Marvel Announces Special Issue #1000

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Marvel Announces Special Issue #1000

Marvel Comics has announced plans for a special 80-page giant issue to celebrate their 80-year anniversary as a publisher, bringing together an all-star team of nearly a hundred writers and artists, ringled by Marvel's Al Ewing (Immortal Hulk, You Are Deadpool).

In an interview with the New York Times, executive editor Tom Brevoort and editor-in-chief C.B. Cebulski explained the project. Each page of the 80-page giant will correlate with a different year in Marvel's history and have a different creative team, some of whom have deep comics pedigrees, while others are newcomers to the medium. Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse writers Phil Lord and Chris Miller will make their comics debut on a page in collaboration with artist Javier Rodriguez, Black Eyed Peas member Taboo will be partnered up with Geoffery Veregge, and journalist/professional athlete Kareem Abdul Jabbar will contribute with Raymond Obstfeld and Mattia De Iluis.

In addition to Ewing and the "newcomers," issue #1000 will also feature the work of comics legends like George Perez, Alex Ross, Tim Sale, and Gail Simone, as well as fan-favorites such as Tini Howard, Jason Aaron, and Saladin Ahmed.

John Wick 3 Parabellum Review: Too Much Of A Good Thing

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John Wick 3 Parabellum Review: Too Much Of A Good Thing

The original John Wick is one of the greatest standalone action movies ever. John Wick Chapter 2, which came out nearly three years later in 2017, added countless new wrinkles to the series' surprisingly complex mythology, peeling back layers of the clandestine hierarchy of assassins operating under the High Table. But the sequel didn't lose focus--it kept advancing the character John Wick's personal story, even as the mythology around him expanded to become wider and deeper.

Unfortunately, the same can't be said for John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum, which turns John Wick into just another pawn in the High Table's hidden wars, and sends the character's personal story careening around a narrative cul-de-sac that ultimately leaves him virtually unchanged by the events of this movie.

That's not a dealbreaker, because ultimately, it's more John Wick. But it's a bad sign for the future: If series director Chad Stahelski and star Keanu Reeves plan to keep this franchise going forever, John Wick will eventually run out of steam. John Wick 3 is full of the series' signature awesome, tightly designed action, subtle, dark humor, intriguing lore and mythological symbolism, and well drawn, larger-than-life characters. But the cracks in the engine are starting to show as well.

Diablo 3 Season 17 Starts Next Week, And Brings A New Patch Update With It

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Blizzard has announced Season 17 of Diablo III will begin on May 17. The new season launches alongside the latest patch for Diablo III, which implements numerous quality-of-life changes into the game.

During Season 17, players will receive a set bonus provided by Legacy of Nightmares. "Classes with especially powerful Legacy of Nightmare builds will be able to experiment with new combinations, particularly ones centered around their ring slots," Diablo III associate community manager Brandy Camel wrote in a blog post. "Meanwhile, classes traditionally dependent on a heavy amount of survivability from their ring slots have more freedom to experiment with build-changing Legendaries that don't rely on a Class Set."

Season 17 brings with it more cosmetics to earn, some old and some new. Several cosmetics from Season 5 make their return, allowing you to unlock them if you missed out the first time. Starting May 17, you'll be able to unlock Season 5's pants and boots slots of the Conqueror Set, Greyhollow Island portrait frames, and the Wickerman pet. In terms of something new, completing all nine chapters of the Season Journey will earn you the Galactic Wings.

Detective Pikachu Has Strong Thursday Night US Box Office Opening

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Interest seems high in Ash Ketchum's yellow-fur companion, as the Pokemon movie Detective Pikachu has opened at the box office with an impressive $5.7 million on Thursday night in the US.

According to Variety, Detective Pikachu--directed by Rob Letterman (Goosebumps, Shark Tale)--came in not far behind Shazam's $5.9 million Thursday opening last month. With the movie expanding to 4,202 theatres Friday, the Warner Bros. Pictures/Legendary Pictures collaboration has positioned itself to take on the second biggest movie of all time, Avengers: Endgame, which is currently sitting comfy at $2.321 billion worldwide since its April 26 debut.

Variety suggests forecasts for Detective Pikachu shoot "as high as $80 million," but Warner Bros. estimate it'll fall closer to $50 million. We'll know for sure in a few days.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Is Still Releasing In Multiple Parts

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Square Enix finally released a new Final Fantasy VII remake trailer during Sony's State of Play presentation on Thursday. While light on new details, the video did give us another look at how the highly anticipated PS4 remake is shaping up, and now the publisher has shared a few more tidbits about the game.

Following the State of Play broadcast, Square Enix sent out a Japanese press release about the new Final Fantasy VII remake trailer. According to Siliconera, the press release reaffirms that the remake will be a "multi-part production," and that more information about the game will be revealed in June, presumably during Square Enix's E3 press conference.

The Final Fantasy VII remake was first announced during Sony's E3 2015 press conference, but since then, details about the game have been scarce. One aspect that Square Enix did confirm soon after the game's reveal, however, was that it would be released in installments. The company further elaborated on this remark, clarifying the remake would be made up of multiple, full-sized games instead of a series of smaller episodes.

A Flash Sale On PS4 Games Just Launched In The PlayStation Store

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The weekend is shaping up to be a good one for gamers. In addition to Steam's free PC game offerings, you can also save money on dozens of PS4 games in the PlayStation Store this weekend. The flash sale just went live, so you can go take a look at all the deals available.

Some of the best offerings include Devil May Cry 5, which released two months ago and is now on sale for just under $40. You've also got Battlefield V, which is (once again) marked down to $30, and acclaimed RPG Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Definitive Edition, which is discounted to $39.

Several EA sports titles are considerably cheaper, such as Madden NFL 19 for $15, and FIFA 19 and NHL 19 for $18 each. Guacamelee 2's Complete edition is notably on sale for $13.79, and fans of Quantic Dream games may want to snag the Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls bundle selling for $20.

Avengers: Endgame Adding A Post-Credits Scene (Of Sorts) After All

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Marvel Studios disrupted its decade-long tradition of including a post-credits teaser for its next movie for the first time in Avengers: Endgame. Rather than getting a glimpse into whatever the MCU had waiting in the wings, fans sat through Endgame's credits to be treated only to the Marvel Studios logo and the clang-clang-clang sound effect of Tony Stark's hammer forging his Iron Man armor. No "The Avengers will return" message, no playful post-battle dinner break, just the slightest nod to the origins of the franchise to send audiences on their way. Avengers: Endgame spoilers ahead.

Except, that won't be the case for much longer. According to Deadline, starting this weekend the new Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer will now take the place of the solemn post-credits void. Released earlier this week complete with a "spoiler warning" given by Peter Parker himself, Tom Holland, the trailer sets up a few interesting things in the MCU--a multiverse, for one, and the fallout of a post-Tony Stark world, for another. It also provided us with a more in-depth look at Jake Gyllenhaal's new potential villain, Quentin Beck aka Mysterio.

Before the movie, Holland's message will play--not as a spoiler warning for Endgame, but as a reminder to "stick around after the movie" for a preview of Far From Home.

Fortnite To Host "Summer Block Party" Right After E3

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Epic Games has announced it's hosting a Fortnite party just after E3 2019. The two-day event will start on June 15 at The Forum in Inglewood, California. Though not officially tied to E3, it is relatively close to the Los Angeles Convention Center and takes place just a couple days after E3--and its press conferences--end. If you're already going to the industry event you may want to stay a couple days to relax and party.

The event will kick off with a Creative tournament on June 15 featuring celebrities and streamers. That tourney will include a new player-made game designed just for the event. Then on June 16, the event will host the Celebrity Pro-Am. Planned attendees include Ninja, Brendon Urie from Panic! At The Disco, Dillon Francis, KittyPlays, Cray and Jordan Fisher.

Pre-sale registration through Ticketmaster is now open, which will register you as a "Verified Fan" and gain you access to the sale period. That will put you in the pool to be notified about the ticket sales, to begin later. Battlepass pre-sale tickets will begin on Saturday, May 11 at 10 AM PT through Monday, May 13. Then Verified Fan pre-sales will begin on Wednesday, May 15 at 10 AM PT and run through Thursday, May 16. General public sales will begin the next day.