The Maps We'd Like To See In Star Wars Battlefront's DLC

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Although DICE can be commended for creating the most authentic Star Wars video game experience to date, Star Wars Battlefront comes up short in content. As an enormous fan of George Lucas' original trilogy of Star Wars films, I can't help but feel excitement whenever I step on the snowy dunes of Hoth or find myself exchanging laser fire with Stormtroopers on the forest moon of Endor. Star Wars Battlefront makes it feel like you've stepped directly into these iconic battles. But that feeling of nostalgia isn't enough to carry the game. After just a few hours of playing, I found myself thinking "Hoth again?" The game simply needs more locations and maps.

The brain trust at Game Informer sat down to discuss which maps they'd like to see. DICE has revealed that an additional four locations are on the way in the form of DLC, starting with the planet Jakku, which will be featured in the forthcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens film. That leaves three additional locations. Seeing that DICE focused primarily on battles and locations featured in the original trilogy, we narrowed our sights to this era for our picks. Below is a listing of the destinations we hope to see when Star Wars Battlefront's upcoming DLC drops.

Actor Scott Porter Shares His Top 10 Games Of 2015

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Bethesda Softwork's Erin Losi, Game Informer's Andrew Reiner, and actor Scott Porter at E3 2014

On the lead up to Game Informer's Game of the Year awards of 2015, we've invited a number of the video game industry's influential figures to share their favorite games of the year.

If there's a video game convention in town, there's a good chance Scott Porter is there to get his hands on the latest and greatest in games. In addition to seemingly being everywhere at once, Scott is an actor who can seen in Friday Night Lights, Speed Racer, Hart of Dixie, Caprica, The Good Wife, Prom Night, and his voice can be heard in X-Men (Cyclops), Robot Chicken, and the video games Batman: Arkham Knight (Nightwing), Minecraft: Story Mode (Lukas), The Walking Dead: Season 2 (Luke), and Lego DC Super Heroes (Aquaman, Superboy). Porter took a few moments out of filming a new TV show to give us his Top 10 Games of 2015.

Still More Gaming Haiku From GI's Poet Prodigy

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Why, hello there. During the holidays, I like to retire to my den and reflect on the games that I've recently played. Afterward, I put my thoughts down on fine parchment, in the form of haiku. From there, I transcribe the stuff and put it on a website. Yes, it's that time again: Here are the last 10 games I've played, in glorious haiku.

I've been doing this for a while now. Don't ask why. You can read all my previous entries here, here, herehere, and here. And from the bottom of my heart, you're welcome.

BloodborneOh, Father Gascoigne,The hype was real – you're awful
I liked your hat though

Reasons Why You Should Revisit This Year's Sports Games

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Fall is the traditional honeymoon period for sports games, with new titles from the NBA 2K, Madden, FIFA franchises coming out each year. By now you've no doubt played through seasons and sampled their various modes, but that doesn't mean that they've outlived their usefulness. Many of the titles have gotten more than just post-release roster updates, tweaks, or bug fixes, giving them extra life and new things for gamers to try.

Note: This isn't a list of all the sports games out this year, but are some of the titles that have interesting post-release additions. Click on the game titles to see their reviews.


Game Informer's Top Scoring Game Reviews Of 2015

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Game Informer's Top Scoring Game Reviews Of 2015

We review loads of games every year, but only the best receive our special Game Informer awards. Some earn a Silver (a score of 8.5 to 8.75), some Gold (9.0 to 9.5), and an elite few make it all the way to Platinum (9.75 to 10). We've compiled every awarded game released so far in 2015 so that you can easily browse and keep track of the top scoring games. If a particular game catches your eye, you can click on the title to read the full review. Be sure to check back every month as more games are added to the list.

Check out our Top Scoring Game Reviews of 2014 as well!

Editor's Note: List last updated 12/01/15

Five Cool Mobile Games To Play Over The Holidays

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It’s the holiday season, and that might mean plenty of time spent in airports, cars, grandma’s kitchen, or listening to Uncle Jack talk about his "awesome" independent business. While the holidays can be a grand time to spend with family or friends, there are tons of cool mobile games to turn to on that four hour jaunt to Aunt Hennypenny’s farm or your cross-country flight. Here are some of my picks for games to check out this year.


Blizzard’s fast and fun digital card game Hearthstone is awesome on mobile devices as well as PC, and thanks to the unified account you can keep all your cards and progress as you travel. The free-to-play card-slinging soiree features tons of recognizable faces from World of Warcraft and is easy to learn yet difficult to master. Just don’t play a Secret Paladin, because if you do, you’re getting coal in all your presents this year.

Remedy's Sam Lake On The Magic Of VR

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Last month we unveiled a month of exclusive coverage on Remedy Entertainment's upcoming Xbox One-exclusive Quantum Break. As part of a conversation with that game's creative director Sam Lake on the future of interactive storytelling, we talked about the potential for virtual reality in the game industry.

As an independent studio, Remedy always has an eye on exciting developments and new markets for games. They have a small team dedicated to mobile games and Lake expressed an interest in creating a similar team for exploring the world of VR.

Watch the video interview below to hear Sam Lake talk about the striking level of enthusiasm among developers for creating games in VR.

Listen To Game Informer's Favorite Songs of 2015

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We're nearing the end of 2015, which means it's time for Game Informer to share its favorite songs of the year via a Spotify playlist!

With 17 editors, plus our wonderful production staff, our tastes are understandably eclectic. Expect many transitions into new genres as you meander through the long playlist.

Not all readers have as varied taste as we do, so here is some guidance for fans of particular music genres. For hip-hop lovers, our rhyme bank includes the likes of Missy Elliot, Kendrick Lamar, A$AP Rocky, and Vic Mensa. If you're looking for a dance party, queue up DNCE, Jamie xx, Tame Impala, and Passion Pit.

Top Ten Excuses For Gaming During Family Gatherings

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The holiday season is always bittersweet. On one hand, most of us have a string of days off from work or school. On the other hand, we're expected to spend that time with our families instead of playing video games. Fear not! Here's a list of ten ways you can sneak away from the relatives and get in some gaming.

This article was originally posted on December 24, 2012, but the advice is still just as priceless today as it was then!

Excuse #10: "I'm just testing to make sure it works." What could possibly be worse than opening a shiny new game on Christmas morning only to find out that it's broken? No one would want their child/sibling/parent/whoever to suffer such disappointment. Before you wrap that exciting new game up, explain to the powers that be that you should really pop it into your console and play the first couple of hours just to make sure it works.

Blog Herding – The Best Blogs Of The Community (December 24, 2015)

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Blog Herding – The Best Blogs Of The Community (December 24, 2015)

This week's edition is a bit shorter with the holidays coming up, but that doesn't mean the quality of blogs has tapered off. Plus, having less blogs to read means you guys and gals get more time to play games!

Community Blogs For December 17 – December 23:

My Top Ten Games of 2015: #3 Eric Watson continues down the list of his favorite games of the year, this time ranking Xenoblade Chronicles X at number three. I haven't played it, but its predecessor was pretty darn good. I'm digging the list, but it's reminding me of a sad fact: I don't think I played 10 games released this year.