Ranking Every Game In The Super Mario Series

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With the Super Mario series celebrating its 30th anniversary last month, there was a lot of discussion around the Game Informer office regarding our favorite Mario memories. While several of us have been enjoying creating our own levels in Super Mario Maker, nothing quite compares to a Super Mario game designed and released by Nintendo.

In our December 2009 issue, we ranked the top 200 games of all time. As you may have guessed, Mario’s core series made several appearances on that list. That list may have had different criteria than this one, but now you can check out where Mario fell on our list of the top 200 games of all time in 2009.

2. Super Mario Bros.9. Super Mario Bros. 313. Super Mario 64
47. Super Mario World
51. Super Mario Galaxy
81. Super Mario Bros. 2
165. Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island

Replay – Deep Fear

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The countdown to Game Informer's annual December 31 Super Replay is under way, and we're actively searching for the best candidate for this esteemed honor. We'd like to introduce you, the Replay viewers, to help us hone in on the worst best game for this Super Replay.

We're intrigued by Escape From Bug Island, and today's Replay game, Deep Fear, a survival-horror game for Sega Saturn. Deep Fear never released stateside, so we decided to take a look at a Japanese import. Don't worry, all of the audio is in English, and we do our damned best to not speak over any cutscenes. We immediately fell in love with the high production values and wonderful cast of characters. We didn't want our time with Deep Fear to end. Is it a good candidate for the December 31 Super Replay? Let us know in the comments below.

We then introduce a new segment at the episode's break, perhaps showing how video game characters would treat the player if their dialogue wasn't scripted. The final segment of this episode takes us back to Replay: Season 3's beginnings, putting Kyle Hilliard's listening skills to the test.

The Complete Shenmue Super Replay

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Update: Now that our playthrough of Shenmue is complete, we're moving it from the Chronicles video section to Super Replay.

With Shenmue 3's Kickstarter officially funded, numerous people in Game Informer's community sent in requests for complete Super Replay playthroughs of the first two games in the Shenmue series. Several Game Informer staffers also expressed interest in either revisiting this series or seeing it for the first time. Since we already have numerous Super Replay projects in the works, yet wanted to get a Shenmue playthrough going now, we decided to record it as a crowd-driven experiment of sorts. If you like what you see, and want more of it, we'll return with more episodes. Just let us know in the comments section below or on YouTube.

How Steve Wozniak’s Breakout Defined Apple’s Future

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How Steve Wozniak’s Breakout Defined Apple’s Future

This feature was originally posted on June 27th, 2013 but we thought that it deserved another look in honor of the release of the Steve Jobs film.

Back in April within the Batman: Arkham Origins issue, we ran the following written interview with Steve Wozniak. This feature expands on the original interview by including several videos (including the full, unedited interview from his hotel room) that add to the full story behind Steve Wozniak and Jobs creating Breakout for Atari. Read and watch the feature below to learn how the co-founder of Apple Computer developed the ­Atari arcade classic Breakout, how the Apple II was built from the ground up for gaming, and why Steve Jobs dismissed the potential of games.

Could you start out talking about your earliest memories with games?

Building The Big Easy: How Hangar 13 Reconstructed New Orleans For Mafia III

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Louisiana’s party city is famous for Mardi Gras, voodoo, Jazz music, and Cajun food. New Orleans one of American’s most eclectic hubs, and it's surprisingly underused in the world of video games. Developer Hangar 13 felt like the city would be the perfect setting for the next entry in 2K’s open world organized crime series, but the team knew it couldn’t just digitize the city in its current state. Recreating a 1968 version of New Orleans for Mafia III took months of research, and many of the city’s famous landmarks had to be reshaped to ensure that the game was fun as well as believable.

“We actually settled on the city before we picked the time period,” says studio head and creative director Haden Blackman. “We had a short list of cities that we wanted to go to, and we did a lot of concept development for a number of different cities. For us, New Orleans was the one that we gravitated toward because it is such a collision of different musical styles and cultures – you got jazz, and you got voodoo, and you got the French quarter. And all of that mixes together into an interesting culture.”

Discovering a missing pastSince Mafia III takes place in a 1968 version of New Orleans, Hangar 13 had to find old stock footage of the city and comb through black-and-white archives of the period.

The Best Video Game Costumes For Halloween 2015

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Halloween is just a few weeks away. If you don't have the time or skill to create your own Halloween costume that celebrates your love of video games, we've rounded up the best selection of costumes sold at retailers. The selection offers everything from a $900 Master Chief costume to the unexpected Ratchet & Clank outfit. We even gathered a few costumes that toddlers and infants can wear for trick-or-treating purposes.

We've also compiled a list of the worst Halloween costumes of 2015.

Collector's Master Chief Costume ($898.99)

The Worst Video Game Costumes For Halloween 2015

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Here's a round-up of the video game-themed Halloween costumes we recommend you avoid for parties or trick-or-treating purposes. If you're thinking "These aren't that bad," just picture yourself wearing one of these costumes, and think about how easy it will be to mingle at parties in them. If the intent of your costume is to look as terrible as possible, this is the list for you!

If you're looking for outfits that do a better job of celebrating what we love about video games, we've compiled a list of this year's best costumes for sale.

The Awkwardly Shaped Tetris Costume ($48.99)

Test Chamber - Our Early Look At Yoshi's Wooly World

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Yoshi's Woolly World isn't out quite yet in North America, but we were able to take a look at some of the game's later levels and a boss.

Join myself and Andrew Reiner as we try out the game's co-op, defeat the Naval Piranha boss, and try out a handful of amiibos. For more on the game, you can check out an interview with the Woolly World's producer (and one of the director's of the original Yoshi's Island) by heading here.

Yoshi's Woolly World is coming to Wii U on October 16.

GI Show – Rock Band 4, Transformers: Devastation, Jackbox Party Pack Interview

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The releases of the week are all over the place, both in terms of quality and the types of games. We've got a podcast episode filled with chat about the return of Harmonix's popular music game series, robots that turn into vehicles, and a new entry in a beloved Star Wars FPS series. We also chat with the creators of some of the best local party games money can buy.

This week it's Matt Miller and Ben Reeves along with your regular hosts Ben Hanson and Tim Turi. Matt dives into all things Rock Band 4, from the quality of the instruments and on-disc set list, to the nitty gritty of activating old DLC songs and instrument compatibility. Ben goes over his experience with Platinum Games' Transformers: Devastation, an action-packed love letter to the earliest cartoons featuring our favorite morphing robots. We also dive into our time blasting rebels and stormtroopers with the Star Wars: Battlefront beta and the quirky indie title Undertale. Stick around after the first segments where we answer a bunch of emails and then interview the guys from Jackbox Games. Writer/director Arnie Niekamp and vice president of engineering Evan Jacover join us via Skype to talk about everything that goes into creating the wildly entertaining Jackbox Party Pack 2.