the team about it goals for the new King's Quest and the challenges associated with resurrecting a classic franchise.

(This article originally ran in issue 262 of Game Informer and was published online on March 6, 2015)

Editor Discussion – Why You Should Play Peace Walker Before Metal Gear Solid V

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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is only about a month away, and it seems to be exploring new territory for Konami’s tactical stealth series. However, some fans may not realize that a lot of the mechanics in MGS V are iterations of concepts tested in Peace Walker.

Originally released as a PSP title (review), Peace Walker didn’t have the wider reach of previous entries, but the availability of the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection (review) makes it more accessible today. So, why should you worry about going back and playing an old Metal Gear game when a new one is on the horizon? Game Informer’s Joe Juba and Mike Futter discuss how the lessons learned from Peace Walker could be useful going into the The Phantom Pain.

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A Growing Guide Of Easy Achievements For Xbox One

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I thought I was done with Microsoft's achievements. I no longer hunted down games with easily obtainable points. No longer stuck with bad games just to get the big 50- or 10-point achievements upon completing them. No longer felt the desire to stay a good 100,000 points ahead of my friends, who clearly didn't take achievements seriously enough. And then those sneaky bastards at Microsoft decided to implement an achievement leaderboard onto Xbox One's dashboard.

I'm now back into achievements just as much as I was when Gearbox's Randy Pitchford threw down the gamerscore gauntlet in 2008. I haven't quite sunk to the level of playing bad games yet (as I have plenty of good ones to get to first), but I am no longer retiring games as soon as they are completed. I first dive into the achievement list to see if if any points are there for the taking, or what kind of effort is required to land the triple-digit lunkers.

The leaderboard is a stroke of genius on Microsoft's part. A feeling of satisfaction washes over me when I look at the rankings and see my name in the number one slot. Conversely, I start pulling out my hair when I fall out of the top slot, or, as I witnessed two weeks ago, fall to eleventh place. IN NO UNIVERSE SHOULD I EVER BE IN ELEVENTH PLACE FOR ACHIEVEMENTS!

How To Beat Bloodborne In An Hour

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In the final video of our Summer Games Done Quick lead-up (the event begins tomorrow) speedrunners show us how to make it to the end of Bloodborne in about an hour.

So far today we've played through Gunstar Heroes and Crystal's Pony Tales in well under two hours. Bloodborne is the finale.

Join Ben Hanson, in-office Bloodborne expert Dan Tack, Games Done Quick's Chris Grant, Tony Ogbot, and Seckswrecks as they speed us through Bloodborne in about an hour.

Games Done Quick Speedrunners Show Us How To Complete Crystal's Pony Tales In 10 Minutes

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Continuing today's series of speedrun videos ahead of the kick-off of tomorrow's Summer Games Done Quick event, we asked speedrunner Seckswrecks to beat the Genesis classic, Crystal's Pony Tales.

Long time Replay fans will be familiar with Crystal's Pony Tales – it was our 47th episode of Replay, meaning it appeared fairly early in the show's lifespan. While exploring our video game vault for good speedrun candidates, Ben Hanson jokingly suggested Crystal's Pony Tales, and we were surprised to learn speedrunner Seckswrecks holds the record for the game at just under 10 minutes.

Join Ben Hanson, Benjamin Reeves, Games Done Quick's Chris Grant, Tony Ogbot, and Seckswrecks as they knock out the bizarre Genesis game at just about 10 minutes, as promised.

Summer Games Done Quick Speed Runners Show Us How To Rip Through Gunstar Heroes

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Summer Games Done Quick starts tomorrow, and ahead of the event, we brought in some runners to showcase their skill, explain the event, and give us some tips.

If you're unfamiliar, Games Done Quick is an annual marathon where speed runners gather in a single location, speedrun an impressive library of games at impressive speeds, stream the whole thing, and do it all in the name of raising money for charities Doctors Without Borders and the Prevent Cancer Foundation. The stream starts tomorrow, July 26 and goes until August 1, and you can watch it here.

This year, the event is happening in Game Informer's backyard, Minneapolis, Minnesota, so we invited runners to come in and play a few games. You can check out Gunstar Heroes below.

The Top 10 Games On PlayStation Vita

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Handheld consoles are often home to a variety of niche games and genres, and the PlayStation Vita keeps that streak going. The system is a great buy for people who can't get enough JRPGs and adventure games, but that's not all it has to offer. We've compiled some of the top games for the system, including some fresh and familiar faces.

Sony doesn't seem to be supporting the system as aggressively as it did when it launched, but it's far from a barren wasteland. Japanese developers have taken advantage of its high-end portable specs to deliver gorgeous-looking RPGs, and indie developers have found a place to explore their comparatively smaller and quirkier ideas. There's a wide variety of gameplay to be found on Vita, as our list highlights.

Here are Game Informer's picks for the top 10 games on the PlayStation Vita, as it currently stands.

Gaming For Fun And Profit – A Pro’s Guide To Game Streaming

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Playing games can be a form of leisure. It can be a way to socialize with friends. It can be a sport. And now, for many, it’s a job. While livestreaming can earn you fame and fortune, it’s difficult to become a big-name streamer. We’ve made it a little easier for you by turning to some established pros for advice on how to turn your game time into a show that people might actually want to watch.

Our Pros:

RULE 1: Make a schedule and keep itRoss: It’s very important to have a schedule. People need to know when you’ll be on air. You need to make it easy for them. It’s essential in the early days of a streamer’s career that you find a schedule and stick to it. Bonus streams with little notice are a nice treat for your fans. It’s extra content for them to enjoy.

Let's Play Gone Home With Fullbright

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Fullbright may be working hard on their next game, Tacoma, but during our visit we decided to take a trip down memory lane with their previous game Gone Home. It's an intimate story that is told through layers of subtext across voice-overs, journals, and discovery.

Our own Kimberley Wallace got to play through the entire game with the co-founders of Fullbright Steve Gaynor and Karla Zimonja, who point out every nuanced detail within the game.

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