Five Games That Will Look Fantastic On Your New PC

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Recently, I built my first PC. And while it was a stressful process for which I wasn’t entirely prepared, I’m thrilled with the results.

My intention was to put a machine together that would comfortably support the upcoming virtual reality hardware. The obvious byproduct of that is a PC that runs recent games in stunning fashion.

If you’re considering building or buying a PC for VR, I’ve got five games you should consider loading up to put it through its paces. Depending on your specs, you might comfortably pull Ultra settings at 2560x1440 resolution.

How Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Levels Are Built

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How Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Levels Are Built

There are many components of game design that players take for granted. When we fire a blaster, we expect that it will be accompanied by a satisfying pop. Thanks to sound designers, that’s usually what happens. Combat designers work to ensure that controls and player intentions sync up to create satisfying battles. Today, we’re taking a look at how TT Fusion’s art team works closely with other departments so that Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens captures the look and feel of the franchise that so many of us grew up with.

During our visit to TT Fusion’s offices in Wilmslow, England, I got to sit down with lead artist Josh Pickering Pick and get a tour of how his team of 26 artists puts together the levels. As with much of game development, it’s a collaborative process that involves people from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines. To show off the game, he chose his favorite section of the game, which takes place on Jakku as Rey slides down a sandy berm and toward her scavenging destination.

The 15 Best Couch Co-Op Games Of This Generation

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As games like Destiny and Halo 5: Guardians choose to use the full might of the latest console hardware technology on a full screen rather than reallocate resources across divided ones, the split-screen game has become increasingly rare. Many games offer the option to go online and work together with other players, but sometimes you want to be able to look to the side and see your co-op partner next to you while playing a game. You want to talk to them without the aid of headset, and be able to knock the controller out of their hand when they’re being unreasonable.

For those occasions, we’ve crafted a list of our favorite games on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Wii U that can be played without the aid of telecommunications.

Affordable Space AdventuresPlatform: Wii U

Replay – Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone

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This week we take a look at the PlayStation adaptation of the very first Harry Potter story, and go on another Xbox Live vision camera adventure.

Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone was a huge success for Electronic Arts when in released in 2001. It sold more than 8 million copies to become on of the best-selling PlayStation games of all time. It outsold games like Metal Gear Solid and even the original Crash Bandicoot. We took a look at the very first Potter video game, but admittedly got distracted by an in-depth Harry Potter lore discussion that got pretty heated.

Andrew Reiner, Ben Hanson, Wade Wojcik, and I discuss the world of Harry Potter and all its quirks, while Tim Turi comes to terms with the fact that Harry Potter's story takes place in the nineties – a fact he learned during the course of this episode. After moving away from witchcraft and wizardry, we dive into what is quickly becoming a Replay staple, You're in the Movies, to craft another cinematic masterpiece.

The Gigantic List Of All Rock Band 4's Available DLC Tracks

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Rock Band 4 makes the leap from last generation to the modern consoles with a massive catalog of existing Rock Band DLC, most of which is compatible with the latest game. That amounts to over 1,700 tracks, which can make finding your favorite song a pain when sifting through digital storefronts.

To ease the search for good music, we’ve compiled every DLC track currently available in a more organized format. As new songs are added, we’ll update the article. 

For those curious if Rock Band 4 is worth the price of admission, check out our review. Speaking of price, each DLC track costs $1.99. This week's download, which is being called the Off The Charts 02 pack, can also be purchased as a bundle for $8.49.

Our Final Fantasy VII Game Club Chat Is Live Right Now!

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The live chat is up and running -- come join us by clicking on the banner below, or by going directly to

Original Story:

A few weeks back, we announced our inaugural outing for the GI Game Club: a playthrough of the classic JRPG, Final Fantasy VII. We’ve been playing right along with you, and later today you can watch or listen to the Game Informer show for our first full discussion about the game. Tim Turi, Ben Hanson, Joe Juba, and I sat down for a lengthy conversation where we discussed the game and fielded emails you sent to us on the topic in recent weeks. 

Which Comic Heroes Most Deserve A New Game?

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We've seen a lot of comic book-based video games over the years, but for each Batman: Arkham Knight there seems to have been several Superman 64s. Comic book-based video games don't always hit their mark, but that doesn't mean people should stop trying to make them. Here are several comic heroes we want to see given a second chance in the game world.

[Editor's note: This story was originally published in April of 2015]

CatwomanWho Should Make it: Klei EntertainmentWhy it could be awesome: As a rule, video games based off super hero films are generally several times worse than the film. Considering how terrible Catwoman's 2004 Halle Berry adaptation was, it's actually kind of impressive that the game was worse. However, Catwoman's inclusion as a playable character in Rocksteady's Batman: Arkham City proved that the character can handle herself in a game world. We'd love to see this jewel thief featured front and center in her own stealth game. Klei Entertainment's Mark of the Ninja is a good prototype, so why not combine the 2D stealth action from that game with a Metroid-style exploration map. Catwoman could sneak into the "secure" lofts of Gotham's rich and famous to steal their goodies, and then use the proceeds to buy new upgrades and powerups. What do you think she'll find when she sneaks into Wayne manor?

Where Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens And Disney Infinity’s Playset Part Ways

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TT Fusion is putting its Lego spin on Star Wars: The Force Awakens with their upcoming game, but they aren’t the first studio to adapt the events of the film to games. Disney Infinity 3.0 had that honor, releasing a playset based on the movie to tie in with Episode VII’s launch. Despite sharing a common source, they offer two different takes on the new Star Wars franchise. Here’s what’s different (and similar) about those games, for people who might be wary about double-dipping.

One of the biggest differences between the two games (and their respective approaches to the content) is related to Disney Infinity’s toys-to-life roots. Playsets ship with two characters, with additional figures available individually. That put Avalanche in a tricky position – they obviously wanted to give players access to co-op in a way that makes sense for the story. At the same time, many of the film’s characters and events are spread across the galaxy, only interacting with one another a few times. 

Chris Warcraft’s 10 Rules To Surviving XCOM2

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Hi, everybody!

(Hi, Commander Chris!)

It’s that time of the year again. You know, the time where we all gather 'round our computers, fire up a new XCOM, and 20 minutes later resist the urge to throw our monitor out the window in a frothing ragefit, because somehow your squad managed to miss three overwatch shots from ambush on a Gatekeeper and now it’s in the middle of everyone and there’s tentacles and screaming and why oh god why couldn’t you just hit those 95 percent Overwatch shots I swear...