Magic: The Gathering Eldritch Moon Preview Card And More

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Magic: The Gathering's Eldritch Moon set hits on July 22, and today we have an exclusive card reveal to share with you - along with some cool art! The upcoming set features terrifying Eldrazi, cool transformations, and even a few cards that meld together to create new, twisted aberrations (Check out a great rundown of the mechanics on the official site here).

To kick things off, take a peek at Turn Aside, a cheap little counterspell that protects your assets on the board. Turn Aside originally made an appearance in the Scars of Mirrodin expansion, but we'll have to see how it resonates this time around.

We also have the full art from Tamiyo, Field Researcher to share! The card itself was revealed yesterday at GatheringMagic!

Join Our Upcoming Game Club Discussion Of Deus Ex: Human Revolution

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With Deus Ex: Mankind Divided coming up in August, we thought it'd be a good time to take a look back at 2011's Deus Ex: Human Revolution. If you're not familiar, we've started playing through games with our community on The Game Informer Show. This time we're playing through Deus Ex: Human Revolution in three chunks of discussion, so we'll be talking about everything up through the end of Chapter 5 on July 14th's episode of The GI Show.

The game (we're fine with the Director's Cut edition or not) is available on Wii U, Xbox 360 (and it's backwards compatibly on Xbox One), PlayStation 3, and is on sale on Steam for $5 until July 4th. We strongly encourage you to play the game alongside us and send your thoughts or questions to so that we can read them on air. In the past, GI Game Club has devoured in great detail Final Fantasy VII and Uncharted 4: A Thief's End so we encourage you to go back and watch those to get a better idea of the format.

Here are a couple of questions to get the ball rolling...

The 2016 Collection Of Terrible Video Game Shirts

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Having already assembled a list of over 50 shirts gamers should never wear, I've returned to the cesspit of the internet to track down the worst video game fashions of 2016. This new collection is smaller in number than the last year's, but I should point out that I had the displeasure of looking at a dozen-plus shirts that could not be printed due to just how profane they were. Phallic imagery is apparently a hot new look for gamers this year. Gross.

The new collection you'll soon see comes from legitimate retailers as well as sites that let people create their own designs. Keep in mind that these shirts are all readily available for purchase, and many are likely being worn by someone right now. If you just happen to be wearing one these shirts and are offended it's on this list, I offer you no apology, and recommend you find the darkest corner of the world to sit in until you put on a different shirt.

Enjoy the list, and again, feel free to praise some of the shirts in the comments section below.

Love That Game? Read This Comic

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A love of video games rarely exists in a vacuum. If you’re like many of us at Game Informer, your enthusiasm for richly imagined characters and worlds extends out beyond the gaming world into other mediums, like television, movies, and comics. We’re always on the lookout for great new comics to explore, and sometimes we just want something that matches up well with one of the games currently residing on our game systems. We asked comic expert Matt Kolowski for his picks for awesome comics to read alongside some of our favorite games.

Matt Kolowski is the co-host of The comiXologist podcast and comiXology: Conversations podcasts, where alongside co-host Kara Szamborski, they discuss the best in comics, and talk with many of the creators  working in the field. In addition to Kolowski’s love of comics, he has a deep love for video games, including a current obsession with Rocket League. 

We’ve included links to the Comixology pages for each series in the entries below, and you can try out the first entries in many of these titles through a subscription to Comixology Unlimited, which we recently evaluated. If you prefer print, you should also be able to easily track down any of the suggested titles at your local comic book store. Enjoy!

Replay – Red Steel

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Red Steel was an ambitious Wii launch title that sought to prove Nintendo's new, unproven hardware was capable of delivering a quality first-person shooter. It didn't, but it was an admirable effort and we decided to see how the game holds up.

In many ways, Red Steel was as much a representative for the Wii prior to launch as any of Nintendo's titles. We featured it on our May 2006 cover in tandem with a large feature detailing Nintendo's new console. It was the mature, third-party answer to Wii Sports, but it only took a few minutes of play to begin to question just how capable the Wii Remote was going to be at delivering the new experiences the console was promising.

Join myself, Andrew Reiner, Jeff Cork, and Ben Reeves as we look back at the game and have varying degrees of luck with its motion controls. In part two, we play an overly complicated, but somewhat amazing, Sega Genesis game.

Playdead's Inside Achieves Success Through Simplicity

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Playdead's Inside Achieves Success Through Simplicity

Inside by Playdead is a game of complex mysteries similar to the developer's previous game Limbo, but at its heart Inside is a title that draws power from simplicity. That's visually evident through Inside's relatively spare and matte graphical style, and it's also important in its controls and the tools by which it expresses its themes. Less is definitely more when it comes to Inside.

Note: This article discusses some basics about the game, but does not delve deep into the game's details or spoilers. However, if you don't want to know anything about the title, then it's best to click away now. If you WANT SPOILERS, check out our installment of Spoiled for the game. You can also read Kyle's glowing spoiler-free review.

Funny To A Point – The Call Of Duty Hate Has Gotten Embarrassing, Guys

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Funny To A Point – The Call Of Duty Hate Has Gotten Embarrassing, Guys

If there's one thing the gaming community loves, it's ragging on Call of Duty. Every year, Activision announces a new installment in the long-running military-shooter series, and every year a dedicated contingency of gamers flock to the virtual dumping ground that is the Internet to revel in their communal disdain for it. Hating on Call of Duty has become one of gaming's most reliable and time-honored traditions. It's our demented version of Christmas – Activision slides another sequel down our chimney chutes, and we in return sneak into their living rooms and fill their stockings with as many CAPS-laden insults as our poor, abused keyboard can muster.

As with any longstanding tradition, however, it feels like we've gotten to the point where hating on Call of Duty is just a thing we do because we've always done it, and the reason behind it is just as vague and forgotten as why we're stuffing crap in each other's socks in the first place. This year's reveal of Infinite Warfare achieved parody levels of hate, which I love, because it makes my job that much easier.

A Spoiler-Filled Discussion Of Inside’s Awe-Inspiring Ending

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Inside is the newest game from Playdead, the makers of Limbo. Much like its predecessor, it's full of mystery, ambiguity, intrigue, and an ending that demands discussion and speculation.

Join myself, Matt Miller, and Ben Reeves as we discuss the game in detail, focusing on its themes, what the ending might mean, and how we felt about the full experience. The title says it all, but it never hurts to double up and warn that this video contains spoilers. We talk about, and show, the ending, but we do avoid discussing the game's alternate ending that results from discovering all the hidden lamps with the assumption that many are still working their way through that aspect of the game.

Inside is open to many different interpretations, so please, let us know how you felt about it, what you think may have happened in the game, and what you think it all means in the comments below.

Test Chamber – Checking Out The New System Shock Demo

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Night Dive Studios, the company behind digitially rereleasing titles like Turok, Tex Murphy, and both of the original System Shock games, recently revealed a Kickstarter campaign for a System Shock remaster. Night Dive also released an alpha demo to show an early version of what the game could look like. PC editor Daniel Tack and I, both fans of the original two games, decided to give the demo a spin.

And by that, I mean we flailed a lot and hit things with a giant pipe. See for yourself:

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