About The Gamer's Post

I got tired of visiting 10 different sites to keep up with the gaming industry. I got tired of click baits and blogspam that is so prominent on many of the gaming websites nowadays. The alternative was to use an RSS reader but they tend to be inefficient, slow, rather unattractive and too general purposed by design. I wanted something more focused and fast. Besides, what good is my super high resolution monitor if I can only see one article at a time, on a single column?

So I built The Gamer's Post for myself. It was crude, glitchy, but it got the job done for me. Then I realized other people could benefit from this too! So I polished up TGP and made it public on April 2012. It had only 5 feeds to start off with. Today, TGP has a lot more features and a lot more feeds. I hope you enjoy the service and please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

TGP has a Facebook page too, if you like liking things!


The Gamer's Post was created with a specific purpose in mind, but evolution is an essential part of every medium. Whatever TGP is today, whatever TGP will become tomorrow, the following will always be a deciding force behind any change that occurs in TGP.

  • Content is King

    The Gamer's Post was conceived out of the need to eliminate the mountains of noise to receive just pure gaming news. TGP strives for news without distractions. Until the survival of TGP is at stake, it will always stay free of Advertisements, "Recommended Links", "Related Articles" and everything other than the news itself.

    TGP will always display the optimal amount of content tailored to the medium used to view it, in the shortest possible time. Navigating through the content should be clutter free and trivial.

  • Proper accreditation

    The Gamer's Post does not post any original content. All of the articles on this site were posted somewhere else and were simply indexed here through the original owner's RSS feed. It is very important to acknowledge the content owner for the hard work they put into publishing original content.

    Wherever and as often as possible, TGP will link back to the source article located at the source site. TGP will not facilitate any interactions with content, such as commenting on or sharing of articles on TGP itself. Should one choose to do so, they are asked to share the perma-link of the article located on the source site and participate in the conversion there instead.

    Among it's readers, The Gamer's Post should facilitate the discovery of new sources of original content. TGP's ecosystem benefits everybody involved in it. TGP is to be a hub that drives traffic among the content authors.

    Images (and other resources) included with articles will be mirrored locally at TGP to avoid leeching resources off of the source site.

  • Favor new technology over compatibility with the old

    The Gamer's Post is built on the latest web techniques and technologies to provide an aesthetically and functionally pleasant user experience. As the technology improves, so will TGP. This site is tailored to tech-savy gamers, with high resolution monitors and better than average processors. TGP will not go out of it's way to make itself compatible with ancient technologies when newer, better and more secure alternatives are available.

Top of the line web browsers such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox are available free of charge and there is no reason why you should be using ancient version of Internet Explorer.

Contact Me

Use the form below to contact me with any bugs/questions/comments. You can also use it to request The Gamer's Post to add a particular site's content to it's feed.

If the form below doesn't work for you then try emailing me at contact at thegamerspost dot com

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