The Gigantic List Of All Rock Band 4's Available DLC Tracks

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Rock Band 4 makes the leap from last generation to the modern consoles with a massive catalog of existing Rock Band DLC, most of which is compatible with the latest game. That amounts to over 1,700 tracks, which can make finding your favorite song a pain when sifting through digital storefronts.

To ease the search for good music, we’ve compiled every DLC track currently available in a more organized format. As new songs are added, we’ll update the article. 

For those curious if Rock Band 4 is worth the price of admission, check out our review. Speaking of price, each DLC track costs $1.99. This week's download, which is being called the Off The Charts 02 pack, can also be purchased as a bundle for $8.49.

Super Replay – Beyond Good & Evil (Part Ten)

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Super Replay – Beyond Good & Evil (Part Ten)

One of the most criminally overlooked games from yesteryear, Beyond Good & Evil is a story-driven adventure that follows a photojournalist named Jade and her mechanic friend Pey'j. We won't spoil where this journey goes, but fans of Zelda, Pokémon Snap, and fun science fiction stories should either watch our playthrough or pick up the game and play it. This is an exceptional game from developer Ubisoft Montpellier and legendary creator Michel Ancel.

Beyond Good & Evil was originally released for PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube, and PC on November 11, 2003, but to make it look better on your massive displays, we're playing the HD re-release from 2011, which we downloaded through Xbox One's snazzy, new backwards compatibility.

Unlike other Super Replays, we're airing these episodes as soon as we finish them, and we won't record more until you've watched and commented on the newest chapter. We want you the viewer to be a part of this journey as well. We plan to read as many comments as we can during the next episode. If you have any questions for us about Beyond Good & Evil, Replay, or video games in general, list them in the comments section below, or on YouTube. If all goes as planned, we'll finish this Super Replay in December, and will roll into our annual 12.31 Super Replay next. Thanks again for the support!

Replay – Fable II

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Replay community members Ryan McLaughlin and Katie Finnell join the Game Informer crew for a special edition of our favorite show. What makes this episode so special? We won't spoil that for you here, but we will say it goes far beyond Fable II, a game that Ryan and Katie picked out for us this week.

With Tim Turi manning the sticks like a true champion, we fly through Fable II's opening moments, showing how a boy who likes to fart turns into an equally smelly man. We discuss the Fable series at great length before transitioning to another well-known (but not so popular) game from yesteryear.

For those of you who have been with us from the start, this week is Replay's sixth anniversary. SIX YEARS! Can you believe it? Here's hoping for another six more!

10 Things That Still Annoy Us About Xbox One

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When Xbox One launched in 2013, the operating system was a bit of a mess. Technical issues and user interface problems pervaded the system, and the force-fed Kinect integration did little to alleviate problems and win fans. Late last year, Xbox One received the New Xbox One Experience, which fixed various issues and softened others.

However, despite this update, several issues persist. Several of these problems are easily preventable through disabling features, but doing so often causes the system’s functionality to be less convenient and not the way it’s meant to be used. Check out the issues that are still annoying us with the Xbox One, then come back next week to see a similar list where we air our grievances with the PlayStation 4.

Partying Up

Hands On With Doom's SnapMap

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Id Software has released the source code for most of its games dating back to the original Doom, granting PC players the means to create their own maps, modes, and mods. Even with no defined set of rules as to how content could be created and shared, Doom's modding community erupted in popularity and became a movement in video games. As you'll soon learn, the skills tied to creating levels helped people land legitimate jobs in game development. The modding scene is a vital part of what Doom is, but it isn’t something anyone can freely jump into. It's a time commitment and a skill-based endeavor that relies heavily on technical know-how and artistic abilities. SnapMap changes all that.

Within this spring’s upcoming Doom reboot, id Software is inviting everyone to try building a map – whether you've messed around with game modding before or simply play games casually. If SnapMap works as intended, anyone can create a map within minutes of trying it for the first time. As id representatives said over and over again during our visit to the studio, building a map is as easy as snapping Lego bricks together.

We Burned A Science Nerd To Death In Our Video Of XCOM 2

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XCOM 2 isn't for the faint of heart. Firaxis epic strategy game throws players into a world ruled by an oppressive alien order and then asks them to topple the system. See who lives and who dies in our early look at XCOM 2's campaign.

Join Ben Reeves and Dan Tack as they try to work together and help their small band of misfits survive an alien attack. Can they outmaneuver these xenofreaks, or will they stupidly kill themselves? Find out in the video below.

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