Test Chamber – Playing As Vergil In Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition

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After its success with Devil May Cry: Definitive Edition, Capcom is re-releasing another game in the series. This time, the company is adding more than minor tweaks; three new characters join the fray, and we spend some time playing one of them in this episode of Test Chamber.

Join Joe Juba and Brian Shea as we show off some of Vergil's fancy new moves, plus talk about the other playable characters and additions fans can expect in DMC 4: Special Edition.

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Art Director Shows Us The Hidden World Of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

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During our last day at Eidos Montreal, we sat down with Martin Dubeau, the art director for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. We sorted through the screens and pieces of concept art that we’d be getting for our magazine and online coverage, and he provided context for everything we were seeing. Rather than let his insights go to waste, we’re sharing them with you today. Read on for additional details on the environments, people, and symbolism that you might not otherwise have known from simply looking at the pictures.

I wrote a bit about Victor Marchenko before (pictured above), in a feature that touched on the game’s power players. There’s a lot going on with him beyond his involvement in the Augmented Rights Coalition. Looking at him, you can immediately tell that he’s been through a lot – that huge mechanical arm is hard to overlook. While Dubeau and the rest of the team are reluctant to delve too deeply into his story at this point, he did provide some interesting high-level details.

“We wanted to create someone who looked like a worker first, and who lives in the ghetto,” Dubeau says of the character. “That’s why he has this huge arm. Maybe he could have been someone who worked on something hard, like breaking brick – that was the idea.”

Taking Star Wars: Battlefront's Temperature – Our Readers Tell Us How Excited They Are(n't)

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Following the reveal of Star Wars: Battlefront, we posted a reader discussion asking our readers if the game is a must-play title. These are the results of our inquiry.

From the chart below, you can see that there were four general categories readers fell into regarding Battlefront's first showcase: Exuberant, cautiously optimistic, recklessly pessimistic, and finally there were others who actively hated the idea of a new Star Wars: Battlefront – or at least the version we learned about last week.

There were actually two other categories that were hard to place into any of the four above. Comments like "I'd play it if it was on Wii U," from Marbi Z and, "Is that dude wearing a hat made out off a koopa troopa?" from Ozz0912 offered absolutely no indication of their excitement one way or another. Many readers also pleaded the fifth and said they weren't prepared to make any kind of judgment about their interest until they saw gameplay.

The Essentials – Half-Life

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The Essentials is Game Informer's weekly recurring feature that takes a look at the most important games the industry has to offer. These games aren't just a ton of fun: Their quality, innovation, and industry influence make them must-play experiences for anyone who wants a greater appreciation of our interactive medium.

This weekend we're taking a look at Half-Life. It’s the game that established Valve as a force to be reckoned with regarding game design, interactive narrative, and technological know-how. It’s the first time we met the bespectacled hero Gordon Freeman, fought a head crab, and saw the G-Man out of the corner of our eyes.

Release Year: 1998Publisher: Sierra EntertainmentDeveloper: Valve
Released For: PC, PlayStation 2

Star Wars Celebration News Round-Up

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Star Wars Celebration News Round-Up

Star Wars Celebration is still ongoing, and plenty of news about the new film and Star Wars: Battlefront have already resulted from the show. We've gathered up all the new details here in one place.

Star Wars: BattlefrontThe biggest news out of the show for gamers were all the new details about EA and DICE's Star Wars: Battlefront. Along with getting to see what the game will look like, we also got a November 17 release date. You can check out all the Battlefront details below, including our stories about the assorted rumors about the game that were later confirmed.

Report: Star Wars Battlefront Website Source Code Points To November Release

What You Don't Know About Star Wars: Battlefront’s Newest Battlefield

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Star Wars fans the world over are already intimately familiar with series hallmarks Endor, Hoth, and Tatooine, but the newest trailer for EA's revamping of the Star Wars: Battlefront franchise and its accompanying panel at the Star Wars Celebration revealed that a lesser known world will also play a big role.

Sullust, home to the droopy-faced Sullustans that have been a part of the Star Wars universe since the original trilogy, is one of the first worlds revealed for the game ahead of its November release. To help players prepare for their upcoming adventures, we’ve gathered some interesting info on the obscure Outer Rim planet.

If It Sounds Familiar, You’ve Probably Been There Before

Chronicles – Dan Tack Versus Justin Mikos In BlazBlue Chronophantasma

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In this episode of Chronicles, I challenged Dan Tack to a best-of-five contest in BlazBlue Chronophantasma, which is my favorite fighting game from last year.

This video has been in the works for a while. Our friendly rivalry began after I beat Dan in our J-Stars Test Chamber and when he infamously defeated me in our Under Night In-Birth Test Chamber with the worst and most difficult character in the game. Talking with Dan afterwards, I thought he was familiar with BlazBlue so I thought it would be a good game to play on camera – but he actually hadn't played much of the game at all.

Will beginner's luck save him? You can watch our final showdown in the video below!

17 Things We Learned From The Star Wars: Battlefront Trailer

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17 Things We Learned From The Star Wars: Battlefront Trailer

The Star Wars Celebration festival is happening right now and with it comes tons of new Star Wars details. Not only did we see the new trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but today brought a brand new trailer for Star Wars: Battlefront as well. We watched it over and over to pull out all the little details. If you haven't seen it yet, watch it first before we get down to business.

The opening shot shows a star destroyer looming in the sky. Before you get too excited at the prospect of flying into space and shooting at it, DICE has confirmed that outer-space battles are not in this game. The full focus will be on planetside skirmishes. That doesn't mean you won't pilot ships, however, as you'll see coming up.

Most of the trailer takes place on the forest moon of Endor. You can see ewok structures up in the trees, and if you look close enough you can see some running around. The whole trailer was made using developer DICE's Frostbite engine, which is used on Battlefront itself. With cinematic angles and effects, the trailer looks amazing, but we're skeptical how the final game will look once 40 players are running around shooting at each other. The very end of the trailer reads, "Frostbite game engine footage representative of PlayStation 4. Not actual gameplay."

Opinion: The Star Wars Battlefront Deluxe Edition Is Weak Force

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As you might expect from the Star Wars Battlefront blowout coverage today, the game is up for pre-order right now. I came across something interesting today courtesy of a friend: EA is offering a “deluxe” digital edition of its upcoming multiplayer title.

Included in the “deluxe” edition (you’ll understand the quotes in a moment) are the following items:

The first three items on the list (the blaster, the grenade, and the torpedo) aren’t exclusive. They are listed as “instant access,” indicating that you can unlock them through normal play.