Liminal Turns Gravity On Its Side Through Brain-Bending Spatial Puzzles

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Gravitational orientation becomes your plaything in Liminal, a polished student project available on Steam that combines space-shifting doorways and a twisting sci-fi puzzle labyrinth.

Liminal's main method of gravity manipulation lies in the relationship between "Krobs", robotic spiders that double as keys, and space-bending doorways that let you pass through them like portals. Walking through linked doors can suddenly shift you and gravity to be walking along what was a wall, or turn a hallway into a long drop, or connect separate rooms.

While the early puzzles are simply tests of connecting the right doors at the right time, the orientation-shifting effect of the doors add increasing complex, along with additional mechanics as you traverse around the weird interiors and exteriors of a crawling, legged facility.

#SelfCare Is A Place Of Peaceful Escape

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#SelfCare turns your phone, normally a source of near-infinite stress, into a place of serenity. Through taking you into a vision of your room and the soothing tasks contained within, it seeks to bring you to a place where you can perform calming tasks and free yourself of the shackles of your life's demands, even if only for a few minutes.

In #SelfCare, you're in your room and you're not budging from it. The emails and work calls can wait. In this place, you can take care of your plant, sort your laundry, do a little tarot reading, play with your cat, and otherwise take a few moments to do something that feels purely restorative. It asks you to simply take a few moments to do something you enjoy, not because it necessarily makes you feel productive, but because it brings a sense of peace to you, or a joy untethered to some outside goal. It's simply about taking care of yourself and savoring in the simple pleasures of a moment.

#SelfCare is built upon research into taking care of oneself, using science to help develop a place where you can create order and serenity in order to take a little of that out of the game and into your own life. Without stresses or crushing demands, it offers a sanctuary from the day-to-day, and an encouragement to take a few deserved moments to enjoy yourself as yourself.

Build A Hectic Robotic Kitchen In Upcoming Puzzler Automachef

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In this cute sci-fi puzzler, the messy hecticness of the kitchen is replaced with rhythmic hecticness of automation, as Automachef tasks you with constructing precise cuisine assembly lines.

Automachef looks reminiscent of the assembly optimization of Factorio, a game that offered expansive alien worlds and resources for your manufacturing. Comparatively, Automachef's puzzles challenge you to build in tight spaces with different sized machinery, all wrapped in a narrative about a burgeoning robotic fast food tycoon who believes he is human. Placing conveyor belts, arms, splitters, gates, and many other tools lets you complete dozens of challenges, revolving around putting together specific meals, managing specials events, and space restrictions.

However, setting machines down isn't your only level of control in the mechanical kitchen; computer items let you type assembly code and develop specific commands for your machines. Programming intsructions for arms or ingredient dispensers can be key to meeting those special event or unique dish parameters.

'Phantom Doctrine' Is A Fascinating And Flawed Cold War Spy Thriller

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Phantom Doctrine is the cold war spy thriller of my dreams, spinning an intricate web of intrigue and conspiracy. The game has you staring at a world map, trying to unravel the increasingly complicated plot while sending your agents all over the globe, doing spy stuff in turn-based encounters. It's a moody, highly atmospheric game that perfectly captures the essence of spy flicks and novels, but sadly, it also has a few issues.

Creative Forge, developers of turn-based Weird West tactics game Hard West, certainly hit all the right beats here. Most of the narrative developments take place in the strategy mode, where you pull the strings of your covert organization - this includes literally connecting documents with strings on a Pinboard to uncover new plot elements, which is all kinds of amazing.

You can develop your headquarters, add facilities to forge money and documents, improve your agents via questionable implants, or brainwash captured opponents. If you mess up too often in the field, your operatives' covers will be blown, requiring new identities. Likewise, if you let your enemies operate without foiling their plans, your headquarters' location will be compromised, requiring you to destroy all traces of your organization and setting up shop elsewhere.

Yet Another Exhausting Day Is A Battle To Stay Awake

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Have you ever had a day when you just couldn't bring yourself to stand up? You just wanted to get through the day, inching like a caterpillar? Yet Another Exhausting Day encapsulates the ultimate level of tiredness, with a dash of motivation to get through the day. Players will have to help some sleepy people, protecting them from enticing pillows while smashing things and doing whatever they can to stay awake.

How do you keep yourself awake on a day where if you even rested your eyes a moment, you would fall asleep? Yet Another Exhausting Day explores this idea in silly fashion. Players will have to avoid pillows by manipulating their caterpillar-like people as they inch across floors, up walls, and over desks and computers. Getting sleepy? Try smashing your head against a flowerpot to get that noggin back to work. Anything to stay awake on this exhausting (yet hilarious) day.

Stationary pillows aren't your only nemesis, as evil beings seems intent on putting players to sleep as they creep through various oddball situations. Players can use damaging pirouettes and crawling smashes to clobber these creatures (or break furniture to keep their eyes open), ensuring that staying up isn't as easy as it looks. It is as fun as it looks, though, as Yet Another Exhausting Day offers tons of fun just watching these wacky people flailing about as they fight to stay up.

Baldi's Basics Looking To Add Field Trips & Randomization To Its Educational Horrors

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Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning offers intense educational action, mingling edutainment and horror as players work to collect notebooks and avoid a certain unsettling educator. However, this experience in discomforting school life is looking to get an upgrade, one that adds randomization, more complex stage designs, new characters to meet, and some (lethal-ish) field trips for aspiring students to go on.

Baldi's Basics currently hurls the player into an unsettling school filled with strange, varied art styles, using the disjointed style of 90's educational games to make player uncomfortable as they learn. Not only this, but they have to dodge the innocuous Baldi, a being whose goofy frown belies just how dangerous he can be to those who have little skill at basic math. It's a chilling, yet ridiculous experience, one that offers a unique take on fear.

'Mind Over Mushroom' Offers Free-Roaming Tactical Battles Against Fungal Foes

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Goodbye grid, hello freedom! Mind Over Mushroom takes tactical battles and ditches the grid structure for a more challenging fight, letting you wander as you battle spore-controlled foes. Players will have to mind their distance, as you're free of grid restraints and able to wander freely (barring terrain obstacles, of course). Be mindful of your positioning and make use of the range of your characters to eliminate some devious fungi.

The world has been consumed by fungus (Gross). People have been infected and controlled by spores, and the only hope for salvation is to defeat the shrooms at their source. You'll need a few good heroes, and a strong tactical strategy to overcome the journey there, though. Luckily, Mind Over Mushroom is chock full of characters with unique skills and strengths to use in battle. Need a big explosion to wipe out a cluster of foes? Maybe break out the walking bombs. Call up a necromancer to make use of the dead. Send out a carnivorous plant to eat your troubles. There's even a giant snail, because why not?

Build Ridiculous Machines And Fight For Air Superiority In 'Airships: Conquer The Skies'

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There is something incredibly satisfying about Airships: Conquer the Skies' basic concept. Build giant floating Steampunk fortresses and then watch them take flight and shoot the hell out of each other. This mainly works because of the game's core tenet: simplicity.

Assembling an airship is easy. You choose from a generously long list of different modules and snap them together however you see fit. Certain rules have to be observed, but the game is actually helpful enough to notify you of missing parts. You won't have to endure the embarrassment of noticing that, uh, your ship doesn't actually fly when you face your foe on the aerial battlefield.

It really is as easy as putting a bunch of Lego bricks together - and just as satisfying. Positioning is important, as you don't want your munitions depot to be the first thing that incoming shots hit and destroy. Additionally, there might be budget restrictions, depending on your chosen game mode. Other than that you can let your creativity run wild and even decorate your creation with garish colors and ornaments. (Yes, I built that thing up there. Yes, it looks like it has a plunger on its head. I'm no professional airship designer, okay?)

Become Death's Servant In This Ruthless, Challenging Action RPG

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Those who enjoy the Souls series are currently in need of a fresh set of bosses to test their patience and skills against, but action RPG Death's Gambit aims to fill that void. With fast-paced but precise combat, gigantic bosses with unique tactics, stunning pixel art, a mysterious story, and a killer soundtrack, the game aims to offer players a similar experience - just more sidescroll-y and pixel-y.

In this action RPG, you play as Death's right hand in a world where immortality makes a few powerful beings quite troublesome. Death doesn't seem to be taking the undying graciously, so it falls to you fell these colossal, dangerous immortals and purge their souls. Not exactly an easy task, but you'll be able to choose from 7 different classes, each with its own skill tree to develop, to choose your own path to ending these endless lives.

The path is not a lonely one, though, as you may encounter some curious folk with tales to tell along your journey through the gloomy countryside. With a little persistence, you may uncover some secrets places and pieces of information as well. If neither of those interest you, you can continue on to the next monster to decimate (or more likely be decimated by, as the game's foes are extremely intelligent, demanding skill and tactics to outfight).

Monsters Make For Good Friends (But Mostly Foes) In 'Koikoi'

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Shin's dad went out to go to work, but hasn't come back yet, forcing the boy to head out into the world of Koikoi. In it, humans have died out from a strange disease and been replaced by the monstrous, surreal, and sometimes friendly Newmans, so who knows what kind of trouble the boy's dad has found himself in. Luckily, you'll help this young, psychic-powered kid find his father. Right?

Koikoi gives the player a grand world to explore, filled with the many, many varied creatures that have taken over the old human places. They've begun to infuse it with their differing needs and personalities, not all of which are entirely welcoming for the curious boy. Still with so many different monsters to meet, and some secret places to find, it creates an endless draw to go deeper and see who and what you might meet in the next location.

With this many monsters, combat also involves a lot of variety as you scrap with dozens of different irate beasts. Shin has some control over the elements, though, and can cast some goofy spells to convince these creatures that fighting the poor boy isn't worth their time.